Colored Targets Song Review Game

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Colored Targets Song Review Game

I cut out several colored circles to use as targets. I taped them to a wall in the primary room, and put them each about a foot or two apart. I put them in an area where there were no obstructions in the path to get to the wall.  I put a piece of double sided tape in the middle of each target.

I had some different colored fuzzy balls (from Wal-Mart) in a baggie, one that matched each colored target. I blindfolded a volunteer and  had him choose a fuzzy ball from the bag. I turned him around a couple of times and then faced him towards the targets. The other children sang  the song as the volunteer tried to find the matching colored target that went with the fuzzy ball. Since he couldn’t see, the other children helped him find the right target by singing louder when he got close to the target, and softer when he moved away from the target. I stood by the child to make sure he didn’t get off track and run into something as he walked toward the targets.  After the child found the target, another volunteer was chosen and we did the same thing.

This game is a way to get the children to review the song through repetition and have fun while doing it. If the children don’t know all the words, you can post the words above the targets. Remove sections of the words after each volunteer’s turn. If the children are unsure of the words, or don’t sing,  remind them of the words and sing all they way through once before starting the game again.

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  1. I have used your site often, I think it’s my favorite. I used this last Sunday and it was a HUGE hit! We had a blast. Thank you for posting such fun ideas.

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