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 What does the Word of Wisdom say is good for our bodies? – Game


  • Print one copy of the food pictures  Cut out each food item. Cut out the food titles and paste each title onto the top of a seperate sheet of cardstock. Put these sheets into a page protector. Attach the food pictures to the back of their category page with rolled pieces of tape.
  • Items Needed: A Doctrine and Covenants for each person, a watch with a second hand (or a timer), one dry erase pen.


Have the family look up D&C 89:16.

  • According to this scripture, what does the Lord say is good for our bodies?  Explain that the fruit of the vine would be fruits and vegetables. So, according to this scripure, fruits, vegetables, and grains are good for our bodies. (Show the three category sheets.)

Tell the family they are going to play a game that will show them the abundance of good foods the Lord has given us to eat. Start with the fruit category sheet. Tell the family they will have two minutes to name as many different fruits as they can. Have them take turns naming a fruit, starting with the youngest in the family. Keep going around until the time is up.  They can say “Pass” if they can’t think of a fruit. Take the pictures from the back of the category sheet and stick them onto the front as they are named. If you don’t have a picture to go with an item that is named, write its name on the category sheet with a dry erase marker. Do the same activity with the vegetables and the grains. Afterward point out all the good foods they have to choose from that are healthy for their bodies.

Explain that we should eat a variety of these healthy foods.  Even some good things can be harmful if used too much. (Read D&C 59:20)  This scripture indicates that we are to be wise and use moderation in all things.

  • How might it be bad for our bodies if we eat mostly one kind of food and we don’t eat enough of other kinds of foods? We wouldn’t get all the nutrients we need.

Have the family look up D&C 89:12.

  • What does the Lord say in this scripture concerning eating meat?

Tell the children that during Joseph Smith’s time, a nearby group from another religion followed a very strict diet and did not eat meat at all. What did the Lord say concerning this? Read D&C 49:18–19  Explain that the Lord told us we should not abstain from eating meat. Meat is a good and acceptable food, but it should be used in moderation.

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  1. this is a wonderful and innovative way to promote the w or w to younger children and accentuate the positive!!

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