Choose the Right Way – Verse Two

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 Song: Choose the Right Way – Verse two

Object of the Game: Put the song cards in the right order on the pages. Check to see if they are correct by flipping over the top cover sheets. It is correct if the picture under the cover sheet matches the card beneath it.


  • Items needed: 15 sheets of construction paper, magnets, a timing device such as a watch.
  • Print the song cards onto cardstock. Cut the excess paper off the top and bottom of each card leaving only the visual aids and the words.  Attach a strong magnet to the back of each card. Divide the cards into two stacks.  The first stack should contain the five cards that go with the first half of the song, and the second stack should contain the five cards that go with the last half of the song. Each stack should be in random order.
  • Print the matching pictures. Cut the pages in half so one picture is on each half.  Glue each picture to the top of a sheet of construction paper. Cut the remaining five sheets of construction paper in half, and place one on top of each picture. Tape the top edges of the two sheets of construction paper together.
  • Be prepared to play a recorded version of the song on an electronic device, or be prepared to sing the song to the children (or have someone else sing the song to the children).


Using magnets put the first five construction paper pages on the board in the correct order.  Make sure the half sheets of paper are covering the pictures. Explain to the children that under each of the cover sheets is a picture that goes with each line of the verse, and the pictures are in the correct order. Show the children the song cards and explain that each of the song cards also have the pictures (and the words) on them, but they are all mixed up. Tell the children they are going to play a game where they have to put the song cards in the correct order. They will place each song card below a cover sheet on one of the construction paper pages. The order can be checked by uncovering the picture to see if it matches the card that is under it.

Explain that you are going to play or sing the second verse only once, and they need to listen very carefully so they will be able to put the words in the correct order.

After the children have heard the song, have a volunteer come up. Give that child the first stack of cards.  Tell the child they have twenty seconds to put the cards in the correct order on the board. When their time has run out, check the order by uncovering one picture at a time above the cards. Start with the first picture and go in order until you come to one that isn’t correct.  Compliment them on their efforts.

Take off all the cards and put the cover sheets over the pictures again. Mix up the cards and give another volunteer twenty seconds to try and put them in the right order.  Check the answers again. Continue in this manner until all the cards are in the correct order.

When all the song cards are in the right order, have the children sing that part of the song. Afterwards have them do the same activity with the second half of the song, but this time add an activity to help them memorize the first half of the song. At the start of the activity have everyone close their eyes. Take off one set of words and pictures from the first half of the song, and then have the children open their eyes. The first person who raises their hand and can say the words that are missing will be the person who gets to try and put the song cards in order. Continue in this manner – singing the song, removing pictures and words, and putting song cards in order until the children have the second half in the correct order.

After all the song cards are in order, continue singing the song and removing pictures and word sets, but have the child who tells what words are missing be the one who picks which set to remove next.

Note: An alternate idea for this activity would be to use easels on a table instead of the board.

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