Temple: Activities & Games

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Temple Dedication

Friend October 2017 “Snacks and Crafts” Make a needle point or puff paint temple on a white handkerchief for a temple dedication.





Preparing to Go to the Temple

Friend October 2017 “Snacks and Crafts” Make a sugar cube temple. Place a sugar cube every time you do something to prepare to go to the temple.





Friend July 2017 “Snacks and Crafts”   Draw a temple outline on a mirror so you will think about how you are preparing to go to the temple every time you look in the mirror.

Temples Around the World

Friend August 2018 “Temples Around the World” Use the clues to match the temple with its picture.

Friend June 1993

Friend June 1993

Friend July 2015

Friend July 2015 also stained glass craft

Friend 1979

Friend 1979