3 Nephi 20-26

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Book of Mormon Stories “Chapter 46: Jesus Christ Teaches and Prays with the Nephites” Images and Video (Start video at the first image below.)

Book of Mormon Stories for Young Readers “Faithful People Followed Jesus”

I can pray in my heart.

3 Nephi 20:1

Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020 “3 Nephi 20–26: “Ye Are the Children of the Covenant”

  • Ask the children to show you what they do when they pray. What do they do with their arms? their heads? their eyes? Explain that sometimes we want to talk to Heavenly Father, but we can’t kneel or close our eyes. What can we do? Read to the children from 3 Nephi 20:1: “[Jesus] commanded them that they should not cease to pray in their hearts.” Tell the children how you pray in your heart.
  • Draw a mouth and a heart on the board. Ask the children to point to the mouth and tell you some things they say when they pray. Then ask them to point to the heart, and explain that we can say those same things in our hearts. Testify that Heavenly Father knows our feelings and thoughts.

To help family members understand that we can “pray always,” you could make a list of circumstances in which we could pray (or draw pictures to represent them). Then your family could sing a song that teaches about prayer, such as “Did You Think to Pray?” (Hymns, no. 140), replacing some of the words in the song with the words from their lists. How does the Lord bless us when we pray always? (Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families: Book of Mormon 2020 )

Paying tithing brings blessings.

3 Nephi 24:8–12

Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020 “3 Nephi 20–26: “Ye Are the Children of the Covenant”

Friend September 2017 “Blessings of Tithing” To discover the special promise Heavenly Father made to those who pay tithing, answer the questions and then use those answers to solve the code.

Paying tithing helps build God’s kingdom (3 Nephi 24:8–12).

Color the pictures, then cut out the circle and the spinner. Attach the spinner to the center of the circle, and rotate it to see some ways your tithing helps the Lord’s work.

Friend October 2020 “Come, Follow Me for Little Ones” Read 3 Nephi 24:10 together and help your little ones say, “Our family is blessed when we pay tithing.” Show your children 10 coins or pieces of paper money. Help them count to 10, and then practice setting aside one of the coins or bills. You could also help them recognize what a tithing slip looks like. This would be a great time to share a testimony of how paying tithing has blessed your family.

More ideas for what tithing is used for can be found here

Heavenly Father wants me to learn about my ancestors.

3 Nephi 25:5–6

Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020 “3 Nephi 20–26: “Ye Are the Children of the Covenant”

Tell the children that 3 Nephi 25:5–6 contains a prophecy about an event that would happen in the latter days. Invite them to read these verses to find out what it was. Testify that this prophecy has been fulfilled, and invite the children to read about it in Doctrine and Covenants 110:13–16(see also Gospel Art Book, no. 95). Explain that when we learn about our ancestors and do temple work for them, our hearts are turning to our fathers.

More Family History Ideas Here

I can search the scriptures diligently.

3 Nephi 23:1, 5

Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families: Book of Mormon 2020 ” 3 Nephi 20–26: Ye Are the Children of the Covenant”

3 Nephi 23:6–13

If the Savior were to examine the records our family has kept, what questions might He ask us? Are there any important events or spiritual experiences that we should record? Now might be a good time to create or add to a family record and counsel together about what to include. Younger family members might enjoy decorating your record with photographs or drawings. Why is it important to record our family’s spiritual experiences?

More Scripture Study Ideas Here

Gathering Israel

Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families: Book of Mormon 2020 ” 3 Nephi 20–26: Ye Are the Children of the Covenant”

3 Nephi 22:2

After reading this verse, maybe you could make a homemade tent and talk about how the Church is like a tent in a wilderness. What might it mean to “lengthen [its] cords” and “strengthen [its] stakes”? How do we invite others to find “shelter” in the Church? (see the video “Welcome”onComeuntoChrist.org)

Ensign October 2020 “Family Study Fun” Paper Name Gathering Game

We “gather Israel” when we help other people learn about the gospel. Jesus taught about this gathering in 3 Nephi 20–22.

  1. Give each person a piece of paper and ask them to write down any name that comes to mind.
  2. Everyone should close their eyes while one person hides the papers.
  3. Read 3 Nephi 20:18 and 39–40 out loud. How can you help other people learn about Jesus?
  4. While listening to a song about Jesus, invite everyone to help find the names and put them by a picture of the Savior.

Discussion: How does it make you feel to know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know each person by name?

More Missionary Ideas Here

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Tithing: Activities & Games

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Blessings of Paying Tithing

Friend September 2017 “Blessings of Tithing” To discover the special promise Heavenly Father made to those who pay tithing, answer the questions and then use those answers to solve the code.

Tithing is Ten Percent

Friend October 2020 “Funstuff: Tithing Time”Count the coins. For every 10 that you count, color one.

