Easter Item #1- Scripture Story

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  • Item needed: A flannel board or carpet board, sticky-back hook Velcro, and scriptures for each child. Also print the Primary two manual cutouts onto white cardstock.
  • Cut out the pictures and stick a small piece of hook Velcro onto the back of each cutout. The Velcro will make the cutouts stick to the flannel board or carpet board.
  • Place the cutouts face up on a table or tape them to the walls around the room.

Scripture Story

Read or tell the following story:

Jesus loved, served, and taught the Jewish people while he was on the earth, but there were some Jewish leaders who opposed him. They were upset that people were following Jesus instead of them, so they illegally had him tried and sentenced to death.

(Have the children read Luke 23:33 and then have a child pick the picture that matches the scripture and put it on the flannel board.)  Explain that to crucify means to nail or tie a person’s hands and feet to a cross and leaving that person to die.

Jesus was placed on the cross sometime before noon on Friday. At noon the sun was hidden from view, and darkness spread over the land for three hours. Those who were watching in the darkness heard Jesus cry out, “It is finished.”  His suffering had ended. He bowed his head and died.

After Jesus died on the cross what happened to his spirit? (Read Luke 23:46) When Jesus died, his spirit left his body and went to the spirit world (Read D&C 138: 11-12, 16, 18, 36)

How do you think his friends and disciples felt after Jesus was crucified?    After he died, Jesus’ friends and disciples carefully removed his body from the cross. They wrapped his body in fine linen cloth and with spices, as was the custom in those days. (Take off crucifixion cutout and have a child find and put up matching picture- the wrapping of Jesus’ body)

The Savior’s friends placed his body in a tomb. A tomb is a small room, often carved out of a large rock, in which people can be buried. The newly hewn tomb Jesus’ body was placed in belonged to a rich man named Joseph of Arimathaea. He was a follower of Jesus. (Take off cutout of wrapping the body and have a child find and put up the picture of the tomb.)

Jesus was placed in the tomb on Friday evening because Saturday was the Jewish Sabbath and burying people on that day was not allowed. A large stone was rolled over the mouth of the tomb doorway. (Have a child find and put the large stone cutout on tomb opening)

After Jesus’ body was placed in the tomb, the chief priests and Pharisees went to see Pilate. They remembered that Jesus had said that after three days he would rise again. They asked Pilate to have the sepulcher guarded against his disciples coming in the night and stealing the body away. They did not believe Jesus would be resurrected. They thought Jesus’ friends would hide his body and say he was alive again. The stone was sealed and guards were set to watch. (Have a child find the cutout of the guards and put it on the flannel board.)

The Sabbath was a long, sad day for his followers.  Early on the third day after his death, which was Sunday, an angel (the Joseph Smith translation says it was two angels) came down from heaven and rolled back the stone from the door of the tomb. (Have a child find the cutout of the angel and put it on the flannel board and then move the stone to one side.) The guards were afraid and shook and fell as dead men. (Lay down the soldier cutout)

Some women had wanted to put special ointments on Jesus body to prepare it for burial, but they didn’t have time before the Sabbath, so they came back as soon as the Sabbath was over to finish preparing his body. (Have a child find and put up cutout of women with ointments, off to one side, and take off the soldier cutout.)

As the women walked to the sepulcher they wondered how they would move the heavy stone from the tomb. (Put the cutout of the women close to the tomb) But when they arrived at the tomb they saw that the stone had been rolled away. The tomb was empty. Jesus’ body was gone. The women saw the angels, who told them not to be afraid. (Read Matthew 28:5-6) When the angel said, “He is risen,” he was telling the women that Jesus Christ had been resurrected.  (Hold up cutout of Jesus Resurrected)

Easter Item #2- Object Lesson

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Resurrection Puppets

Source: Friend September 2006

Assembly Instructions

  • Items needed: Two tan or light brown felt squares, a piece of heavy iron-on interfacing 6”x15” and a 8”X16” piece of a soft silky white fabric. Print the Puppet Patterns.
  • Instructions: Put the two pieces of felt together and pin the puppet pattern onto it. Cut out the puppet.  Fold the white fabric in half and pin the puppet pattern to it and cut it out. Put the two puppet pieces of felt together and stitch around ¼ of an inch from the edge. Leave the bottom of the puppet open where the hand goes. Next put the two puppet pieces of white fabric together so that the wrong side of the fabric is facing out. Stitch ¼ inch around the edges (leaving the bottom open). Zig zag (or serge) around the edge if it needs extra reinforcing.  Turn the white fabric puppet inside out so that the right side is facing out.
  • Place the boy patterns under the interfacing and trace the pictures onto the interfacing. (Note: Some printers can print the puppets directly onto the interfacing.) Color the interfacing figures with permanent markers and crayons. (Keep the robes white on the one boy figure) Cut out around the edges of the boy figures.  Place the boy with robes onto the white fabric puppet and the other boy on the felt puppet so that the adhesive side of the interfacing is facing down against the fabric. Put paper over the puppets and interfacing and with a medium to hot iron, adhere the interfacing to the puppet.


What does it mean to be resurrected?     When Jesus was resurrected, his spirit came back into his body. He was alive again, but his body was changed. He still had a body of flesh and bones, but his body was perfected and would never die again. His body was immortal.

When Jesus was resurrected it was the first time anyone on earth had been resurrected. Because of Jesus’ resurrection, all people who have lived, or who ever will live on earth, will be resurrected. We will live again after we die, and our bodies will be immortal.  He made this possible for us because he loves us.   

Puppet Object Lesson:

(Put the white robbed puppet on your hand, or on the hand of one of the children.) When we lived with Heavenly Father before we were born we were called spirits. This white puppet represents the spirit, which lived in the pre-earth life with Heavenly Father. We could move (move the fingers) and think and learn.

When we came to live on earth and were born, we were given earthly bodies. (Put the felt puppet over the white fabric puppet)  The spirit and the body were temporarily joined together, and the spirit gave the body life. (Move fingers)

When we die, the spirit and the body separate (take off the felt puppet, being careful not to take off the white puppet at the same time). The body can no longer move (indicate the empty felt puppet), but the spirit is still alive (move fingers) and goes to the spirit world to wait for the resurrection.

(Put the felt puppet back over the white fabric puppet) When we are resurrected, the spirit and body are reunited and the body becomes perfect. We become immortal which means that the spirit and body will never be separated again.


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