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Primary One: Lesson One “I Am  Child of God”

Traits Inherited from Heavenly Father

Ensign July 2019 “Family Study Fun”

In Athens, Paul taught people who believed that gods were powers or forces, not living, personable beings. Help your family recognize that we are literally the “offspring of God” (Acts 17:29).

  1. Pass out paper to each family member and instruct them to list on the paper the traits they’ve inherited from their parents, such as physical traits or personality traits. Discuss how these traits help you and your family members know who their parents are.

  2. Next, have each family member list traits they inherited from Heavenly Father. Refer to patriarchal blessings if appropriate. Discuss how knowing that we have inherited these traits can strengthen our testimony that we are children of God.

Made in His Image

We Can Become Like our Heavenly Father





Heavenly Father Loves Us

Primary Sharing Time 2018 “I am a Child of God” Week One

1. Guessing game with clues about who you are thinking of (Heavenly Father).

2. Read scriptures about how the Lord addresses each prophet, and then help the children understand that God knows each of us by name.

3. Pass around several items that represent God’s love for His children as they sing “I Am a Child of God” (CS, 2–3) or “I Know My Father Lives” (CS, 5).

Friend August 2019 “Show and Tell” Primary children in Virginia, USA, were given the “toothbrush challenge”—to look in the mirror and say, “I am a child of God,” when they brushed their teeth each day. Each Sunday they shared how God had helped them during the week. Then they put a pom-pom in a jar to help them remember that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love them.

Friend January 2016 Stand tall because you are a child of God and he stands with you. Heavenly Father lifts and helps us. He blesses us with others to help us. .

Friend January 2016

He Loves All His Children







Nursery Manual “Behold Your Little Ones”

If you’re very, very tall, (stretch and reach arms up)
Heavenly Father knows and loves you.
If you’re very, very small, (crouch down)
Heavenly Father knows and loves you.
Tall, (stretch up)
Small, (crouch down)
Tall, (stretch up)
Small, (crouch down)
Heavenly Father knows and loves us all.

We Feel Their Love When We Pray

Ensign October 2017 We grow closer to Them and feel their love as we pray and read the scriptures. Color a heart each time you do one of these things.

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