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Latter Day Prophets

Prophet Dot-to-Dot Activity Idea: Make several cards with information about the prophet on each one. Label the back of each card with a section of numbers from the dot-to-dot such as 1-5 or 15-20. Put the cards, numbers face up, on a table. A child picks one of the cards, reads the clue, and gets to draw those lines on the picture and try to guess who the prophet it is. They write their guess down and their name on the first slot of a numbered card. Continue in this manner until all the clues are read and the lines on the picture are drawn. Reveal the name of the prophet, and then read the card with the guesses to see who got the correct answer first. (Note: You may need to display a picture that contains all the prophets and their names to help the children have a reference to make their guesses from.)

Friend November 1986 Prophet cards: Match the description and name with the correct prophet’s picture.


Friend August 1986

Friend August 1986

Friend Joseph Smith

Friend December 1979 Joseph Smith

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