Choose the Right: Review

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Choose the Right – Review


    •  Print the review cards onto card stock. Cut each card out, and glue or tape a large Popsicle stick to the back of each card.  Note: I didn’t save the original file when I made these cards, so the new file is a little different than the pictured items.
    • You  may want to review the cards with the children before using them. Explain that red heads can be included when the blond hair card is shown, and black hair can be included when the brown hair card is shown. Also, green eyes can be included when the blue eyes card is shown.
To add some variety to learning and reviewing the song “Choose the Right”, I added an idea from Monica Hudson on Sugardoodle to the game board activity. I used the “Choose the Right” game board as the visual aid, but instead of playing the game while they sang the song, I had senior primary move one seat to the right every time they sang the word “right”. When they came to the end of the row they went around to the start of the row behind them, or if they were in the last row they went to the start of the first row. For junior primary I had them turn in a circle one time to the right.

The following week after doing the above activity, I added some more variety by using the review cards. Only those people who matched what was on the card was supposed to find the next available seat to the right in senior primary, or turn to the right in junior primary.  This additional idea was also by Monica Hudson. Thank you Monica!!

To help motivate the children to sing well during the activity, invite children who sing their best to help with the cards.

Note: Make sure you have the teachers and children clear the seating aisles of all bags and items before doing this activity.  Also make sure to tell the children to keep their legs tucked in and out of the way when other children are moving past them so nobody trips.


Review – The Lord Gave Me a Temple

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Review – The Lord Gave Me a Temple – Giant Game Board


  • Print another set of the following pictures from the original post for how to teach this song: heaven, earth, and celestial glory scenes. Print the larger version of the boy figures, and cut out each one (the words are to use as a visual aid for the song line “claim blessings promised me”).
  • Items needed: 24 papers, tape, sticky tack, the word pages for both verses (from the original set of visual aids).


Make a giant game board on the walls of the Primary room by starting with the heaven scene and then taping twelve papers in a horizontal row next to it. Put the earth scene at the end of the twelve papers, and then put another twelve papers in a row past the earth scene. Put the celestial glory scene as the finish.  Put sticky tack on the back of the spirit figure of the boy and put him on the heaven scene. The boy figure is the game piece, and the papers are the game spaces.

Divide the Primary into six groups, and give each group a visual aid item (from the original group of visual aids). Each visual aid should represent one line of the first verse. Give the children a few moments to think about what line their item represents and to figure out what the words are for that line.  Have the pianist play the song to help remind them.

Put the word pages on the board in order, but have them flipped over (you may also need to put cardstock over them so the kids can’t see the words through the paper). Have the group who thinks they have the first line of the verse come up and say the line. Have them check to see if they are correct by turning over the first word page. If they said all the words correctly they get to move the spirit figure three spots on the game board. If they got only one word wrong in the line, they get to move two spots. If they got more than two words wrong they still get to move one spot. Continue in this manner, having the children making matches in order and moving the game figure on the game board.

When a group gets the spirit figure to the earth scene, they get to trade the spirit body for the mortal body figure. After all the lines and visual aids have been matched for the first verse, have them sing the verse. Take off the word pages and sing it again.

Give each group a visual aid from the second verse and do the same activity. The object of the game is to get to the page marked celestial glory. If they move an average of two spots a turn, they will make it. If they don’t make it, you may want to consider doing the game again the following week and see if they do any better.

If the children make it to the celestial glory page before all the lines are matched, continue making the matches until finished. Give the final groups the option to help lead the music if they get all their words correct (use a two beat pattern). After all the matches have been made, sing the second verse.  Then sing both verses.

I Love to See the Temple Review

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I Love to See the Temple – Review


  • Copy the desired amounts of each of the review word pages (see presentation for more info on amounts needed.)  Cut apart the small word strips and put each set in a baggie. Cut the page with the song title on it in half.  Cut out the large word boxes and be prepared to put them on the chalk board with magnets or tape.


Senior  Primary
Put the temple visual aid on the board with all the windows open (include boy and stepping stones). Have the children sing both verses of the song. Watch to see what parts they are having troubles with. Review those parts and then close the windows. Give each child (or have them work in pairs or groups) a baggie full of words and the half sheet of paper. Give them three minutes to put the lines in the correct order on their paper. Have available some glue sticks for those that finish early.  Have them lightly glue their word strips on their paper. (For those that don’t have the time to glue their word strips, they can take them home in their baggie and glue them at home if they desire.) When the time is up, post each of the large word boxes next to their matching visual aid on the temple, going in order. (Reopen the windows as you go.)

Junior Primary

Put the temple visual aid on the board with the windows open (include the boy and stepping stones). Attach the big word boxes to a seperate board in mixed up order (do only one verse at a time). Have a child choose one of the word boxes. Read it out loud for all the non-readers, and then have them put it next to its matching visual aid. Or… point to the visual aids in order, read the line choices to the children, and choose a volunteer to find its matching line.