If I Listen With My Heart – Verse Two

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If I Listen With My Heart – Verse Two


  • Items needed: two hinged rings or two pieces of ribbon, a marker, strong magnet strips, a hole punch, and a lamp or lantern. You will also need the chorus cards, the black and white picture of the prophet, and the picture of the Savior from the previous week’s lesson. Put the black and white picture of the prophet into a page protector, and slip the picture of the Savior behind it. Print the pictures and word cards onto cardstock. Cut out each picture around its subject’s outline. Attach a strong magnet to the back of each picture. Cut out the word bubbles. Glue the word bubbles that say “Love & Serve” to the picture of the prophet and to the picture of the Savior. Attach a magnet to the back of the rest of the word bubbles.
  • Cut the word cards in half on the dotted line. Stack the word cards in order with the start of the song on top. Attach strong magnets between each card (on the top, middle of the cards) so the cards stick together.  Hole punch the bottom of each card on the corners, and connect the six cards together with the rings or ribbon. Put a long strip of a strong magnet onto the top back of the last card.


Tell the children they are now going to learn the second verse of the song “If I Listen With My Heart.” Remind them that it is about the prophet’s words being a way to hear the Savior’s voice. Put the black and white picture of the prophet in front of the lantern, and turn on the lantern. Put the flip chart on the board with the first lines of the verse showing. Go through the words of the flip chart with the children, and put the following corresponding pictures on the board for each page.

 I hear a living prophet speak – Put the picture of the prophet and the podium on the board.

the things that Christ would say –  Put the picture of the Savior to the left of the picture of the prophet.

if He were here upon the earth – Put the picture of the Savior over the picture of the prophet.

to talk with me today – Put the picture of the children to the left of the podium.

Put the word bubbles on the board to the left of the the picture of Jesus, and ask the children what the Savior would tell them to do if he were here upon the earth today. Write a response with the marker in each word bubble.

The prophet teaches how to live – Take off the picture of the Savior so that the prophet is showing, and explain that the prophet tells us the same things because he tells us the Savior’s words–the things the Savior wants us to know.

in righteousness and peace – Explain that the Savior wants us to live in righteousness and peace, so the prophet teaches us the Savior’s words on how to do that. Point out the word peace, and remind the children that the word peace is in each verse of the song. This is to help remind us that if we listen to and obey the Savior’s words, we can have peace in our lives. (When singing the song, put the labeled word bubbles up during this line of the song.)

Put the chorus pages on the board, and remind the children that they sing the chorus at the end of each verse.

Note: You may wish to teach Junior Primary a couple of lines of the verse at a time, and then have them sing those lines before teaching the next two lines.

Prepare to have the children sing the verse by resetting the flip chart and taking off the pictures.  Have a child helper put the pictures on the board at the appropriate times as you turn the pages of the flip chart. Go through the words and visuals again before singing the verse to make sure the helper knows how they go. Have a different child help with the visuals each time you sing the verse.

Tell the children they are now going to memorize the second verse. Review the words on the first flip chart card. Put it down so it isn’t showing, and have the children sing the song again. Do the same with the second card in the flip chart, then have them tell you what the first line is again. Sing the song again without the first and second cards showing. Continue in this manner until they can sing the song without the flip chart.

Note: To help the children review lines, tell them the line, but stop at certain points and see if they can tell you the next word or words.

Safety Reminder: Use only battery powered lanterns. If you use a lamp, put the paper on the lamp shade using a straight pin. Do not put the paper near the hot light bulb.

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21 thoughts on “If I Listen With My Heart – Verse Two

  1. Wow you have been guided by the Spirit in your teaching of this song. I am so grateful and I love that you are willing to share. I hope you have a presentation for the thrid verse because I have loved this.

  2. I am trying to print out pictures for the second verse of “If I Listen With My Heart” and it says the file has been damaged and needs repairing – I hope you can help. It’s Fri. night – thanks!

    • I opened the file on my computer and printed them. I didn’t have any problems, so I’m not sure how to help. Could there be a problem on your computer?

      • I didn’t have a problem last week but it’s just not going to open for me this week. It wants to open in the adobe file, which I have, so I’m very confused. I’ll keep working on it or figure out some pictures of my own. Thank you.

  3. Where have you been all my life??!! I have other websites that I use, but I just discovered you and you’re my new favorite. Thanks so much for all the great ideas. I’m using this idea tomorrow and can’t wait to use the Slime & Bug idea. : )

  4. I just wanted to tell you thank you for sharing your ideas on these verses. I have used them both and they have been great. Thank you again for sharing your work.

  5. I used your ideas for verse 1 and verse 2 and the kids are learning this song so well…..Thanks for sharing your ideas I sure do appreciate it!!! Are you planning on sharing an idea for the 3rd verse?

  6. I was asked mid-week to speak in Sacrament meeting. Since I hadn’t expected it, my time for Primary Singing Time preparation was limited. You have been an answer to prayers for help with this song. I just wanted to say thank you for your willingness to share the inspiration that you have received. You are certainly doing your part to build the kingdom!
    Thank you!

  7. I REALLY loved this idea! I tried it out on my family the night before church and they loved it too! Today I taught the 2nd verse and it went perfectly. I laminated everything so that I can reuse it over and over. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into that activity! It made my Sunday so much easier! I’m going to share your idea on my new blog site and put a link so that others can enjoy your genius! 🙂

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