My Heavenly Father Loves Me: Verse Two

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My Heavenly Father Loves Me – Verse Two


  • Items needed: Colored chalk, timer, eraser
  •  Print the word strips onto heavy paper. Cut them out and fold each one in half so the words are hidden. Label each with its correct number.
  •  Draw on the board a large paper doll shape.


Explain that the second verse of the song tells of additional blessings Heavenly Father has given us, and the children are going to draw them on the board as they do an activity to help them learn the verse.

Have a volunteer come up. Give the child the first folded word strip that says “Eyes”. Tell the child to draw it where it goes on the doll figure. Explain to the children that they are going to guess what the person is drawing. Give the child a time limit to draw the item. When the time is up have them choose someone to tell what the item is. When the correct guess is made explain that the first words in the second verse are “He gave me my eyes that I might see.”

Have another volunteer come up. Give that child the slip of paper that says “Butterfly (with colorful wings)”. Have them draw it next to the doll shape. When the correct guess is made, tell the words that go with this part. “the color of butterfly wings”. Have the children sing these first two parts.

Do the same thing with each word, going in order. Be sure to tell the song words that go with each item, and sing the lines after every few that are introduced. When you come to the word “body” have the child draw around the outline of the doll figure, or draw arrows pointing to the doll figure. When the correct word is guessed explain that the words that go with this are “He gave me my life”.

For the words “brain” and “heart” have them draw those items where they go on the doll figure. For the word “prayer” have the child erase the arms and redraw them folded (if that doesn’t work have the child draw the eyes closed or the knees bended.)

For the word “creations” you may need two or three children to draw. Have them draw the items around the doll figure. (You can put a smile on the doll when you mention the words “of which I’m a part.”)

For the word “love”, have the child draw a huge heart around the doll figure. The heart is for the words “Yes, I know Heavenly Father loves me.”

After all the lines have been introduced, have the children sing the whole verse. Point to the items as each part is sung. Then have the children begin to memorize the verse by erasing items on the board each time they sing the song.

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