Word of Wisdom Song

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Song – “In Our Lovely Deseret”, Hymn #307


Print one copy of each page of the song words and pictures. Cut apart the pictures and the words on the dotted lines.

Song Activity

Put the words of the song in order on the board or wall. Randomly put one of the pictures next to each word card.

Read the first word card to the children, and have the children look at the picture next to it to see if the picture matches the words. If it doesn’t match, ask a volunteer to find the correct picture to switch it with. Continue doing that with each set of words. When each picture is with its matching set of words, sing the song (but do not sing the chorus). (CD music accompaniment can be checked out from the meetinghouse library if needed.)

After singing the song, have a child choose one set of words to turn over or take off. Sing the song again. Have another child choose a different set of words to turn over or take off, and then sing the song again.  After all the words have been taken off, take off all the pictures and see if the children can still sing the song. If not, put up a few of the pictures of parts they are struggling with and try again.


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