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Parents Teach Us

Friend March 2019 “A Lesson From My Parents” Color the pictures and circle the things a parent or other family member has taught you. What else can you think of?

Family Proclamation

Kind Words

Friend November 2019 “Kindness Flowers” A kindness game like the game “hangman” you can play with a family member. Think of a kind word that describes the other person. Have the other person guess which letters are in the mystery word. If they guess correctly, write that letter in the blank. If they guess a letter that’s not in the word, draw a petal on the flower and write that letter in it.’



Friend June 2018 “Coloring Page”

Friend June 2018

Love & Appreciation

Friend May 2018 “I Love You More” Action Rhyme

Friend Feb 1981
Friend Feb 1981

Ways to Strengthen Love

Friend September 2020 “Loving Our Families” Cut out the strips of paper and put them in a bowl. After you do one of the activities, add a link to your chain of hearts.


 Family Members

Families Work Together

Friend March 2020 ” Funstuff: Find It!” This family enjoys working together to gather food to eat. Can you find 15 coconuts? Then find the other hidden objects.

Family Gatherings

Friend August 2019 “Funstuff: Find it” Every year this family gets together for a weekend of fun! This year, the cousins acted out a favorite scripture story for the rest of the family. Which story are they acting out? Can you find the hidden objects?

Friend May 2019 “Funstuff: Find It” Great-Grandma wanted an old-fashioned family dance party for her birthday! Find the hidden objects.

Families Come in a Variety of Ways

Friend July 2018 “Funstuff” Families come in all shapes and sizes. No two are exactly the same! Follow the lines to match the kids with the adults in their family.

Family Recreation

Friend June 2018 “Family Fun Jar” Things for kids to do together. Pick a paper from the jar when you’re bored or just want to have fun!

Families Support Each Other

Extended Family

Friend February 2019 “Find it!” Camila and Carlos are excited that all their cousins are visiting for Camila’s baptism tomorrow. Today they’re busy playing the best game of las escondidas (hide and seek) ever! Find Camila, Carlos, and their 10 cousins, all in red shirts. Then find 10 geckos.

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