Service: Lesson Ideas

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How Can We Help

Friend January 2018 “Family Night Fun” Hide slips of paper with difficulties someone may be enduring written on them. When someone finds a paper, have them say how they would help that person.

Never too Young to Serve

Friend November 2017 Sarah helps her little sister when her mom is sick.

Friend November 2017







Friend August 2016 “For Parents of Little Ones” Letting children help when they ask to help teaches them to serve others.

Friend March 2016 Ideas on what to talk about when visiting patients at hospitals or nursing homes.

“Cheer up a Friend” – Ideas of things to make and do for a friend who is sick. Friend February 1984

Friend January 2016 - Our Father lifts us and we can lift and help others.

Friend January 2016 – Our Father lifts us and we can lift and help others.

Friend May 2016  Ideas on how to help family member who is grieving the loss of a loved one

Service Ideas

Friend February 2018 “Show and Tell” I like to serve the sisters in our ward by playing with their children. I love the happy feeling I get from serving! Masha K., age 11, Central Federal District, Russia

Friend January 2018 “Show and Tell” (Click on link to show pictures of the following children.)

We made a paper kindness garden and put a flower or bug sticker on it every time we served or were kind to others. At Christmas, we sent it as a gift to our grandparents who live very far away. Adding stickers reminded us how much we love them! Deltree and Calan A., ages 10 and 8, Victoria, Australia

I fasted for my brother-in-law so he could get a good job. A week later, he got a job! Caden J., age 8, Ohio, USA

At school, I help a friend understand the assignments. Serving my friend helps me feel the love of my Heavenly Father. Allison M., age 9, Santa Ana, El Salvador

I like to play soccer with younger kids and teach them new skills. It is one way I like to serve! Sasha K., age 11, Moscow, Russia

Secret Service

Print the following secret service slips and put them in a jar. Have the children draw one out a day or week to do.

Friend February 2017

Service: Activities & Games

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Service Games &Activities –

Friend July 2017 “Prayers and Butterflies: Helping Others” Look for people who are helping others feel better in the hospital. How can you help someone feel better when they are sick or sad?





Friend June 2017 “Family Night Fun” Make a candy poster for someone


Friend April 2015

Friend April 2015

Friend March 1982

Friend March 1982












Friend August 2017  Secret Service: Write a nice note for a friend or family member and leave it where they’ll see it.

Friend May 2017 “Miles of Smiles” A smile can help someone who may be having a bad day. Complete the smile by drawing the rest of the face.





Friend Jan 2015 “You Are the Savior’s Hands” – Story and activity idea. A family could make a goal to do a specific amount of helping hands in a certain amount of time, maybe for a special event.



Friend Dec 2014 – Activity with scriptures about service on links







Friend Feb 2015











Service Projects

Friend June 2016 President Monson wrote letters to military members of his ward. We can write to someone too.


Friend March 2016 How to make easy fleece blankets and also a sunshine cookie card.