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Friend April 1986 Try to figure out what the riddle is about (missionaries). Read the rebus clues. From the list choose the word that best describes the picture and draw a line from it to the picture.

Friend April 1986

Why Share the Gospel

Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020: Jacob 5-7 Missionaries help God’s children like laborers who care for trees in a vineyard. Help the missionaries find their way through the maze. How do missionaries help God’s children?

Preparing for a Mission

Answering Investigator’s Questions

Friend February 2020 “More Important than Basketball” Game: Play this game to practice sharing the gospel! Cut out the squares and crumple them into balls. Set a bowl at the end of a table or desk. Then take turns shooting the balls into the bowl. When a ball lands in the bowl, open the paper and read the question. Practice answering it as if you were talking to someone who wants to learn more about the Church.

Friend July 1986 Game: Children practice teaching and giving talks.

Sharing the Gospel Now

Friend July 2019 “Coloring Page: Jesus Wants Me to Share the Gospel”

Friend October 2020 “Sharing the Gospel” Write down the letter that each picture starts with. Check your answer below. (Answer: Share the gospel)

Friend July 2017 Write the first letter of the word that describes each picture to discover how to share the gospel with anyone at anytime.

Missionaries Throughout History

Friend January 1984

Friend January 1984

Going on a Mission

Friend June 2019 “Find It” Maria and Daniel are from the Philippines. Their grandmother tells them about the  missionary who baptized her. Find nine things below that Maria and Daniel might use on a mission someday.

Missionaries also Serve People

Ensign June 2017

Missionaries Serve Around the World

Friend July 2019 “Funstuff: Modern Pioneers” Put the pictures in order of a family joining the Church in Nigeria.

Friend October 1988

Missionaries Teach the Gospel

Friend April 2020 “Learning about the Restoration “The missionaries are teaching this family about how the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored. Find the items below that represent parts of the Restoration.

Just for Fun

Friend Jan 1981 Find words that are often associated with missionary work.

Friend Jan 1981

Friend April 2016 “Cover” Find seven pairs of missionaries.

Friend April 2016
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