Friend April 2018 “Tithing from Around the World” Paying tithing on coins from around the world.

Friend September 2017 “Blessings of Tithing” Paying tithing means giving 10 percent of what we earn to the Lord. Move the decimal one spot to the left to find out how much these kids would pay for tithing.

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Alma 32-35

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If I am humble, the Lord can teach me.

Alma 32:1–13, 27–28 Alma 31:8–35

Ask the children what they remember learning last week about the Zoramites (see Alma 31:8–24). Remind them that one reason Alma was worried about them was their pride (see Alma 31:24–28).

Definition of Pride: A inflated, high opinion of one’s own importance, merit, or superiority.

The Zoramites were trying to elevate themselves above others and declare that they were better than everyone else.

In what ways might people think they are better than others and become lifted up in pride? Answers might include the following: people may think they are better than others because of how smart,  pretty or handsome, athletic, wealthy, or talented they are. (Have the children build with blocks or draw a part of the Rameumptom tower on the board as each answer is given.)

Ask the children how they would feel if they were being made fun of for not being as smart, good looking, athletic, talented, or rich as someone else.

Read together Alma 32:1–5, and ask the children to summarize what had happened to the Zoramites who were poor. Then invite the children to read verses 12–13 to find out why Alma felt that being cast out of their synagogues (or churches) was a good thing for these Zoramites. (Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020 “Alma 32-35”)

What is humility? A modest opinion of one’s own importance, rank, etc.  Guide to the Scriptures: The condition of being meek and teachable. Humility includes recognizing our dependence upon God and desiring to submit to His will.

What are some of the blessings that come from being humble? Teachable, turn heart to the Lord, etc.

Display a hard, solid object (like a stone) to represent a hard or prideful heart and something soft (like soil) to represent a soft or humble heart. Let the children feel both objects. Then show the children a seed to represent the word of God. Invite them to try to push the seed into the hard object and the soft object. Read together Alma 32:27–28, and talk about what it might mean to “give place” (verse 27) for the word of God in our hearts. (Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020 “Alma 32-35”)

How can we humble ourselves so we are not lifted up in pride? (Have the children take off or erase a level of the Rameumpton tower for every answer they give.) Answers may include the following: by remembering that our gifts, talents, and abilities come from the Lord, by praying for humility, by looking for the good in others, by building love for others by praying for them and serving  them.

The following video about pride and humility is from Latterdaykids.com.

My testimony of Jesus Christ grows as I nourish it.

Show the children the soft dirt and ask what we need to do to help the seed grow?

Book of Mormon Stories “Alma Teaches about Faith and the Word of God” Video and Images


Lesson 22: Alma Teaches Faith

Visual Aids

Friend January 2019 “Testimony Plants” In Primary, the children were supposed to draw a plant that represented their testimony, but Elisa wasn’t sure what that meant or if she had a testimony. She learns that a testimony is the things she believes in like Heavenly Father and Jesus. She also learns that testimonies grow and need to be nourished.

Friend July 2020 “Come Follow Me for Little Ones” Read Alma 32:41 together and help your little ones say, “My faith grows when I do good things.” Help your children learn about seeds and plants by picking seeds out of a piece of fruit or caring for a houseplant. Explain that our testimonies grow little by little, like a seed grows into a plant.

Activity Ideas

As you read Alma 32:26–43 together, stop occasionally and invite the children to draw a picture of the seed or plant being described—for example, a seed and a seedling (verse 28), a growing plant (verse 30), and a mature plant bearing fruit (verse 37). Encourage them to label their pictures with references from Alma 32. How is nourishing a seed like nourishing our testimonies of Jesus Christ? How do we nourish our testimonies? Invite the children to silently think about how their testimonies are growing and what they will do to nourish them. (Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020 “Alma 32-35”)

If possible, give each of the children seeds to take home and plant to remind them to help their testimonies of Jesus Christ to grow.

Show pictures of a plant in various stages of growth, and ask the children to help you put the pictures in the correct order (see the pictures in this week’s activity page). Explain that as we live the gospel, our testimony grows—it starts small like a seed but can become big like a tree. (Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020 “Alma 32-35”)

Draw a tree on the board, and let the children add a leaf or a fruit every time they think of something they can do to help their faith in Jesus Christ grow. Invite them to do simple actions to represent the things they thought of. (Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020 “Alma 32-35”)

Friend July 2020 “My Family Night Fun”

  • Sing “Faith” (Children’s Songbook, 96–97).
  • The prophet Alma taught us that faith grows like a seed (see Alma 32:28–30). Faith starts small, but as we work to help it grow, it can become strong!
  • Color the pages for the booklet on page 24 with your family. How can you help your faith grow?

