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Video Animation from Lds Media Library  “Why Does God Give Us Commandments

Friend February 2018 “Back on the Trail” Danilo doesn’t listen to his aunt about which trail to follow and he gets stuck. (Story also provides lesson questions.)





Friend February 2015 “The Blessing Quest” Nathan wants to ride bikes with his friends instead of going to church, but he learns that commandments are meant to help us be happy. He goes to church and is blessed.






Friend November 2015 – Stories from October 2015 General Conference

Seatbelt of Love
Sister Carole M. Stephens
While Sister Carole M. Stephens was driving with her granddaughter, Chloe kept getting out of her seat. She didn’t want to wear a seatbelt! Sister Stephens said she wanted Chloe to wear a seatbelt because she loved her and wanted her to be safe. This time, Chloe stayed in her seat. This is like commandments. Sometimes it may feel like they are holding us back, but God gives them to us because He loves us and wants us to be safe.

Shark Barrier
Elder Von G. Keetch
Once Elder Von G. Keetch visited a beach in Australia. He saw a group of surfers who had traveled there to surf. They were mad because a big net in the water kept them from getting to the biggest waves. After hearing them complain, another surfer showed them why the net was there—it kept the sharks out! God’s standards, like the barrier, protect us from spiritual dangers and help us feel peace and happiness.

Blessings of Obedience


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