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Friend May 2017 “For Older Kids” Try indexing! This means typing what old records say so people can search for their ancestors online. Have a parent help you download the program, or visit a family history center to do it.

Children Can Do Family History

Friend September 2017 “I Can Do Family History” A real life example and photos of children in a family that do family history and how they do it.

Learning About Ancestors

Friend June 2020 “For Older Kids” Choose a grandparent you want to learn more about. Look up the year they were born and find out what world events or inventions happened that year. How was life different back then?

Friend April 2020 “For Older Kids” Go to and use the Compare-a-Face feature to find out which of your ancestors looked most like you!

Friend May 2020 “For Older Kids” Ask a parent or family member about a time when things didn’t go like they hoped. How did they get through it? Write or draw a picture about it in your journal.

Friend February 2020 “For Older Kids” Use an online map to explore places where your parents, grandparents, or ancestors lived.

Friend February 2020

Friend July 2019 “We have a home evening once a month about one of our ancestors. We tell a story about them and show a photo if we have one. We talk about the temple and how we will be with these ancestors again someday.” —Karen H

Friend February 2019 “Getting to Know Your Family” President Oaks discusses how to learn more about your ancestors and why. Also, how to do a Get-to-Know-you party to learn about an ancestor.

It gives me a good feeling to work on family history. I’m learning the names of lots of my ancestors and learning to upload their photos too. Someday when I meet them in heaven, I’ll already know them. Aidan A., age 10, Utah, USA

Friend September 2015

Friend September 2015 – Use technology to find names to take to the temple.

Have family members create skits about family history stories and act them out for family home evening. Ensign April 2017


Friend February 2019 “For Older Children” What’s your favorite family photo? Add it to FamilySearch.organd write why it’s special to you.

Friend September 2017 “For Older Children” Ask your parents for old family obituaries. These are usually newspaper clippings that announce a person’s death and tell about their life. What do you want people to remember about you? Make a list of 10 things. Then upload the obituaries to

Family Tree App

Friend April 2019 “For Older Children”Use the Family Tree app to find out where your ancestors are from. Click “More” and then “Map My Ancestors.” How many different places do you see? List them here!

Saving Family History Items

Friend March 2017 “Family Night Fun” Each person collects an item to put in a treasure chest and tells why that item is a treasure to them.

Friend March 2017

Friend March 2017 “For Older Kids” Make a time capsule, and what would your ancestors have put in a time capsule

Friend March 2017

Friend May 2017

Friend November 2017 Make a family recipe! Do you know which family member it came from? Upload pictures of the recipe to the memories page of that family member on

Friend November 2017

Saving Family Stories

Friend September 2020 “For Older Kids” Part of family history is discovering who you are. Use these questions to learn about your name, and then write down everything you learn. Why were you given your name? Do any of your family members or ancestors share your name? When people hear your name, what do you want them to think of?

Friend January 2020 “For Older Kids” Find a photo of you or your family that you can tell a story about. Write down or tell someone everything you remember about that day.

Friend August 2019 “For Older Kids” Ask a family member to tell you about a day that changed their life. Make an audio recording of their story or write it down.

Friend August 2019

Friend June 2019 “For Older Kids” Do you have a funny family story? Interview a family member and write it down. Maybe you could share it for home evening.

Family History Stories Influences

Friend September 2017 “Following Faithful Examples” Elder Rasband keeps a painting in his office that reminds him of his ancestors stories of faith and sacrifice because it helps him remember their good examples.

Friend September 2017

Friend December 2016 “For Parents of Little Ones” Tell your child true stories of your childhood or about them when they were younger. Tell them the stories as you drive in the car or before bedtime, etc.

Friend July 2016 Link also includes a funny family story about ducks.

Friend July 2016 Link also includes a funny family history story about ducks.

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