Prayer: Lesson Ideas

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Handouts or Visual Aids

Friend November 2019 “Conference News” “Heavenly Father does hear every child’s prayer.”

Friend June 2019 “Pour out your heart to your Heavenly Father. Turn to Him for answers and for comfort.” —President Russell M. Nelson

Reasons for Praying

Ensign May 2017 “Trust in the Lord and Lean Not” Read the scripture Proverbs 3:5-6. Trust the Lord…and lean not unto thy own understanding. Demonstrate what happens when we lean–we move away from our center (Jesus Christ) and we may fall.

Friend May 2018 “How You Can Know What’s True” What do you do when you feel an urgent need to know or understand something?


How to Pray

Friend July 2018 “Arturo’s Family Prayer” Choose which picture shows respect and reverence for Heavenly Father during prayer.

Answers to Prayers

Friend August 2018 “I Can Always Pray” Start a Prayer Journal.

  • Write down what you’re worried about or need help with.

  • Talk to Heavenly Father about it in prayer.

  • After you pray, quietly listen for the Holy Ghost.

  • During the week, keep watching and listening for answers.

  • Write down the answers you get.

Ensign January 2017 “Unanswered Prayers”

Friend January 2017 “Will Heavenly Father Answer My Prayers” Heavenly Father will answer our prayers in the way that is best and we need to have faith and trust in Him. Also story about when Elder Oaks was seven his father died even though they had sincerely prayed. .

What Should a Prayer Include

Friend February 2017 “The Lord’s Prayer” Jesus taught his disciples to pray. This link includes an explanation for what the words in the Lord’s Prayer mean. It also includes an activity idea for making a mobile of the things that should be included in a prayer.

Friend August 1988 “Say It With Pictures” Which would you include in your prayer?

Friend August 1988

Friend August 1988

Gratitude for Blessings

Friend March 2018 Emphasize gratitude in your family prayers. Before praying, ask for ideas about what everyone is grateful for. You could even make that question a regular part of family prayer time!

When & Where to Pray

Can Pray Anywhere, Anytime

Pray Always

To help family members understand that we can “pray always,” you could make a list of circumstances in which we could pray (or draw pictures to represent them). Then your family could sing a song that teaches about prayer, such as “Did You Think to Pray?” (Hymns, no. 140), replacing some of the words in the song with the words from their lists. How does the Lord bless us when we pray always? (Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families: Book of Mormon 2020 )

Friend August 2018 “I Can Always Pray” Coloring Page and a Poem.

Friend October 2018 “Family Night Fun” Heavenly Father loves all of His children and hears and answers their prayers. He knows how to help all of His children. We can pray to Him anytime, anywhere!

Take turns reading these scriptures about prayer. Fold your arms when you hear the words pray or prayer.

Family Prayer

Friend July 2017 “For Parents of Little Ones” The importance of family prayer and ideas on how to make family prayers more meaningful.
Friend June 2016 Helping children have positive experiences with family prayer.

Teaching Little Ones to Pray

Friend March 2019 “For Parents of Little Ones”  Ways to help little ones learn to pray,

Review or Preview

Friend August 2018 “I Can Always Pray” Worksheet. Check all the answers that you agree with. Add answers of your own. Then share what you know about prayer

Blessings of Praying

Friend September 2016 “Heavenly Father Hears Your Prayers”  Heavenly Father has many blessings he wants to give us. Prayers unlock the treasure chest of blessings.

Friend September 2016

Friend September 2016

Friend July 2015
The Godhead and prayer

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Talents: Stories

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Finding Your Talents

Look for What You Can Do

Friend September 2018 “My Talents” Action rhyme of things little ones find that they can do.

Friend March 2017 “I Want to Play the Flute” Jacob wants to play the flute in the school band, but everyone tries to get him to do something else. He prays about what to do.

Friend March 1985 “First Pick” – A boy’s brother isn’t good at baseball but he is good at baseball strategy and managing.

Friend January 2016 “Behind the Scenes” Tessa wishes she could sing and dance so she could get a part in the play, but she discovers she has other wonderful talents.

Friend January 2016

Developing Talents

Friend June 2020 “My Cooking Goal” Fernanda wanted to get better at cooking so she set a goal in her Children’s Guidebook to cook with her dad. Now she loves cooking. She knows Heavenly Father helped her with her goal because He wants her to grow her talents. (photos included in this true story)

Friend March 2018 “The Write Choice” Justina had a hard time with reading and writing in school, but her teacher told her, “You can’t always choose what you’re good at. But you can always choose how hard you try.” Justina started putting more effort into trying, and reading and writing became easier and easier. Eventually she became good enough to become a writer.

