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Article of Faith Song Reviews

Article of Faith Song Review

Our Primary children have been learning the Articles of Faith this year by singing one a month as the opening song. I do a review activity every six months. For the December review I attached balloons to the Article of Faith numbers. I attached the numbered balloons to the left side of the board with magnets on the back of them.  I had pictures with key words for those Articles of Faith on the right side of the board. It was a matching activity. I used a sticky fingers and had a child flip it at the balloons (sticky fingers stick really well to balloons). For whichever number it stuck to they had to find the matching key word and picture. The song could be played as a reminder, or they could choose a card in the pockets behind the numbers. Each card contained a part of that Article of Faith written on it. They could read the card to help remind them of which Article of Faith it was. Once they guessed correctly I looked for a child who could quote the Article of Faith. That child got the next turn with the sticky fingers. But first we sang that Article of Faith song before making another match.

Articles of Faith key words and pictures from the January 1994 Friend magazine insert

Article of Faith numbers

Sticky Fingers can be found at Dollar Tree, in the Walmart party favor section, or on Amazon.

The balloons could be attached to the numbers by punching a hole in the bottom of the number and then pushing the tied end of the balloon through the hole from the back to the front.



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