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Choosing the Right Helps Us Feel Holy Ghost

Friend April 2017 “Game Changer” Caleb feels like it is hard to have to make different choices than his friends, but the Holy Ghost comforts him and and helps him.

Choices Have Consequences

Friend March 2017 “Toys in the Bathtub” Eli really wants to put a toy in the bath, but his mom says no because it could mess up the toy.

Good, Better, Best

Friend October 2016 “Halloween Choice” Carly has to make a choice between a family trip to the temple and a Halloween party.

Choosing the Right Regardless of Peer Pressure

Friend November 2018 “Finders Keepers?” Mike finds some money on the school grounds and takes it to the office even though his friends think they should keep it and spend it.

Regardless of Loss of Friends or Position

Friend May 2019 “Last Friend Standing”  Some new friends of a girl want to hide their bowling shoes and not pay for the game. The girl prays for courage and then tells them that she won’t steal.  Even though she loses them as friends, she feels the Holy Ghost telling her that she did the right thing.

Friend April 2019 “Farm-Club Fiasco” Nathan is the president of the Farm Club but is ostracized and removed as president when he doesn’t want to stay an extra night for fun at a competition because he doesn’t want to miss church.

Making Good Choices

Friend February 2020 “Layla Makes Good Choices”Layla likes making good choices! She helps her dad and mom and she puts on her pajamas when asked. Good choices make Layla and Mommy and Daddy happy! When we make good choices, we are following Jesus. Activity: Heavenly Father is happy when we choose the right! Point to the good choices.

Choosing the Right

Friend September 2020 “The Lost Ring” Tyler found a silver diamond ring during PE and tried to find the owner. He turned it in to the front desk even though his friend thought he should keep it and sell it. He had a warm feeling afterwards.

Friend October 2018 “I was trick-or-treating with friends and found $200. I told my mom about it. Later as we were walking down the street, a lady was looking for $200 that she had lost. She was so happy that we found it, and she gave me $10 for being honest. I shared $5 with my friends. I felt warm and happy because I was honest and chose the right. Leah D., age 6, Kentucky, USA“

Friend July 2018 “Show and Tell” I was playing with a friend who showed me a video. At first it was funny, but then a character said a bad word. When I hear bad words, it feels bad in my body, so I asked him if we could do something else. He said OK. I felt happy inside! Javaan F., age 9, North Carolina, USA

Friend June 2017 “My Light” Poem about the light that shines when we choose the Right. (Could be the light of Christ or light of example.)

Friend September 2016 “Blair Chooses the Right”  Blair has choices to make on Sunday and she chooses the right on each choice.

Friend Sept 2015 “A Courageous Choice” – Girl able to have courage to do what was right after remembering a story in the Friend magazine about a child choosing the right in the same type of situation.

What Would Jesus Do

Friend April 2016
Friend April 2016

Friend September 1986 “The Competition”  Elizabeth wants to win a piano competition. On the way to the competition she sees her competition’s car has slid off the road. She chooses to help.

Things that Help us Choose the Right

Friend June 2017 “Martin’s Choice” Martin feels spiritually stronger after doing family scripture study. He also feels happy when he makes good choices and follows the prophet. These things help him when he has to make a choice, such as what to do when he is given tea at a school campout.

Holy Ghost Guides

Friend November 2015 “Karson & the Golden Ticket” Karson finds an extra ticket for the prize jar but feels bad when he goes to put his name on it.

Choosing the Right Helps Us Be Happy

Friend August 2018 “Racing Rules” Lelah wants to race her trike ke down the sidewalk, but the family rule is to stay in the driveway. She obeys and has a happy feeling.

Friend March 2018 “Ruby Gets Ready” Ruby doesn’t like to put her socks and shoes on all by herself so she cries when asked to do it. She realizes that she needs to make a better choice because she doesn’t feel happy when she gets upset and cries.

Friend March 2018 A man drops some money and Brianna gives it to him. She has a wonderful feeling afterwards.

Friend January 2017  “The Favorite Ball” Seth and Adam are fighting over whose turn it is to play with their favorite ball. Seth doesn’t like the way he is feeling inside and realizes that fighting is not a good choice.

Friend February 2015 “The Blessing Quest” Nathan wants to ride bikes with his friends instead of going to church, but he learns that commandments are meant to help us be happy.

Choosing the Right Changes Hearts

Friend July 2017 “The Magic Wallet” Mandy’s family is staying in a motel until their house is built, but the manager doesn’t like all the noise the kids make. His heart and views change when Mandy turns in a lost wallet that she finds.

Courage to Choose the Right

Friend August 2020 “Choosing the Channel” Camille’s best friend told her about a TV show, but it had some bad words in it so she turned it off. Camille was afraid to tell her friend that she didn’t watch it. They were best friends that did everything together and liked the same things. She was afraid they wouldn’t be friends anymore. But her friend was understanding and said they could find a show they both liked. 

Friend March 1988 “Haunted House Hero” A boy who has courage to choose the right rather than accept a dangerous dare, gets help for his friends who fall though the floor of an old house.

Friend November 1985 “The Guy in the Glass”- Boy chooses to befriend and stands up for another boy even though he might get teased and tormented too.

Peer Pressure

Friend March 2018 “Practically Popular” La-Neisha is invited to be friends with the popular girls but is told she can’t have any other friends. She tries to avoid her old friend but feels bad. She chooses to do the right thing regardless of what her new friends think.

Friend September 2017 “Matt and Mandy” Matt tells some boys he doesn’t want to hear a bad joke even though they call him chicken.

Friend May 1983 “Maria Makes a Choice” – Story about girl who chooses not to steal when a friend encourages it.

Friend April 2015 “Courage and Clubs” Kate chooses not to join her friend’s club because the requirement to join is to say a bad word.

Friend February 1987 “The Dogsled Race” Jody borrows a dog and enters a dogsled race to win some ice skates. The dog injures her paw close to the finish line. Jody sacrifices what she wants and does the right thing: she takes care of  the dog, like she promised she would–instead of making the dog finish the race.

Friend September 2015
Friend September 2015 – “To Cheat or not to Cheat” Boy chooses not to cheat on a test

Helping Others Make Good Choices

Friend February 2018 “The Pencil Problem” when Alex gets two pencils from a machine when he only paid for one, Maya says he should tell the librarian. All their other friends thinks he should keep it.

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