Friend January 2019 “Seeds of Faith” 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2F58ED26-AAB6-4671-951A-537C4D13C82F-1024x812.jpeg

Friend July 2018 Coloring page: Faith is like a seed. When planted it will grow.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 6808308D-CB49-4216-A7EC-432A893D1E4C-774x1024.jpeg

Scripture Stories Coloring Book—Book of Mormon “Alma Compared the Word to a Seed”

Song Ideas

Friend January 2019 “Faith” The song “Faith,” simplified for beginning pianists. Also, Sing-along video.

Heavenly Father hears me when I pray.

Alma 33:2–1134:17–27

(Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020 “Alma 32-35”)

  • Read phrases you have selected from Alma 33:4–11 that describe places we can pray, and help the children think of places they can pray. Then invite them to draw pictures of themselves praying in those places. Testify that they can pray anywhere, even if they are praying silently.
  • Select phrases from Alma 34:17–27 that describe things we can pray about, and read them to the children. Help them think of things they can say to Heavenly Father when they pray, and invite them to draw pictures of these things. Testify that they can talk to Heavenly Father about anything they are thinking or feeling. Share an experience in which Heavenly Father heard your prayers.

Sing a song that teaches the children about prayer, such as “A Child’s Prayer” or “We Bow Our Heads” (Children’s Songbook, 12–13, 25). Help them notice what the song teaches about prayer.

Primary 4: Book of Mormon “Lesson 21: The Zoramites and the Rameumptom,” Write the following scripture references on the chalkboard. Ask the children to match the verses that describe the Zoramites’ erroneous beliefs with the verses that contain the correct teachings of Alma and Amulek:

Alma 31:16 (The Zoramites believed there would be no Christ.)
Alma 31:20–23 (All the Zoramites gave the same prayer and then never worshiped again all week.)
Alma 31:24 (The Zoramites’ hearts were set upon riches.)
Alma 34:8 (Amulek testified of Christ.)
Alma 34:19–27 (Amulek taught that we should pray always and about everything.)
Alma 34:28–29 (Amulek taught that we should give of our riches to the poor.)

Additional Prayer Ideas

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Pioneer: Activities & Games

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Modern Day Pioneers

Friend July 2020 “Following the Pioneers” Anyone who leads the way to help make life better for others is a pioneer. Activity: As you pass through each circle in the maze, read the ways you can be a pioneer!

Friend July 2019 “Funstuff: Modern Pioneers” Put the pictures in order of a modern pioneer family joining the Church in Nigeria.

Pioneer Journey

Friend 1982 – 1 of 2
Friend  1982 – 2 of 2

Friend July 1985

Friend July 1985

Handcart Pioneers

Pioneer Life

Pioneer Type Games & Activities

New Era April 2020 “Fun Stop” Games you can play with sticks

Friend July 2018 The Hop, Step, and Jump Game

Friend Feb 1981
Friend Feb 1981

Friend July 2017 Churn butter, talk about pioneers in your family, or hold sack races.

Friend July 2015 

Friend July 2015
Friend July 2015 – could be used as choosing idea for songs or lessons. Each cup could have a song title or lesson item in it. When a child gets the ball in a cup then the child looks to see what item or song is  in it.

Game Ideas

Tic-Tac-Toe Three Wagons in a Row Game

When one of the children gets three wagons in a row they get to choose one of the wagons and get its bag out. Whatever is inside the bag is the activity the Primary children will do, such as singing a pioneer song, or listening to a pioneer story, or doing a pioneer game or activity. After the activity, have the children continue playing the game in the same manner until all the bag activities have been done (or until time runs out).

Just for Fun

Friend July 1986
Friend July 1986

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Mosiah 25-28

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Alma the Younger Repents


Teaching Children the Gospel “Lesson 14: Alma the Younger Repents”

Introduction Ideas

Friend May 1988

Friend May 1988

Story Ideas

Friend July 2020 “Alma the Younger Repents”


More Repentance Ideas (lesson, activity, story, and song ideas)

Scripture Stories Coloring Book—Book of Mormon “Alma the Younger”

Friend July 2020 ” Alma Repented and Followed Jesus” Coloring Page

The gospel helps people change and become more like Jesus.

Help the children see the differences between what Alma and the sons of Mosiah were like before they repented and afterward. Invite the children to make a list of words from Mosiah 27:8–10 that describe what Alma and the sons of Mosiah were like before their conversion. Then ask them to make another list from Mosiah 27:32–37 that describe what they were like afterward. According to verses 24–29, what caused this great change in Alma?

To be forgiven, I must forgive.

Friend May 2020 “Family Night Fun” Family Love Notes”

Mosiah 26:30–31 Mosiah 26:22–23, 29–3027:8–37

Ask a child to draw a bridge on the board, and share this statement quoted by President Thomas S. Monson: “He that cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass if he would ever reach heaven, for everyone has need of forgiveness” (George Herbert, quoted in “Hidden Wedges,” Ensign, May 2002, 19). Erase part of the bridge, and ask the children to help you rebuild it, piece by piece, as they share ways they can extend forgiveness to others. Invite them to think of someone they need to forgive.

