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Following the Prophet

Friend November 2019 “Dear Student Dictionary” After President Nelson’s special youth devotional, Matthew looked for ways to be a youth-battalion member. He was kind to others and stood up for kids being teased. After President Nelson’s conference talk about calling the church by its correct name, he wrote a letter to a student dictionary that used the name “Mormons”  and explained what the correct name of the church was.

Following His Words from Conference

Friend May 2019 “Service for Suzie” Ophelie’s favorite part of conference is when the prophet asked them to do acts of service. Ophelie’s family decide to look for ways to help others. They find out that a neighbor is having eye surgery and Ophelie asks if they can make dinner for her.

Keeps Us Safe

Friend October 2017 “A Friendly Primary Visitor” A pilot comes to Primary and acts out flying and what could happen if he didn’t listen to the control tower. He likens the control tower to the prophet.

Friend September 2015 – ” How Can I Stay Safe….in Life” – Air traffic controller guides plane through fog. Prophets guide us.

Friend September 2015

Gaining Testimony of Prophets

Friend May 2018 “Seeing God’s Prophet” Norah really wants to meet the prophet in person, but she learns she doesn’t need to meet the prophet to gain a testimony of him.

Friend March 2017 “Seeing God’s Prophets” Gaining a testimony of prophets.

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