Tithing #1

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 Pay Tithing with a Grateful Heart – Game and Activity


Print one copy of the blessing cards found in the November 2008 Friend.  Glue the cards onto heavier paper so that the images can’t be seen through the cards when playing the game. Cut out each card.   

Print the purse, envelope and the page entitled “Our Blessings from Heavenly Father”.  Cut out the purse and envelope. Cut out the front windows of each, and cut out the handle opening on the purse. Tape a piece of clear plastic (a piece of a Ziploc baggie or page protector) over the window on the inside of the purse and envelope. To form the envelope and purse, fold each on the lines and glue the two side tabs to the inside fold.

Items needed: ten dimes or pennies, Doctrine and Covenant scriptures, a pen or a marker


Place the cards facedown. Have the family take turns flipping over two cards trying to make a match. When someone makes a match, have them tell why they are thankful for that blessing. Have them write that blessing, and an additional blessing they are grateful for (not duplicating any previous ones), on the paper entitled “Our Blessings from Heavenly Father”. When the game is over, point out all the wonderful blessings Heavenly Father has given us.


Read D&C 104:14-15    According to this scripture, who created the earth and who does everything belong to? (The Lord)  Everything we have is His, but He has created it and provided it for us to use.

The Lord asks (commands) that we give 10% of the income that He provides to help strengthen and build His church on the earth. This 10% is called tithing. This is a small amount compared to all the many things the Lord has given us.

(Hold out the ten dimes (or pennies) in your hand). Ask the family, “If we are to give 10%, which is one of every ten, how much would we owe the Lord if we had ten dimes.”  Put one dime in the envelope that says “For the Lord”. Put the rest in the container that says “For Us”.  Ten percent is a small amount compared to all he has given us (Indicate the blessing chart and the other 90% of the money).  We should give 10% with gratitude in our hearts.

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Tithing #2

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  The Widow’s Mite – Scripture Story


Print one copy of  the story cards. Cut the picture pages in half on the dotted lines. To make the picture cards into a flip-chart, punch a hole in the top left corners of the picture pages and attach the cards together with hinged metal rings found in office supplies, or string or ribbon.

Items needed: Scriptures – Old Testament


Scripture Story

( Show picture #1 to the family. Read #1 of the words below as you hold up the picture. Continue on in numerical order, holding up pictures and reading words.)

 1. The people of Israel had been taught the law of tithing. The people paid tithing by giving one-tenth of their crops or animals.

2.  During the time of the prophet Malachi they had begun to give blind and sick animals, and polluted bread as tithing.

(Have the family look up and read Malachi 3:8)

  •  Why would not paying tithing, or giving our worst, be robbing God? (The Lord created the earth and everything on it. Everything is His, but He has given it to us to use.  When we refuse to pay our tithing, or pay it grudgingly, we are being ungrateful and keeping from him what is rightfully his.)


3.  The Lord wants us to gladly pay tithing with gratitude in our hearts.

4.   In Jesus Christ’s time, tithes and offerings were collected at the temple in large containers with openings at the top (point out the container in the picture).

5.   One day Jesus watched the people as they came and put their money into the container. When Jesus saw the widow put in her money he called over his disciples.

6.   He told the disciples that the widow had done a great deed. Because of her love for Heavenly Father, she had given all that she had.

7.   We are not required to give all that we have, but we can show our love and appreciation for Heavenly Father by happily paying our tithing with a grateful heart.

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Tithing: Song Ideas

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Part one of an interactive lesson that teaches the song “I’m Glad to Pay a Tithing.”

Launch Presentation

Part Two

Launch Presentation

Song -“I’m Glad to Pay a Tithing”  Children’s Songbook pg 150


Print one copy of the song pictures. Be prepared to play the song on a media device. A copy of the song can be obtained from www.lds.net, or CD’s can be checked out from the meetinghouse library.

Put the mountain scene in a page protector. Cut out the small pictures and word strips. Put removeable doubled sided tape on the back of each small picture and word strip.

Verse One

Tell the children to listen to the words in the song as you play or sing it. Have them find three things in the first verse that Heavenly Father has given us. (The sun that shines, the rain that falls, the meadowlark that sings) Put the pictures of those items on the mountain scene.

Ask what two words describe these gifts. (Good and Lovely) Put this word strip up above the mountain scene on the right hand side.

Then ask who gives us these good and lovely things? (Heavenly Father) Put this word strip to the left of “Good and Lovely”.

You are now ready to sing the first verse. Take the pictures off and put them on at the appropriate times as you sing the song, or leave them on and point to them when you come to that part.

Tell the children to look at the pictures to help them remember the words as they sing.

Verse Two:

(Keep verse one pictures on the scene as you sing verse two)

On the second verse put the child on the mountain scene. Ask what the child is holding. (A tithing envelope)

Tell the children to listen to the song, then ask, “What does the song say I am glad to do”? (Pay a tithing) Point out how happy and glad the child looks.

According to the song how much should you pay? (One tenth of all I earn) Put the word strip “1/10th” below the mountain scene on the left hand side.   

Does the song say it is a big or a little thing to pay tithing? (Little)

Put the word strip “Little” on the bottom right of the mountain scene.

Put on the rest of the pictures and indicate the whole picture when you tell them the last sentence – “it’s little when I think of all God gives me in return”.

You are now ready to try and sing the second verse the same way you did the first.

Review song words the children had trouble with and then sing the song again.

Encourage the children to think this week of all that God has given them and to remember how little one-tenth is to give God in return.


