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Friend August 2020 “How Do You Spell Honesty” When Elder Timothy J. Dyches was in six grade he hadn’t missed a spelling word all year long. If he kept getting perfect scores, I would receive an award for spelling at the end of the year. Then he noticed that he had missed a word on a spelling test that was incorrectly graded. He was honest and told his teacher about it.

Take this quiz to think about how you can be honest with yourself and others.

Friend September 2019 “The Shaving Mistake” When Elder Allen D. Haynie was nine years old he thought he could grow a mustache if he shaved, so he used his father’s razor for several days. One day his father saw him shaving and warned him not to do that because he could get cut. He disobeyed and did it again. The razor slipped and cut above his lip. He lied to his father about what happened and felt terrible, so he told his father the truth. He learned to tell the truth from that experience. (Activity: Use the code to fill in the blanks with the right letters. It makes the message “I can be brave by telling the truth.”)

Friend September 2019 “Making Things Right” After shopping, a boy’s mother notices that the cashier didn’t charge them for all their items. She decides to go back and fix it. The boy wonders why they have to go back since it wasn’t their mistake. His mom explains that being honest matters to Heavenly Father and it might matter to someone else. When they get back to the store they find out that the cashier would have had to pay for the mistake.

Friend July 2019 “Score One for Honesty” Eli needed to practice his throwing because he had a football game coming up, but it was raining outside. Even though it was against the rules, he decided to practice inside with his brother while his mom was at the store. But disaster strikes when one of his throws hits the shelf with his mother’s fancy dishes on it. He tries to fix the broken dishes but it doesn’t work. He thinks about hiding what happened, but he decides to be honest and tell the truth so he can honor his priesthood.

Friend April 2019 “Sweet Honesty” Trying to get a taste of sugar, Arlen accidentally knocks the sugar jar off a high shelf when she is left in charge of the house. She considers not telling her mom that she spilled all the sugar, but decides to be honest.

Friend March 2019 “Being Honest is Best” Verity’s name means truth. She feels good when she is honest and truthful. (Activity: Circle the letters used to spell TRUTH in the picture below. Then practice writing the word TRUTH.)

Friend November 2018 “Finders Keepers?” Mike finds some money on the school grounds and takes it to the office even though his friends think they should keep it and spend it.

Friend September 2018 “Stickers Everywhere” Carey found a package of stickers in a bag on the counter and opened them and stuck them all over the house. When her mom finds what Carey did she is upset because the stickers were for Carey’s brother’s birthday party, but Carey is honest and tells her mom that she did it. Her mom tells her to ask next time, but she is proud of Carey for being honest.

Friend March 2017 “Sliding from the Truth” Tori’s lab partner accidentally broke a slide and wants to lie about it to the teacher. Tori helps him tell the truth.

Friend June 1988 “Treasures” Amy accidently breaks one of Sister Pedersons glass treasures. She buys a glass swan to replace the one that broke and then she tells Sister Pedersons what she did.

The Helpers – Cindy tells her mom the truth after breaking a pot, even though her mom thinks the baby did it. Friend March 1987

Winnie Wins – A girl is tempted to cheat in a geography test to beat a boy who teases her. Friend May 1984

The Raid – A boy shows it’s better to be honest and ask to pick the cherries than it is to take them. Friend July 1985

The Compliment Tree – Betsy gets a branch on the compliment tree for doing well on a test, but she discovers a mistake on the test. She doesn’t want to lose her branch, but she is honest and tells the teacher. Friend February 1986

The Last Coin – Laura wants to be honest in achieving the swimming lesson requirements even though her friend wants her to cut corners. Friend August 1986

Friend March 2016 “Honesty Geography” During a geography test, Julie tells the teacher about a map accidentally left on the board.


Friend January 1987 “Jason’s Courage” Jason accidentally breaks a church window. He learns it takes courage to be honest.


Friend April 2017 “Cheating is Poisonous” Annmarie has a hard time spelling poisonous and is tempted to cheat on a spelling test, but she realizes cheating would be poisonous to her spirit.

Friend April 2017


Friend October 2018 “Toy-Truck Trouble”  When Nate was walking home from school he saw trucks in a sandbox. Everyday he put a different color truck in his pocket and took it home. He felt bad but wanted to collect the trucks. Then one day a woman found him taking a truck. She asked if he knew where the other trucks were. Nate went home and got them and brought them back. The boy asked if he’d like to play, and Nate had the best time.

Friend May 1987 “Ben & the Birthday Thief” Ben’s friend steals a watch to give to Ben as a birthday gift. What does Ben do?

We are Trusted when We are Honest

Friend September 2018 “Map Champ” During a map game at school, Linda doesn’t hear the teacher because the kids are being too loud. Her teacher trusts her because she doesn’t lie, and the teacher gives her another chance.

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