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The Scriptures Teach Us About Jesus

Friend October 2019 Color the picture of Jesus. 






Friend November 2019 “Coloring Page: I Can Learn From the Scriptures”






Friend September 2019 “Coloring Page: I Love the Bible”

Friend September 2019







Friend November 2018 “Coloring Page: I Love Scripture Stories” 





Friend April 2018 “Family Night Fun”

  • Bring objects to represent different scripture stories. See if your family can guess the stories.
  • Sing a hymn or Primary song together and read the scriptures at the bottom of the page.
  • Draw scriptures stories or act them out for others to guess.
  • Watch a Bible video at


Friend May 2017 Make a case for your scriptures.






Friend February 2017  Show your love for reading the scriptures. Make a heart shaped origami bookmark.






Friend April 2019 “Funstuff: Scripture Lifelines” The scriptures can help us know how to deal with our problems. Find the scripture helps on the life preserver that go along with difficulty you may be experiencing.

Scriptures Guide




Scripture Reading

Family Scripture Study

Friend November 2018 “Thankful for Scriptures” Follow the clues and help James and his family find their scriptures so they can read together!






-Add a link to paper chain every time you read a chapter of scripture. Building spiritual strength

Friend February 1985

Friend February 1985


Friend February 1985

Friend February 1985

Scripture Heroes

Friend February 2020 “Scripture Boats” Who Am I?  Match each person with their story. Each story has boats in it.










Scriptures Tell History of Gospel on Earth


Friend 1985 January

Friend 1985 January

Scripture Story Review Ideas

Picture Chase – Hold up a picture representing a story from the scriptures. The first child to correctly identify the picture then tells what he or she can  remember about the story. The class can then look up the story and read it together, or they discuss how the story applies to their lives. Ensign October 2015 “Family Home Evening Ideas”




Friend July 1987

Friend July 1987 Game


Friend July 1987 Game

Friend July 1987


Friend July 1987

Friend July 1987




Marking Scriptures

Friend December 2015 Ideas on how to mark scriptures by drawing pictures.

How We Got the Scriptures


Translation of Bible and Book of Mormon


Friend November 1983 – Making an ink quill pen with a straw



Scripture Story Games and Activities


Friend May 2019 “Gospel A to Z” Shows how to draw pictures of things from the scriptures using alphabet letters as a guide. Can you name a scripture story or Primary song that goes along with each one?


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