Testimony: Lesson Ideas

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What is a Testimony

Ensign January 2019 “Talking about Testimonies” Teach them what a testimony is in clear, simple terms–for example, “A testimony is what you know or believe is true about the gospel. The Holy Ghost helps us know what is true.” Help them recognize what they already believe with questions like, “How do you think Jesus feels about you?” or “How do you feel when you pray?”

Why do You Need a Testimony

Ensign June 2017 “Family Home Evening Ideas”  To illustrate the importance of gaining your own spiritual light, consider this activity. Turn off the lights and ask family members to draw a picture. Have someone with a flashlight or candle use it only for their own picture. After a few minutes, turn the lights back on. Talk about the difference in being able to complete the task and then discuss the principles found in the article.

How to Gain a Testimony

And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true; and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost (Moro. 10:4).

Friend April 2020 “What’s on Your Mind” A child asks how they can know if they have a testimony because he/she hadn’t gotten any strong answers while praying. The Friend responds: “Instead of waiting for your testimony to come in one big moment, like flipping on a light switch, think of it more like a sunrise. Your testimony will grow brighter little by little as you keep learning, praying, and making good choices.” Link also includes a fill-in  the-blank activity about how to get a testimony.

Friend September 1988 “How Can I Gain a Testimony”


Friend January 2016



Listen for the Holy Ghost Testifying of Truth

Friend June 2020 A testimony is a good feeling from the Holy Ghost telling you that something is true.

Strengthening a Testimony

Friend June 2020 “Testimony and the Book of Mormon” President Eyring tells how reading the Book of Mormon helps strengthen his testimony.

Bearing Testimony

Ensign August 2019 “Family Study Fun: Masterpiece Testimony Theater” Paul bore bold testimony, even in the face of danger. (Acts 22:1–21; 26:1–29) an everyday scenario for each family member to role-play bearing testimony. Emphasize that testimonies in conversation need not end in “amen” or include every element of a typical testimony. (Example: A coworker asks why we don’t drink alcohol.) Act out each scenario, being as sincere and authentic as possible. Discussion: What was easy and difficult about the role-play? What motivated Paul to bear such powerful testimony? How can we build our courage to testify?

Friend December 2016 “Show & Tell” A nine year old boy said, “One fast Sunday I felt something say, “Go bear your testimony!” And right when that feeling hit me, I knew it was the Holy Ghost. And instead of having a nervous feeling, I felt courage! And so bearing my testimony wasn’t so bad!”

Maintaining a Testimony

Come Follow Me for Individuals and Families Can you think of an object lesson to help your family understand what it means to keep a firm hold on the gospel truths “which we have heard”? You might illustrate this with an object that is hard to hold onto. How are our efforts to maintain our testimony like catching and holding this object? How can we make sure “the things which we have heard” do not “slip” away from us? (Hebrews 2 verse 1).

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Testimony: Stories

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Why We Need a Testimony

Friend October 2017 “Elder Perry, Chickens, and Me” Elder Perry slips and falls in the dark as he helps Bonnie feed the chickens. He teaches that everyone needs their own light.

What is a Testimony

Friend January 2019 “Testimony Plants” In Primary, the children were supposed to draw a plant that represented their testimony, but Elisa wasn’t sure what that meant or if she had a testimony. She learns that a testimony is the things she believes in like Heavenly Father and Jesus. She also learns that testimonies grow and need to be nourished.

Gaining a Testimony

Friend May 2020 “Conference Notes” Elder Tai told about a man who read the Book of Mormon Stories picture book to gain a testimony. The full Book of Mormon wasn’t in his language. So he carefully read each scripture story and looked at the pictures. He prayed and felt peace and joy. He knew it was true.

Friend January 1988 “Juliano’s Testimony” Juliano learns that even children can receive testimonies.

Friend April 2016  “Ethan’s Testimony”  Ethan wants a testimony. It seems like everyone has one except him. As he prays he realizes he does have one.

Friend April 2016

 Praying for a Testimony

Friend December 2015 Elder Christopherson learned that it isn’t necessary to pray in a special place (such as in the sacred grove)  in order to gain a testimony.

Friend December 2015
Friend December 2015

Bearing a Testimony

Friend September 1988 “The Best Gift” Adam’s primary teacher tells the class they will receive something special if they sincerely bear their testimony in sacrament. The other children think it’s a treat from the teacher, but Adam learns it is a witness from the Holy Ghost that the things he is saying are true.

Friend March 2020 “For Older Kids” “A couple of Sundays ago during sacrament meeting, it was time for people to go up and share their testimonies. Suddenly I got an urge to go up to the microphone and tell everyone my testimony. I was shaking, but I knew I could do it. No matter how scared you feel, you should try to share your testimony. It doesn’t have to be to the whole church. It can even be to one person!” Ruth G., age 10, Nebraska, USA

Sharing Testimony

Friend November 2019 “Jesus is Real” Everyone at Ismay’s table at school were excitedly talking about Christmas and their favorite traditions such as going to a church service. Suddenly Charlotte spoke up and said, “Jesus isn’t even real.” Ismay was sad to hear this and she quietly bore her testimony to Charlotte that Jesus was real, and that she felt it in her heart. She was glad she had spoken up and planted a seed about Jesus.

Friend August 2018 “A Shining Testimony” Christian children at a school in Sri Lanka were asked to share their testimony, but everyone was too afraid. Stefani felt the Holy Ghost telling her to go and do it. After she did, she felt like she had been a light and an example to the assembly.  (Link includes photos.)

Friend April 2018 “Jesus is Our Friend” At the doctor’s office Carson asks a lady to read him a book about Jesus. He tells her that Jesus is his friend and that Jesus loves them and if they follow Jesus they will be happy. 

Friend January 2019 “Something Special to Share” Diego wants to take something special to share for Show and Tell. He decides to take a picture of Jesus and tell them that Jesus loves everyone.

Friend February 2016 “Testimony Treasure” Sabrina learns that a testimony is a treasure you want to share with others.


Friend August 2015 – Elder Cook’s brother shares his testimony with him. After that he wanted his own witness from the Holy Ghost.

Friend October 2015 “My Golden Ribbon Dance” – Girl shares her testimony in a dance using church pictures and music

Friend June 2015 “Mia’s Testimony” Mia prays for a testimony but doesn’t feel any different Her father points out the times she has felt the Holy Ghost in her life witnessesing of the truth

.Friend June 2015

Strengthening a Testimony

Praying Strengthens Testimony

Friend May 1988 “The Testimony of a scientist” A scientist prays for a dying fish and his faith and testimony is strengthened when the fish recovers its health.

Friend January 2018 “Moroni and the Mechanic” When Elder Costa’s car breaks down while driving home with his family, his son, Moroni, says a prayer for the right person to come and help them. A mechanic with a tow truck stops and helps them. Moroni’s testimony is strengthened.

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