Friend September 2017 “A Painting of Christ” Tesla makes a goal to make a painting of Christ for developing talents in her Faith in God booklet. She also decides to give it to her Catholic friend for her first  communion.

Friend January 2020 “A Little Better Every Day” When Sister Joy D. Jones (Primary general president) was young she played the violin. She wanted it to sound pretty, but it squeaked. If she practiced, it sounded better. She made goals to practice a little each day. She encourages children to set goals  to learn a little more each day. She says, “Don’t give up. Jesus will help you.”

Friend July 2020 “Prayers and Planes”
Vern prayed every night for a model plane, but it never arrived. He decided to build one himself from an old wood box he found. He realized later that his prayer had been answered, just not the way he expected. Heavenly Father helped him figure out how to build his own. When he grew up, he fixed and flew planes for a living.

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Sharing Talents

Friend June 2018 “A Baptism Song” Elizabeth and her sister sang at a baptism which helped those attending to feel the Spirit.

Using Talents to Help Others

Friend October 2018 “The Talents Team”  Short story about Kennedy who won a tv cooking competition and used her talent to teach others and host a fundraiser. Photos included.

Friend October 2018 “Show and Tell” “Before I started kindergarten, I made a goal to learn how to tie my shoes. I practiced every day. Whenever I notice a classmate with untied laces, I offer to help them. I am thankful that I can use my talents to help my friends, like Jesus did. Creighton D., age 5, Indiana, USA”

Friend September 2015 “When I Grow Up…” Artist, Rose Datoc Dall, uses her art talent to share her testimony and inspire others.  November 2015– Man uses science talents to help others

 Serving the Lord with our Talents

Friend March 2016 “A True pearl” Jetta must go away from home to learn the piano, but when she returns she uses her talent to serve.


Afraid to Share Talents

Friend May 2016 “The Great Fiddling Duo” Lisa is afraid she will mess up in the talent show, so she finds a way to help herself not feel so nervous.

Developing Talents Takes Sacrifice, Practice, and Time

Friend January 2017 “Matt and Mandy” Mandy’s friend wants to be an architect when she grows up, but she isn’t good at math. Her dad told her to keep practicing and eventually she will get good at it.

Friend July 2015- Parable of the Talents - includes lesson ideas
Friend July 2015– Parable of the Talents – includes lesson ideas


Friend February 2016 “Savannah the Engineer” Savannah needs to decide whether to sacrifice her time and join an after school science team.


Friend April 1986 “Jill the Jump Rope Genius” Jill can’t jump rope, but she practices and is able to jump in her school field day contest.


Friend January 2016 “Matt & Mandy” Matt learns that things that are hard to do can easier and fun with practice.

Hidden Talents

Friend March 1988 “Invisible Trophy” Susan has talents for loving others and for doing things without being told.

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Tithing #1

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 Pay Tithing with a Grateful Heart – Game and Activity


Print one copy of the blessing cards found in the November 2008 Friend.  Glue the cards onto heavier paper so that the images can’t be seen through the cards when playing the game. Cut out each card.   

Print the purse, envelope and the page entitled “Our Blessings from Heavenly Father”.  Cut out the purse and envelope. Cut out the front windows of each, and cut out the handle opening on the purse. Tape a piece of clear plastic (a piece of a Ziploc baggie or page protector) over the window on the inside of the purse and envelope. To form the envelope and purse, fold each on the lines and glue the two side tabs to the inside fold.

Items needed: ten dimes or pennies, Doctrine and Covenant scriptures, a pen or a marker


Place the cards facedown. Have the family take turns flipping over two cards trying to make a match. When someone makes a match, have them tell why they are thankful for that blessing. Have them write that blessing, and an additional blessing they are grateful for (not duplicating any previous ones), on the paper entitled “Our Blessings from Heavenly Father”. When the game is over, point out all the wonderful blessings Heavenly Father has given us.


Read D&C 104:14-15    According to this scripture, who created the earth and who does everything belong to? (The Lord)  Everything we have is His, but He has created it and provided it for us to use.

The Lord asks (commands) that we give 10% of the income that He provides to help strengthen and build His church on the earth. This 10% is called tithing. This is a small amount compared to all the many things the Lord has given us.

(Hold out the ten dimes (or pennies) in your hand). Ask the family, “If we are to give 10%, which is one of every ten, how much would we owe the Lord if we had ten dimes.”  Put one dime in the envelope that says “For the Lord”. Put the rest in the container that says “For Us”.  Ten percent is a small amount compared to all he has given us (Indicate the blessing chart and the other 90% of the money).  We should give 10% with gratitude in our hearts.

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