The following hand movements can also be used to help the children remember certain words:

“Gives Me” (cusp hand and move it forward as if offering something)

“All” (Spread hands and arms apart to indicate everything)

“Shines” (Ball up hand and then flick fingers out several times)

“Falls” (Put arms above head and move them down as fingers are spread

out and fluttering)

“Sings” (Put fingers tips on the mouth and open hand as you move it away from the face)

“Glad”  (Smile widely and point to your smile)

“One tenth”  ( Hold up ten fingers and put down one finger)

“Little” (Make a fist and extend the pointer finger and the thumb and put the finger tips of those two fingers close together)

“All” (Spread hands and arms apart to indicate everything)

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Tithing #4

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“Tithing is One Tenth of Our Increase”


Personal Note: I have always practiced the law of tithing according to the below quote by Bruce R. McConkie, but I do understand that the interpretation of the word “increase” is varied, so please adjust the following activity to how your family practices the law of tithing. (The items in the activity can be copied and pasted into a word document to make any changes needed.)

Print the all the items for the Job Board Activity, using colored card stock for the cards. Print one of the example tithing slips for each family member.

To make the Help Wanted Job Board, butt together the 11 inch sides of two 8 ½ X 11 pieces of color card stock. Put a long piece of tape down the middle so they are connected. This will be the back side of the board. Turn the board over. Cut out the Job Board Help Wanted title. Glue it to the very top and middle of the two joined card stocks.

Cut out the pocket pattern. Trace and cut out 8 paper pockets using the pattern as a guide. Place them evenly spaced onto the front of the Job Board. Glue or tape down the sides and bottom edges of each pocket.

Cut out the job titles and the job cards.  Glue each job title to the very top of the backside of the matching job card. You should be able to see the job name when it is in the pocket.  Put the job cards into the pockets on the Help Wanted board with the job title facing outward.

Cut out the bonus cards and the Bonus tags.  Glue the Bonus tags to the center of the backside of each bonus card.

Cut out the tithing slips and the paper dice. Use sticky back Velcro, or double sided tape, to hold the tabs of the folded dice in place so that it can be taken apart for storage.

Items needed: Papers and pencils, and a real tithing slip and envelope to show to the family.



Read D&C 119:3-4   According to this scripture how much should we pay for tithing? Tithing is one tenth of our interest, which means one tenth of our increase. One-tenth is one out of every ten.

“Salaries, wages, gifts, bequests, inheritances, the increase in flocks, herds and crops (money increase earned from investments), and all income of whatever nature are subject to the law of tithing.”  Bruce R. McConkie – Mormon Doctrine

Activity Instructions

A family member chooses a job card from the Help Wanted board and reads the job description on the back.

They then roll the paper dice to see how many hours or days they do the work. They roll until the dice lands on a number square. If the dice lands on a Bonus square they get a bonus card. If it lands on Allowance they get to add whatever allowance amount your family uses to their money tally. They are only allowed one bonus or allowance per turn. (If your family doesn’t do allowance you could make that another bonus square)

Have them write down on a piece of paper all their money amounts – allowances, job money earned, and bonus money (small children may  need help).

Show the children how moving the decimal sign in a dollar figure, one position to the left, shows how much tithing should be paid. Let them figure out their tithing for each money item so they can practice this technique. Have them keep track of how much tithing is owed in a separate column.

After each person in the family has had the chance to choose one or two jobs, have them add up their tithing money column and figure out how much tithing is owed.

Show the family a real tithing slip and envelope. Explain that they can be found at the ward meetinghouse, usually near the bishop’s office. (On Sunday you may want to show the children where they are located.)

Help each family member fill out an example tithing slip.  Make sure they understand that tithing is not to be divided up and given in the other categories, or in any other way.  Tithing must always be given in the tithing category. You may want to briefly explain what the other spots are for.

Show the real tithing slip and envelope again and explain that the white slip is what they just filled out and that the printing would copy onto the yellow slip if they were together. Tell them they would put the white slip into the envelope with their money and the yellow would be their copy to keep.  The tithing envelope would then be given to the Bishop or one of his counselors.

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Tithing #5 – Song

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“I Want to Give the Lord my Tenth”  Children’s Song Book Pg. 150

Items needed

  • Make eight copies of the coin page so that you have sixteen coins printed. Cut out the coins. Print one copy of the song sentences. Cut out the sentences and put one of the sentence halves on the back of each coin.  (Coin picture source – July 1996 Friend “Dollar Day”)
  • Make a printed copy of the song “I Want to Give the Lord My Tenth”.  Also be prepared to play this song on a media device.


Song Directions

Place the coins on a table, floor, or wall so that the words are facing down and the coins are facing up. Then play a matching game. Have the family members take turns turning over two cards trying to find matching sentences. (Check the song to make sure it is a match.) If the player finds a match, they get to go again. After all the matches have been found, ask each family member how much tithing they would pay on the coins they have collected (each is a quarter). Make sure they keep their matches together as they count.

Spread out all the matches, and have the family try to put all the sentences in the order they think they should go in the song. Have them listen to the song on CD (or other media device) and see if they have it right. Have them rearrange the sentences if needed, and then sing the song.

Take some parts off, and sing the song again. Continue in this manner until all the parts are removed, and the family can sing the whole song without seeing the words.

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Tithing #6

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 What is Tithing Used For?   


  • Print one copy of each page of  “Where Does Tithing Go“.  Put each of the two main pages of “Where Does Tithing Go” into a page protector. Tape the two pages together on the back middle. Cut out the pictures so they will fit in each of the spots they are supposed to go in (see the picture above). Number the back of each picture with its matching location number.
  • Items needed: Tape to attach the pictures to the page “Where Does Tithing Go?”.



Read “Where Does Tithing Go” to the family, starting at #1. Attach the picture that goes with each numbered heading as you read (check the above picture to see how they go).

After you are done with the activity explain to the children that our tithing is combined with the tithing of other members to help the Church all over the world.

Play the game found in Tithing #7 to learn more about the things that tithing is used for.

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