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Lesson Resources

Temple photos, statistics, and history on LDS.org

Index of temple stories, activities, coloring pages, images, music and videos for children on LDS.org

Sugardoodle.com temple ideas

Purpose of Temples

Friend October 2018 “Temple Time” The work we do in temples blesses our ancestors and the families of other people. Look through your family tree on FamilySearch.org and find as many temples as you can. Also, make a puzzle of a temple. (Activity Idea: For each temple you find in your family tree, put a piece of the puzzle together.

Building Temples

Friend February 2020 ” Come Follow Me For Little Ones” Read 2 Nephi 12:2 and help your little ones say, “The temple is the house of the Lord.” Then use items around your house to build a model temple. You could look at pictures of different temples in the photo gallery at temples.ChurchofJesusChrist.org.











Interior of Temples

Friend September 2020 “For Older Kids” The celestial room is peaceful and beautiful. It represents what heaven is like. In this room, people think, pray, and feel the Spirit. Crack the code to find out which temple this is. 

Friend August 2020 “For Older Kids” Each temple has a desk where people show their temple recommends before they go inside.

Friend July 2020 “For Older Kids” In the temple, a man and a woman can be married and sealed together forever. This room in the temple is where the bride gets ready. Unscramble the letters to find out which country this temple is in.

Friend February 2020 “For Older Kids” Some temples have paintings on the walls to remind us of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ’s beautiful creations. The temple in this photo took 40 years to build and is now closed for renovation. Can you guess which temple it is?




Temple Open House & Dedication

Friend December 2017 “The House of the Lord” Idea: Place each item on a folder layout or board as you discuss temple open houses and dedications.

Temple Recommend


Friend September 2019 “What’s on Your Mind? The questions the Bishop or Branch President will ask during the temple recommend interview.

Preparing to Go to the Temple

Friend March 2019  Put a picture of the temple in your room. Find someone in your family tree who hasn’t been baptized yet. Talk about the temple with someone who has been inside.

Friend October 2017 “Temple Trip Tips” List the things you would do under each of the below signs.

5 Tips for Your First Temple Visit

• Talk to a parent or teachers about what to expect.
• Look at pictures of the rooms inside the temple.
• Make an appointment with your bishop to get your recommend. He’ll talk with you about your testimony and about keeping the commandments.
• Find out about your own ancestors. If possible, find an ancestor you could be baptized for! Visit FamilySearch.org to learn more.
• Pray for the Holy Ghost to be with you. Then enjoy your first visit to the temple.

Friend January 2017


Baptisms for the Dead

Friend April 2020 “The Temple and You” Before the Church was restored, many people believed that if someone in their family died without being baptized, they would never see them again. But because of the Restoration, we can be baptized for them in the temple. We can be sealed together for eternity!

Friend January 2020 “For Older Kids” Each temple baptism font rests on the backs of twelve oxen. They stand for the twelve tribes of Israel and remind us that the Lord wants to gather all people into His Church. Unscramble the letters to find out which temple this font is in.

Friend September 2019 “It’s Temple Time!” What to expect when doing baptisms for the dead, from start to finish.


Goal Card

History of Temples

“Temples – A sign of the True Church” Friend June 2002 – Includes paper model foldup of King Solomon’s Temple

Friend February 1987 “How Moroni Statues are Made” History of temple building.


Friend April 2019 Fill in the temple blocks with lesson information, or have the children fill in the blocks with their ideas about the lesson topic.

“Sharing Time: A Temple is the House of the Lord” Friend January 1993


“Sharing Time: Father We Thank Thee” Friend Dec 1993

“Sharing Time: The Greatest Gift” Friend April 2002

“Sharing Time: Temples and Ordinances” Friend March 1993

“Sharing Time: The Lord Commands His People to Build Temples” Friend Feb 1993 Includes game and images about temple builders called “Who Am I”


“Sharing Time: A House of God” Friend March 2002

“Sharing Time: The House of the Lord” Friend Nov 1990

“Sharing Time: A Place of Love and Beauty” Friend Jan 2002 – Includes a temple dedication booklet to make.

“Sharing Time: The Temple is a Place of Revelation” Friend May 1993



*Friend July 2015 “What do we do in the Temple?” (Picture and explanation of different rooms in temple.)

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