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 Premortal Life

Friend January 2017 “Jesus Loves Me” Jesus was chosen in the premortal life to be our Savior. On earth he taught us the right way to live and he atoned for our sins because he loves us.









Friend January 2019 “Jesus Learned and Grew”

Friend February 2017 “When Jesus was a Child” Jesus found teaching in the temple as a child.


Friend March 2017 “Jesus Was Baptized”









Friend January 2015 “Jesus Was Baptized”  Scripture story and explanation of words.

Friend Jan 2015

Jesus Calls His Disciples

Friend November 2017 “I Want to Follow Jesus”

Jesus Parables and Teachings

Friend May 2017 “Jesus Taught About Heavenly Father’s Love” Jesus teaches about the lost coin, the lost sheep, and the prodigal son.









Friend August 2017 “Jesus Forgives” Jesus teaches Peter to forgive. Jesus forgave sins, and he forgave his crucifiers.


Jesus Healed the Sick and Raised the Dead

Friend June 2017 “Jesus Healed People” Story of Jarius’s daughter being raised from the dead, and the story of the women with an issue of blood being healed when she touches the hem of Jesus’s robe.

Feeding the Multitude

Friend July 2017 “Jesus Fed Many People”

Jesus Blesses the Children

Friend September 2017 “Jesus is Kind” Jesus blesses the children.

Jesus Christ: Clipart

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Jesus Christ

Remembering Jesus Christ


Jesus Childhood

Friend Jan 2015

Friend Jan 2015

Jesus Baptism

Friend Feb 2015

Friend Feb 2015

Calling the Apostles

Jesus Teaches

Jesus’ Miracles

Jesus Heals

Friend April 2015

Friend April 2015 Lesson Ideas

Jesus with Children

Friend July 2015

Friend July 2015

Friend April 2015

Friend April 2015


Last Supper

Garden of Gethsemene

Crucification and Resurrection

Friend June 1984

Friend June 1984

Second Coming

Life of Jesus

Friend April 1982

Friend April 1982