Primary 1 (Sunbeams): Lesson 1 Ideas

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Lesson 1

I Am a Child of God

Note: I’ve included the words from the manual that each of the below visual aids goes with.

We lived in Heaven: (Click on the below picture. Print the picture, or show it on an electronic device.) Explain that before we were born on earth we lived in heaven with Heavenly Father.

Friend April 2015

We were spirits there. A spirit is what is inside of us that makes us alive. When we were spirits, we didn’t have flesh and bones like our bodies have now, but we looked the same.

(Use these puppets to demonstrate what it means to be a spirit. See here for assembly instructions.) 

Show the first picture again and explain that Heavenly Father is the father of our spirits, and we are his spirit children

Sing: I Am a Child of God. Tell the children they are going to sing the song “I Am a Child of God.” Explain that God is another name for Heavenly Father. (I like the Red Headed Hostess visual aids for the first verse of this song, but it does cost money. Jolly Jen has a flip chart that would work too, or you could use the below visual s from the Nursery Manual. Also see for the music)

Who is a child of God?  Do the bean bag activity in the lesson. Print and cut out this activity. Show the pictures one at a time and ask the following:









Is a policeman a child of God?

Is a grandmother or grandfather

Is a bishop

Is a soldier

Is a mailman or missionaries

Is a mom or dad

Is someone who doesn’t go to our church

Is someone who lives in a different country or culture

Have the children take turns posting each picture under the title “Child of God.” The title can be written on the board or in a file folder or display board.  You can also bring up people they know such as a neighbor.

Help the children understand that everyone is a child of God even though we may be different in age, hair color, what we do, where we live, skin color, or the church we attend, we are all children of God.

We can be like Heavenly Father 

(Print and cut out these images pdf.) Use the following questions with the images. They could also be made into a matching game.









  • What is a baby dog called?
  • What will that puppy grow up to be?
  • What is a baby chicken called?
  • What will that chick grow up to be?


Explain that just as animals grow up to be like their parents, we will grow up to be like our parents.

Friend January 2017 “Kylie’s Parents” Kylie is like her earthly parents, and she is also like her Heavenly Parents. PDF version








Heavenly Father is the father of our spirits, so we can grow to be like him. Heavenly Father is loving, good, and kind. When we are loving, good, and kind, we are being like Heavenly Father.  We should try to become more like Heavenly Father every day.

Have children tell or act out ways they can be loving, good, or kind.


Review Game: I really like the Red Headed Hostess folder game as a review, but it does cost money.


Resources Used:

The images for the activity “Who is a Child of God?” are from the Friend magazine. Soldier 6/16, Bishop 1/16, etc.

The images for the animals are from Pixabay: Free Images




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My Heavenly Father Loves Me: Song

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My Heavenly Father Loves Me

(Children’s Songbook, pg. 228 )


  • Items needed: a half sheet of poster board, glue, scissors, drawing compass or ruler, and one brad.
  • Print the visual aid items and assemble the activity using the following steps:
  1. Cut out the earth pieces, and place the two pieces together, with the middle edges overlapping until the scenes on both side match in the middle. Glue the pieces together.
  2. Place the earth on the half sheet of poster board and trace around the outside edge. After removing the earth, find the middle point on the earth picture and on the poster board using a compass or a ruler. (Note: it must be the exact middle in order for this activity to work)
  3. Cut out the triangle pieces inside the blue lines. Place the blank triangle on the earth just left of the top middle, making sure the tip is at the center mark. Trace around the triangle with a pencil and then cut out the piece from the earth.
  4. Place each triangle on the poster board circle outline in the correct order (see above picture). They will overlap each other in order for them to all fit, but the points of all the triangles need to be circling the center mark. Once all the parts are situated, lightly glue down each piece. Place the earth on top of the circle and check to make sure that the opening on the earth shows each picture correctly as you turn it. Cut out the poster board circle, trimming off any parts of the triangles around the edges. Laminate both the earth and the poster board circle. (UPS stores have laminators. They also can enlarge the images and print them bigger if needed.) Cut off the excess laminating around the edges, but do not cut out the laminate on the cut out slice of the earth.)
  5. Place the earth on top of the circle cutout. With a thick needle, poke a hole through the center mark on both items leaving the needle in place. Turn the earth and make sure everything is lined up. If both circles are lined up, put the brad through both holes, opening up the arms in the back. Note: The visual aids were found on Microsoft Word clipart and in the Friend magazine. The idea for this visual aid was posted on Sugardoodle from “The Choristers Corner,” but it didn’t include printable images.
  6. Be prepared to attach the back circle to the board with strong magnets or sticky tack. If you plan on having  the children help with the wheel turning, a tab can be added to the front circle edge to help the younger children turn it. If this song idea is used for family home evening, sing the song with the children throughout the week to help the children remember it.