More Forgiveness Ideas (lesson, activity, story, and song ideas)

I can pray and fast for God to bless those I love.

Mosiah 28:1–8

Share an experience in which you fasted and prayed for someone, and encourage the children to share their own experiences.

More Fasting Ideas (stories, lesson ideas, & activities)

I can share the gospel.

Mosiah 27:8–24

Sing together a song about sharing the gospel, such as “I Want to Be a Missionary Now” (Children’s Songbook, 168). Point out phrases in the song that suggest how we can share the gospel with others.

More Missionary Ideas (stories, lesson ideas, activities, and song ideas)

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Mothers: Activities & Games

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Mother’s Day

Friend May 2020 “Mother’s Day Card” Make a pop up umbrella card.

Friend May 2019 “Funstuff: Mother’s Day Wreath” Write things you love about your mom on paper hearts, and then follow the directions and make a wreath with the hearts.

Friend May 1987
Friend May 1987 1of2
Friend May 1987
Friend May 1987 2of2
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Book of Mormon is a Second Witness of Jesus Christ: Easter

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Book of Mormon Prophets Knew that Jesus Christ Would Come.

Click on the image below to play an interactive matching game.

(If the scripture links in the game aren’t showing up, you may need to try a different browser.)

Launch Presentation

Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020: Easter

The Atonement of Jesus Christ cleanses me and helps perfect me.

Watch this video to learn about the Atonement.

It could be said that the Book of Mormon is largely an account of people who changed because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.


Divide into three groups and give each group one of the scriptures below to read (or read or watch the illustrated Book of Mormon Stories Enos, Alma the Younger, Anti-Nephi, Lehies. Have each group share how that person or group changed because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

(Enos) Enos 1:2–8; (Alma the Younger) Mosiah 27:8–24; (The Anti-Nephi-Lehies) Alma 13:11–1224:7–19

See also Teaching Children the Gospel “Jesus Christ: Atonement

Jesus Christ took upon Himself my sins, pains, and sicknesses.

Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020: Easter

In addition to suffering for our sins, the Savior also suffered our pains, sicknesses, and other infirmities so He would know how to comfort us.


Read the scriptures below and have the children list the things that Jesus suffered in the blue box below. (It will open in a new tab.)

 Mosiah 3:7 And lo, he shall suffer temptations, and pain of body, hunger, thirst, and fatigue, even more than man can suffer, except it be unto death; for behold, blood cometh from every pore, so great shall be his anguish for the wickedness and the abominations of his people. 

Mosiah 15:5 And thus the flesh becoming subject to the Spirit, or the Son to the Father, being one God, suffereth temptation, and yieldeth not to the temptation, but suffereth himself to be mocked, and scourged, and cast out, and disowned by his people.

 Alma 7:11 And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people.

Isaiah 53:3 He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

Launch Presentation

Invite them to think of times when they have felt some of these things.

According to Alma 7:12, why did Jesus suffer all of this?

12 And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities.

What does succor mean? (Give assistance and support in times of hardship and distress.)

Jesus Christ was Resurrected


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Prayer: Activities & Games

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Answers to Prayers

Friend March 2020 “How Does Heavenly Father Speak to Us” Dot to dot of children praying.

Friend October 2016 “Prayer Match-Up” Draw a line to match the name with the scripture story. Then draw a line to the answer Heavenly Father gave.

Remember to Pray

Friend March 2019 “Family Night Fun” Have family members decorate white pillow cases to remind them to say their morning and evening prayers.

Get Help Through Prayer

Friend October 2016 “Funstuff: Picture Puzzle” Does the world ever seem big and confusing? There’s a way to find help whenever you need it! Solve the puzzle to find out how to get that help. (Answer: Pray Every Day)

Learning About Prayer

Friend November 1984 “Funstuff” Use the scripture reference to complete each statement about prayer by combining the words in the first column with the appropriate words in the second column.

Friend June 2015 “Pray to Our Father” Have an adventure searching the scriptures to learn more about prayer! Look up each scripture on the map. On the blank lines, write a few words to describe what the scripture says about prayer.

What Should We Pray For?

Friend March 1985 “Sharing Time: What Shall I Say When I Pray?” Cut out the words and picture. Glue each title on separate piece of colored paper. Decide where you think each picture belongs—is it something you are grateful for, or is it something you might ask a blessing for? Some pictures may go either place. Glue each picture under title you have chosen. Add your own drawings as you think of other things.

Coloring Pages

Friend March 2019 Jesus Taught Us to Pray

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