3 Nephi 8-11

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Book of Mormon Stories “Chapter 43: Jesus Christ Appears to the Nephites” Video and Images

Book of Mormon Stories for Young Readers  “Jesus Visited the Americas” Video and Images (Also found in Friend September 2016)

Friend November 2013  “Jesus Appears to the Nephite People”

Friend September 2020 “One by One” Action Rhyme


Lesson 33: The Savior Appears to the Nephites

When I am in darkness, Jesus Christ can be my light.

3 Nephi 8–11

Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families: Book of Mormon 2020 “3 Nephi 8–11: “Arise and Come Forth unto Me”

To help your family relate to the experiences described in 3 Nephi 8–9, you could retell or listen to a recording of portions of these chapters in a darkened room. Discuss what it might have been like to be in darkness for three days. Then you could talk about how Jesus Christ is “the light … of the world” (3 Nephi 9:18).

Ensign September 2020 “Come, Follow Me Shareable Scriptures”

Just as the sun is necessary for light which living things on the earth need to live, it is necessary for us to follow Jesus because he is the light that shows the way to Eternal Life.

Jesus Christ invites me to come to Him.

3 Nephi 8–11

I can learn to recognize God’s voice in my life.

3 Nephi 11:1–8

Ask the children to read verses 5–7 to find out what the people did that helped them understand the voice.

Ensign September 2020 “Family Study Fun”

Read 3 Nephi 11:3–7 together. Before Jesus Christ appeared to the people in Bountiful, they had to “open their ears” to the words of God.

  1. Invite everyone to turn to each other and talk about their day.
  2. Meanwhile, have someone softly read 3 Nephi 11:7. Then ask the group if they can repeat what was said.
  3. Read the scripture again, this time with everyone listening quietly. Now repeat the verse together.

Discussion: Why was it easier to remember the verse the second time? How can we eliminate distractions and “open our ears” to the Spirit this week?

Ensign September 2020 “How Can We Hear God’s Voice”

Jesus protects His people as a hen protects her chicks.

3 Nephi 10:4–6

Latter Day Kids “Come Follow Me: How Oft Will I Gather You?” Videos and Lesson ideas.

Show a picture of a hen caring for her chicks. Read 3 Nephi 10:6, and tell the children about how a hen calls to her chicks and protects them under her wings when there is danger. Discuss how Jesus is like the hen and we are like the chicks. How can we come to Him to find safety? Share with the children how you have come to the Savior for safety, and testify that He will protect us from spiritual dangers as we keep His commandments.

Friend September 2020 “Family Night Fun”

Jesus Christ wants me to be baptized.

3 Nephi 11:21–26


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Friend August 1988
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