Remind the children that our Heavenly Father loves us, so he had Jesus make this beautiful world for us to live on. Explain that this song reminds us of many of the wonderful things we are blessed with on the earth.

Show the children the earth visual aid.

Senior primary:

Have the children listen for what word each pictures stands for as you sing the song for the children while turning the top circle on the earth visual aid. (See the underlined words below). Make sure the pictures are always at the top of the world. Sing the song again using the visual aid, and stop at each picture and have the children say the word. Sing the song again, two lines at a time, and have the children echo you. Then have them sing the whole song with you using the visual aids as clues.

After the children learn the song, you can use the actions to help remind them of the words instead of using the visual aid.


Whenever I hear the song of a bird

Or look at the blue, blue sky,

Whenever I feel the rain on my face

Or the wind as it rushes by,

Whenever I touch a velvet rose

Or walk by our lilac tree,

I’m glad that I live in this beautiful world

Heav’nly Father created for me.

Junior Primary

Sing a line while showing the visual aid. But before singing, tell the children to listen for the word each picture stands for. Sing that line again with the visual aid, but stop at the word and have the children say the word. Sing the line again in parts and have them echo you. Then have them sing the whole line with you. Do the same with the other lines. After they learn a new line, have the children sing it with previously learned lines.

After the children learn the song, you can use the following actions to help remind them of the words instead of using the visual aid.



Whenever I hear the song of a bird. (Cup hand around ear.)

Or look at the blue, blue sky, (Point at your eyes and then point at the sky.)

Whenever I feel the rain on my face (Stroke face, and then put hands up in front of you and wiggle your fingers as your hands move downward. )

Or the wind as it rushes by, (Wiggle your fingers as your hand move side to side.)

Whenever I touch a velvet rose. (Put finger out as if to touch something.)

Or walk by our lilac tree, (Make two fingers move as if walking.)

I’m glad that I live in this beautiful world. (Point to your smiling face, and then hold arms out with palms up.)

Heav’nly Father created for me.


Note: Accompaniment can be found at

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Song – The Lord Gave Me a Temple

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Song – The Lord Gave Me a Temple


  • Items needed: a flashlight, sticky tack, clear page protectors, a brown piece of cardstock, tape, magnets, and a yellow permanent marker or a piece of yellow paper.
  • Print the visual aid pictures. Place the boy figure on top of the spirit figure and hold it up to the light. Cut out around both figures so the cutouts match. Place the spirit figure on top of the brown piece of cardstock, trace, and then cut out the brown cardstock outline. Write the word “Sins” on the brown cutout.
  • Take one sheet of the page protectors and tape the boy figure to the right, bottom corner.  Cut the page protector in a rectangular shape around the boy figure to form a pocket. When done it should be sealed on the right and bottom, with an opening on the top and left side. (If you don’t have a page protector, use some other kind of clear plastic and tape together the right and bottom edges.)
  • Cut out another sheet of page protector 7 X 7½ inches. Place the boy figure under it, and using a yellow permanent marker (Sharpie) draw rays of light on the page protector around the boy figure.  If a yellow Sharpie is not available you can use a small sheet of yellow paper in place of the rays of light.
  • Cut out the temple outline around the rectangle and glue it to a heavy piece of paper.
  • Cut out around the outline of the mother and baby, the temple, the small sun, and the grave.  Cut off some of the bottom of the sun and tape it to the back of the gravestone. Attach a small magnet or piece of tape behind each figure (removable double-sided tape works great).
  • Print the first verse word pages.



Place the earth and heaven scenes on the board. Put the word pages in a row on top of the board as you discuss each one.

The Lord gave me a temple to live within on earth. Explain that this song isn’t talking about the temple buildings we normally think of when we hear the word temple. Ask the children what they think the song is talking about. (Our bodies) Show the picture of the boy and put it on the earth scene.

  • Why is the body considered to be a temple?  Remind the children that a temple is a place where the Spirit of God (the Holy Ghost) can dwell.  Read the scripture 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?”

