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Ensign June 2018 “Helping Children Make Good Media Choices”

Ensign April 2017 “Growing a Healthy Technology Garden”

Friend January 2019 “Show and Tell” If I see a bad word on a website, I close the page immediately.

Brycen J., age 8, Minnesota, USA

Help After Seeing Something Bad

Friend June 2018 “What’s on Your Mind?” How to feel good again after accidentally seeing something bad.

Online Bullying

Friend September 2018 “What’s on Your Mind” What should you do when you or someone else is getting bullied or made fun of online?












Internet Safety

Friend March 2016

Friend March 2016

Friend October 2015

Friend October 2015 – Rate online  usage. Article also has info on what to do about pornography

















Ensign August 2017 “Eight Stratagies to Help Children Reject Pornography”

Family Rules:

Keep computers and tablets in common areas.

Ask children and teens to turn in their phones and mobile devices at night.

Establish an open-book policy; parents can view texts and social media accounts at any time.


Ensign October 2019 “Four Ways to Protect Your Family from Pornography” Even young children can learn to recognize it in a simple way: “You might accidentally see a picture or video of someone with their clothes off. That’s called pornography. When you see it, you might feel an ‘uh-oh’ feeling inside. That’s the Holy Ghost telling you, ‘That’s pornography. Stay away.’”

Friend October 2019 “What’s on Your Mind” A child sees a picture of someone without clothes on and asks the Friend what to do. The Friend explains that it is probably pornography and gives some ideas on what to do. They also include a TAG to keep by the computer that says Turn away, tell an Adult, and do something Good.





Friend November 2017 “Question Corner” Children give responses about what to do when friends look at bad pictures or show them on their phones.












Ensign October 2019 “Addressing Pornography” Joy D. Jones tells a story of a boy trusting a rattlesnake and picking it up and carrying it. When the snake bites him and the boy is shocked, the snake says,“You knew what I was when you picked me up.” Sister Jones says, “I see many parents handing their child a snake. I am speaking of smartphones.” She says that until the reasoning and decision-making abilities are fully developed and children are sufficiently taught, “we cannot put cell phones with internet access into the hands of young children.”  Sister Jones also shares some ways others have protected their children from the dangers of the internet.

Ensign October 2015 Use this article to help children know what to do when they encounter pornography. See also the video “What Should I Do When I See Pornography?” and some family home evening lessons on this topic at

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