Prayer: Stories & Poems

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Why Pray

Friend June 1987 A boy is given the assignment to move a rock. He tries everything except asking his father for help.


What to Pray for

Friend June 2016 “Caleb’s Bedtime Prayer” Caleb learns what to pray for.


When to Pray

Friend January 2018 “I Can Pray” Action rhyme

 Family Prayer

Friend July 2018 “Arturo’s Family Prayer” Arturo’s dad asks the family members what they need help with before saying the family prayer. He then prays for those things.

Is Heavenly Father Listening

Friend November 2017 “Even if You Can’t See Him” Allie feels like she’s is talking to an empty room when she says her prayers. Her Primary teacher uses an object lesson to help her see that Heavenly Father is there even if we don’t see him.

Heavenly Father Loves Us

Friend March 2018 “Heavenly Father Listens” Parents love us and are interested in our lives and so is Heavenly Father. He always listens when we pray but answers our prayers in different ways. Elder Clayton felt the love of God as a teen when he prayed about some worries. (Activity page included: Find the hearts in the room of the girl who is praying.)


Answers to Prayer

Friend September 2017 “Bear Cave” Ben prays for angels help when he becomes afraid in his new room in the basement. He feels like his prayer isn’t being answered, but then his mom shows up. She felt the Spirit telling her to check on Ben.





Friend October 2016 “The Loose Tooth Test” Tessa says a prayer that her loose tooth that is bothering her will  fall out. Tessa learns that sometimes the answer is to wait.



Friend January 2017  “Don’t Forget to Pray for Erik” Kari doesn’t understand why Heavenly Father hasn’t answered their many family prayers for Erik to come back to the gospel.


Listening to Answers

Friend November 2017 “Prayers and Pumpkins”  Rachel loses her family during a pumpkin walk in Nauvoo. She prays for help and is inspired to talk to a missionary couple. The couple she finds turns out to be Elder Perry and his wife, and they helped her find her family.

Praying for Help

(Also see adversity stories)

Friend October 2018 “Canyon Prayer” Carsen and some family members get lost in a canyon while hiking. Carsen knew that Heavenly Father knew the way out so he suggests they pray. He then receives a prompting on which way to go, and they are able to quickly find their way out.

Friend July 2018 “Allie’s New Class” Allie has to change kindergarten classes and she is worried, but she says a prayer, and she knows she can be brave because Heavenly Father will help her.





Friend May 2018 “Finding Floppy” Sam’s big sister helps him look for his lost stuffed elephant, Floppy. When they can’t find Floppy, she suggests they say a prayer. After finding Floppy she suggests they say a prayer of thanks.





Friend April 2018 “Lost and Found” Cael knows Heavenly Father answers prayers because when he found himself alone and scared on a mountain trail, he prayed. His father felt the Holy Ghost telling him to go look for his Cael.




Friend October 2017 “Show and Tell”

I had a hard time learning how to ride my bike without training wheels. I became scared to ride my bike because I had crashed a few times. I said a prayer on my bike and was able to learn how to ride it without being afraid. I’m grateful Heavenly Father blessed me.

Reese H., age 6, Utah, USA

Friend September 2017 “Chief on the Run” Max accidently let his best friend’s dog out. He chased after Chief but couldn’t catch him. Afraid of Chief becoming lost, Max said a quick prayer for help. Chief ran into a neighbor’s fenced in back yard and Max was able to get him.





Friend August 2017 “Prayer for Speedy”   Ashley’s kitten, Speedy, becomes lost, so Ashley prays for him.





Friend February 2015 “A Prayer in the Attic” As refugees during World War 2, Renate and her family are in constant danger from soldiers, but Heavenly Father helps them and answers their prayers and keeps them safe.





Friend February 2015 “There’s Always Time for Prayer” Flynn prays for help because he’s scared about starting a new school. He prays every morning, and when things get good he continues to remember to pray and express his gratitude.

Friend Feb 2014

Friend Feb 2015







Friend January 1989 “Lost, But Not Alone” Megan becomes seperated from her parents in a Korean market. She prays and is impressed to stay where she is, and she is helped by some Latter Day Saint Korean’s.

Friend January 2017 “Goats on the Run” Evelyn’s new goats jump the fence, and Evelyn is afraid they might not come back, so she says a prayer and the goats return.





Friend November 2016 “Henry and the Corn Maze” Henry and his mom and friends get lost and tired  in the corn maze and say a prayer for help.






Friend September 2016 “Heavenly Father Hears Your Prayers” Small stories. One about a girl praying to know if Heavenly Father knows her and knows about her troubles. And one about a brother praying for another brother because he knew the brother was worried about soccer. Also a story about a mother praying for her son to find a friend.



Friend February 1987 “Tough Spot” A boy learns he can’t always fix things himself and he does need the Lord’s help in his life.


Friend February 1986  “The Power of Prayer” Admiral Byrd prays for help when the door on his Antartica shelter froze closed while he is outside.
Friend February 1986

Friend February 1986

Friend February 2016 “Olvera Street” A girl loses her family while site-seeing and prays for help.


Friend July 2015  “Finding Tinkerbell” Mia and her family pray for help to find Mia’s bedtime stuffed animal.
Friend July 2015

Friend July 2015

Friend July 2015

Friend July 2015

Friend August 2015 “Shelly’s Race”- Girl from divorced home learns she can talk to Heavenly Father when she needs help.
Friend May 2016 “Under the Stairs Prayer” Boy prays for help when he and his sister get stuck in a closet.




















 Pray with Faith

Friend July 2015 Boy tries to pray like Jesus so heavens will be open.





Friend October 1986 “A Prayer for Uncle Alban” Jamon prays that his uncle will recover from a heart attack, but he doesn’t. He learns that the Lord knows what is best and we need to have faith in his judgment.

 Friend May 1988 ” Sharing Time: Seeking Guidance Through Prayer”  Story of Enos praying with faith and the story of two brothers who get lost in the woods and their prayer and answer.


Prayer Requires Effort

Friend February 2017 “Multiplication Master” Luca wants to become a multiplication master, but he isn’t doing well enough on the tests. He prays and expects to do well, but he doesn’t because he hasn’t practiced. He learns he has to do his part.

Friend April 1986 “I Forgot” Matthew keeps forgetting his responsibilities and he prays for help, but he still forgets. He learns he must do his part, and he makes a plan.









Friend June 1983 ” The Secret Weapon” – Boy prays to do well in baseball game but doesn’t.



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