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Friend August 2018 “Racing Rules” Help Lelah make happy choices as she goes through the maze.





Make an origami CTR shield.







Circle ways you can choose the right.







Friend October 2017 Use crayon to color the shield. Color over with black crayon as dark as you can. Use your fingernail or a coin to scrape a CTR pattern or a picture of choosing the right or something that helps you choose the right





Friend September 2017 “CTR Fun” Fill in the blanks in the poem about choosing the right.





Friend September 2017 “CTR Fun” Guess which “CTR” ring goes with which language.





Friend September 2017 “CTR Fun” What else can CTR stand for? Maybe a good reminder, like “current temple recommend” or “choose to (be) reverent.” How many others can you come up with?




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