I Love to See the Temple Review

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I Love to See the Temple – Review


  • Copy the desired amounts of each of the review word pages (see presentation for more info on amounts needed.)  Cut apart the small word strips and put each set in a baggie. Cut the page with the song title on it in half.  Cut out the large word boxes and be prepared to put them on the chalk board with magnets or tape.


Senior  Primary
Put the temple visual aid on the board with all the windows open (include boy and stepping stones). Have the children sing both verses of the song. Watch to see what parts they are having troubles with. Review those parts and then close the windows. Give each child (or have them work in pairs or groups) a baggie full of words and the half sheet of paper. Give them three minutes to put the lines in the correct order on their paper. Have available some glue sticks for those that finish early.  Have them lightly glue their word strips on their paper. (For those that don’t have the time to glue their word strips, they can take them home in their baggie and glue them at home if they desire.) When the time is up, post each of the large word boxes next to their matching visual aid on the temple, going in order. (Reopen the windows as you go.)

Junior Primary

Put the temple visual aid on the board with the windows open (include the boy and stepping stones). Attach the big word boxes to a seperate board in mixed up order (do only one verse at a time). Have a child choose one of the word boxes. Read it out loud for all the non-readers, and then have them put it next to its matching visual aid. Or… point to the visual aids in order, read the line choices to the children, and choose a volunteer to find its matching line.

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