Spring Showers – Song Choosing Review

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Spring Showers Plinko Board – Song Choosing Review

This week I am reviewing the songs we have learned so far this year. I wanted to use a spring shower theme, so I came up with a Plinko board. A child slides a rain drop (a flat floral marble) down from the top back of the Plinko board trying to get it in the slot of the song they want to sing. Whatever slot it lands in is the song the children will sing. They must try and get it into a slot of a song that hasn’t already been sung. Each child will have one try to do this.


  • Items needed: a 20×30 inch foam board from Walmart, blue flat floral marbles, a sheet of clear plastic such as from dollar store gift basket bags (or a couple sheets of saran wrap), clear packaging tape, a small flat sponge, double-sided tape, toothpicks, and a utility razor knife.
  • To make the box, cut the foam board in half, and with the utility knife, score a two inch line down each side and across the bottom of the half sheet of foam board.  Bend the scored areas backwards so that it forms a box (the square corner pieces will have to be cut out).  Tape the corners together.
  • Print the Spring Shower Pictures.  Cut out the flowers and glue them to the bottom of the box. Print and cut out the titles of the songs you wish to review, and glue one above each flower. Cut the sponge into strips to make dividers between the flowers. Attach each sponge divider with double-sided tape. Using double-sided tape, attach some blue floral marbles to the back of the box to look like raindrops coming down on the flowers. Cover the box with clear plastic; pull the plastic tight and tape it to the outside edges or back of the box with clear packaging tape. Cut out and tape the grass to the bottom edge of the box. Cut out the clouds and attach them to the top edge of the plastic with double-sided tape. Look down the top of the Plinko box and see where there are open areas to the slots. Stick the toothpicks through the plastic and into the foam board wherever there is a clear opening. This will make it more difficult to get the marbles into the slot of choice.


A Plinko board could be used in lots of different ways. Send me your comments and share your ideas with others on how to use this idea in a noncompetitive way.

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3 thoughts on “Spring Showers – Song Choosing Review

  1. I made a plinko board for my husband to use for his boy scouts. He asked them questions about scouting stuff they needed to know. However many they answered correctly, they recieved that many plinko chips. The bottom had numbers. Wherever the chip landed, then that’s how many pieces of candy they got. They had fun with it.

  2. This idea is so cute. I made mine last night and I love it! I’m not planning on using it until the last Sunday in March but I couldn’t wait so I made it early. THANK YOU!
    I love your ideas. Thank you for sharing them with the rest of us Primary choiristers. You’re awesome!

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