Review of “If I Listen With My Heart”

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  Review of “If I Listen With My Heart”

Senior Primary Review of the Third Verse

I printed off the two pages of the words to the third verse onto light weight paper. (You can find the words in last week’s posting.) I put a piece of light weight blue paper over the top of each page. I used double sided tape at certain points near the words so the two papers would stick together well. I pinned the two pieces of paper onto a lamp shade. When the lamp is on, the children will be able to see the words to the third verse. Tell the children that this activity is to help remind them that the light of the Holy Ghost shows and tells us the things we need to know.

Have a volunteer turn the lamp on and off (not too fast) while the children sing the song. Watch to see if the children can sing the verse when the lamp is on or off. If they have problems with any area, review the pictures and words from last week’s lesson for that part. After that, choose another volunteer to turn the lamp on and off while the children sing the verse again. Continue in this manner until you think they have the words completely memorized.

Senior and Junior Primary Review of all the Verses.

Print the lines from the verses.  Cut them out and put sticky back hook velcro on the back of each one. Put them each into an envelope.  You will need a headband. See if the hook velcro will stick to your headband. If it won’t stick, sew a piece of pad velcro on it.

Choose a volunteer who thinks they know the words to every verse. Have the volunteer put the headband around the top of their head. Have the volunteer then choose an envelope. Put the card that is in that envelope onto their headband (on their forehead) without the volunteer seeing what it is. (For junior Primary, send the volunteer outside the room while you tell the children what the words are that are on the card.)  See if the children know what verse the words are from. Tell the children they are going to sing that verse; they are to sing all the words, except for the words that are on the card. The person who has the card stuck to their head is supposed to listen, and think of the words that the children don’t sing, and then tell what words are on the card.

You could also use a headband that has a light on it for this activity. The words would have to be printed onto light weight paper. Tape it to the light and turn on the light.

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