Repentance: Songs

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Friend June 2016  “Repentance”  Song and Sing-Along video.

“I am sorry” is not always easy to say                                                              When I know I’ve been thoughtless and done something wrong.                   I’ll try to repent, to do better, to pray                                                                    That Heavenly Father will help me be strong.

Friend April 2019 “When I Return to Him” Sing-Along Video

Words and music by Sally DeFord

1. The Shepherd loves His little lambs,
And when they go astray,
He seeks them as they wander;
He calls each one by name.
They listen for the Shepherd’s voice;
They run to Him, and then
He welcomes them with loving arms
When they return to Him.

2. The Savior loves His little ones,
And if I leave His side,
He seeks me as I wander
By day or darkest night.
I’ll listen for the Savior’s call.
I’ll come to Him, and then
He’ll welcome me with loving arms
When I return to Him.

3. The Savior marks the path for me;
He shows me how to live.
And if I stray or wander,
I know He will forgive.
So I will heed the Savior’s voice;
I’ll turn away from sin,
And He will fill my heart with joy
When I return to Him.

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Jacob’s Encounter with Sherem

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Jacob 7:1–23


Teaching Children the Gospel “Jacob’s Encounter with Sherem”

Story Ideas

I can stand up for what I know is true.

Lesson Ideas

Friend February 2019 “What’s on Your Mind” Someone writes to the Friend and wants to know how to help make the bad things in life better. The Friend responds with an activity of some ways to stand for the right. Unscramble the words, then put them in the correct sentence to find ways to help.

See also the following: Stand for the Right: Stories & Stand for the Right: Lesson Ideas

Song Ideas

Invite the children to sing a song about choosing the right, such as “Dare to Do Right” or “Stand for the Right” (Children’s Songbook, 158, 159).

Divide them into groups, and invite them to create an inspirational banner or poster that represents something that they stand for or believe in.

Stand for the Right: Teaching Ideas

Teaching Children the Gospel “Song: Stand for the Right”

Teaching Children the Gospel “Review: Stand for the Right”

Additional Resources

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