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Fathers Support Their Children

Friend July 2018 “Race Day with Dad” When Elder Natriss was a child he wanted to build a derby car. His father helped him. Then he took his car to a derby race. His car wasn’t fancy like the other cars and people were laughing, but he was okay because his dad was with him. He won all the races and got second place.

We can also have confidence in our righteous choices, even though they may not be popular, because our Heavenly Father is with us.



Fathers Help Their Children

Friend June 2019 “Guess Who?” Action Rhyme of guessing who the person is.



Friend June 2017 “Running with Dad” TJ is sad and lonely after moving, but he feels better after he and his dad  start preparing to run a marathon together.


Fathers Teach Their Children

The Price of Shaving Cream – A father teaches his son honesty and consequences of stealing. Friend June 1984


Friend June 2018 “An Unbeatable Team” Tyrell was excited to watch his father play church basketball, but when they got there his father noticed no one had cleaned the building, so he and Tyrell cleaned. 

Through Example

Friend June 2017 “Why are Fathers so Important?” Elder Christopherson’s father set an example of honesty and service and Elder Christopherson wanted to be just like his father.



Friend June 1986 “For Little Friends: Daddy’s Shoes” Poem about boy who fills his daddy’s shoes when he helps his mother. He also observes the things his father does in his shoes.

Friend June 1986 Poem

Father’s Love

Friend June 1988 “My Dad’s Shoes” Annie has to give a talk about her father. Her father isn’t a member of the church, but he shows love for others and his family, and that is what Annie talks about.







Kim’s Father – Kim’s father wasn’t raised to show affection and love, but he feels it. Friend June 1986

Father’s Blessings

Friend February 2016 “You are Special” Emma gets a father’s blessing.




Fathers Need to Make Time for their Children

Friend June 2020 “Swimming Like a Seahorse” Robin passed off his seahorse swimming badge and wanted to show his father what he could do. His father promised he would go swimming with Robin, but he never seemed to have time. One morning as he was praying, Robin asked Heavenly Father to give his dad some extra time so they could go to the pool. After Robin’s prayer, his dad came in and said they should go to the pool. His dad said that he felt the Holy Ghost reminding him that he needed to make time for his son.


Friend June 2020 ” The Strongest Person She Knew” Olivia had to write a paper about the strongest person she knew.. Her stepfather lifted weights and ran so she decides to write about him. Then, Olivia started noticing all the things her stepfather did for the family and realized that there were many ways to be strong, like doing hard things.

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Fathers: Song

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Fathers – pg 209

Father’s Day


  • Print the song pages, ties, and word strips. Cut out the ties, small pictures, word strips, and word boxes. Attach one set of the words to the front of the ties, one per tie.
  • Put the word strips in a sentence strip holder.  (A sentence strip holder can be made out of poster board, strips of page protector plastic, and clear tape.) Put the second set of words in the sentence strip holder – in their correct spots but turned around.



Post the first song page on the board – “The father of our home leads our family.”

  • Why does the father lead the family?  Discuss why a leader is needed in a family. An example that could be used is the rare two-headed snake. When a two-headed snake is confronted with danger in the wild, each head wants to go in a different direction. What happens when two heads want to go in different directions? (The body doesn’t go anywhere, which is why two-headed snakes are usually only found in zoos and rarely seen in the wild.) Explain that a mother and a father are equal partners, and they work together for the benefit of the family, but sometimes there are differences of opinion on what directions to go. As the divinely appointed leader of the family and priesthood holder, a father can be given the revelation, guidance, and tools needed to unite and lead the family in the direction the Lord wants them to go.


Post the next part of the song- “with wisdom’s light, in all that’s right.” Point out the owl in the picture, and explain that it represents the word “wisdom”. Ask if the children have ever heard the expression “a wise old owl”. Explain that because of the ability of an owl to see in the dark, owls have come to represent manifestations of wisdom. Also point out the moon in the picture, and ask the children if they ever been out at night when there is a full moon. The light from a bright, full moon can help you see where to go when it is dark. Just like an owl and the moon are useful in the dark, a father who is following the wisdom, light, and direction of the Lord can help his family see the right (CTR) ways to go in a dark world full of Satan’s temptations.

Post on the board the next line – “My father’s good to me.”  Point out the child a getting a ride on his father’s shoulders. Ask the children to think about all the good and helpful things their father does for them. Invite the children to share some of them.

Post the next line on the board – “Fathers are so special. With a very special love.” Fathers have very special rolls in the family that are vitally important and needed. The next few lines tells about some of these rolls.

Post the next line on the board – “They watch us and protect us.”  Point out that the father  in the picture is watching his child so he doesn’t get hurt as he learns to ride a bike. Fathers do their best to take care of and protect their wives and children.

Post the next line on the board – “They guide us and direct us.” Explain that the words guide and direct have very similar meanings. They both mean to help show us the right ways to go and the right things to do.

Post the last line in the song  -“Back to our home above.”  Explain that the last line of the verse says that a righteous father can help guide us back to our home with Heavenly Father.

Have senior primary sing the song. (In junior primary have them sing after every couple of pages you post.)

Memorizing the Verse

Show the children the word strips. Now explain to the children that you are going to test to them  to see if  they can remember certain words. Show the ties with words on them and explain that their job is to put the tie in the place they think it belongs, and then turn over the word in the slot and see if they are right. (Go in order with the junior primary. Read the lines to them and their choices. Do half of the song at a time. You can post the pictures near each word strip to help junior primary remember the words.)

After all the matches have been made, turn over two to three word strips, but leave the tie words as a clue to the sentence.  Have the children sing the song. Continue in this manner until all the word strips are covered up and the children have the song memorized.



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