Point to the words that say “to live within” and ask the children to explain what it means to live within your temple. (Your spirit lives within your body.) (Put the spirit figure into the clear pocket behind the boy figure.)

Once in Heaven I was spirit.  Take the spirit figure out of the body and put it on the page labeled heaven. Explain that we lived in heaven as spirits before we came to earth.

But I left my home at birth.  Take the spirit figure off the page labeled heaven, and put the picture of the mother and baby on the earth. Tell the children that when they were born, their spirit left heaven and entered into their body on earth.

I’ll make my temple brighter;   To make something brighter you would fill it with light. (Attach the top of the boy figure to the flashlight with sticky tack, and turn the flashlight on.)

  • What does the light represent? The light represents the gospel. Explain that just as light reveals things when turned on, through the gospel, truth is revealed. So in order to make our temples brighter we need to fill our lives with gospel truths, such as honesty, love, etc.

I’ll keep my spirit free.  

  • What should we keep our spirits free of? (Sin) Because sin would extinguish our desire for truth in our lives, and put out the light of the Holy Ghost within us, and bind us in darkness. (Show the dark brown cutout labeled sin and put it in front of the spirit figure. Insert the spirit and the cutout into the body to show how sin would extinguish the light from the body. Emphasize that we need to keep our spirits free from sin.)

My body is the temple my Father gave to me.  Place the boy figure on the outline of the temple, and discuss how we would treat a temple of God. We would keep it clean – uncontaminated from sin and dirt.

After discussing the song, have senior primary sing the song as you operate the visual aids. Then take off the first word page, and have a volunteer do the visual aids for that part as the primary sings the song again. (You will do the rest of the visual aids as they sing). After that take off the next two lines, and have another volunteer do that part of the visual aids. Sing the song again. Then take off the next two word pages and choose another volunteer to do the visuals for that part. By this time you will have three people helping with the visual aids. Be sure to situate them so everyone can see what they are doing.

For junior primary you may need to break the song down so they sing each part after discussing it. After you have discussed all the parts, do the above activity.


Preparation: Print the word and activity pages for the second verse. Cut out the yellow signs with their words. Put a small magnet behind each yellow sign.


(Place the earth and celestial glory scenes on the board. Place the word pages on the top of the board as you discuss each song line.)

If I keep my body clean and pure and habit free,  (Place the boy figure on the earth scene.)

  • How do we keep our bodies clean and pure, and habit free? By being careful about what we take into our bodies and minds. We need to be selective about what we listen to, read, and watch because some things can encourage unclean thoughts and actions. Some things that are taken into the body and mind can also become habit forming and addictive.
  • What does addiction mean? Addiction is an extremely strong craving for something that can become so powerful that satisfying it becomes a top priority, which can interfere with things we should be doing. (Place the happy and sad face signs on the board across from the boy figure. Show the yellow signs one at a time and discuss if the item would or would not lead us in the direction of keeping our bodies clean, pure, and habit free. Attach each sign in a row, heading from the boy to either the happy or sad face.)

I may in Father’s temple claim blessings promised me.   (Put the picture of the temple on the earth scene next to the boy figure.)

  • If we keep our bodies clean and pure we will be worthy to go to the temple and receive ordinances that are necessary for salvation. In the temple we can also be sealed to our families forever. (Write on the board these blessings, preferably near the temple picture.)

On resurrection morning, I’ll take my body bright. (Take off the boy figure and put the gravestone on the earth scene.)  Explain that when a person dies, their body and spirit become separated, but when they are resurrected their spirit and body come together, never to be separated again. (Put the spirit figure into the boy figure.) If we endure in righteousness to the end (meaning until death) we will be resurrected on the morning (meaning beginning) of the first resurrection. And if we are worthy to be resurrected on the morning of the first resurrection, we will receive a glorified celestial body. (Put the light rays (or yellow piece of paper) behind the boy figure.)

And in celestial glory forever live in light.  (Put the boy figure on the page marked celestial glory.) Remind the children that the celestial kingdom is compared to the glory of the sun. In celestial glory we will live forever filled with the light of truth, knowledge, happiness, love, and in the light of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Note: You may need to simplify the discussion and activity for the first line of this verse for Junior Primary. One idea would be to put all the yellow sign pictures on the board, and have the children take off the pictures of things that would not keep their bodies clean, pure and habit free. Read all the signs to the children first. After the activity, do a simplified discussion about addiction and about keeping our minds, actions, and words clean and pure.

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