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Serving God through Serving Others

Friend May 2019 “Keeping the Orphans Warm” George Muller, a Christian, served God by helping orphans. He had strong faith that God would help him help them. Once, when the heater went out in one of his orphanages, he prayed that a warm wind would come to keep the children warm and that the workers would have a desire to get the work done quickly. His prayer was answered.

Friend February 2020 “Go and Do” President Henry B. Eyring tells about growing up during a time when many people were out of work and homeless. The Relief Society president collected clothes from neighbors and washed them and put them in boxes on her back porch for anyone who needed clothes. She followed God’s command to help those in need and helped hundreds of Heavenly Father’s children. Activity: Follow the paths to see how these children made a difference!

Heavenly Father Sometimes Uses Others to Help Answer Prayers

Friend October 2019 “The Little Red Harmonica” Katie uses her music points to get two harmonicas. She gives one to her little brother. She loved seeing how happy it made him, but then he became devastated when he lost it.  Kaity helped him look for it, but no luck. Ryan says a prayer asking for help in finding it, but still no luck. Katie prays for her brother and an idea comes to her. She gives her harmonica to him. Katie told Ryan that Heavenly Father was letting her help him answer Ryan’s prayer.

Pray to Know How and Who to Serve

Friend May 2020 “The Little Red Bread Wagon” The Bishop asked ward members to help others. Sammy’s father prayed to know what to do, and the idea came to make bread to share. Sammy helped his father decide who to take bread to, and he helped him deliver the bread with his wagon.

Following Jesus’ Example of Service

Friend November 2018 “What I Know” Action rhyme about serving people like Jesus—because we love them.

Friend January 2018 “Following Paw Prints” As Derek was following paw prints in the snow, he helped his neighbors along the way. He likes to follow the example of Jesus by helping others. (Also do the activity of finding ways Derek can help family members.)

Service Helps the Receiver and the Giver

We learn from those we serve.

Friend July 2017 “Best Camp Ever!” A boy is assigned to be a buddy at camp to Bryant who is blind. The boy keeps a journal and writes about it. He is worried about the assignment, but he finds that it is exciting  and fun  when the person you are serving accomplishes difficult things. Bryant serves him too by being an example of perserverance in doing hard things.

We Worry Less About Ourselves when We Serve Others/ We are Also Blessed

Friend August 2018 “The Lemonade Stand” After terrorist attacks, a girl and her friends are afraid. The girl also wants to help the victims but doesn’t know how. The neighborhood decides to host a lemonade stand to help raise money for the firefighters and their families. After helping with the lemonade stand, she feels better. Her mom tell she her that when she is being like Jesus, the Holy Ghost can help her feel happy and safe.

Develop Empathy

Friend December 2019 “Martin’s Favorite Toys” Martin was not happy about having to move, but eventually he got used to his new home. One Sunday, he noticed a lot of new people at church. He found out that they were refugees. He wanted to help them, but he didn’t want to give them any of his toys because he brought them from his old house. Then he realized that many of the children had to leave everything behind. He remembered how hard it was for him to move, but at least he got to bring his things with him. He then wanted to give them his favorite toys to help them be happier.

Service Doesn’t have to be Perfect

Friend April 2020 “One Grey Square” Mariana’s stake had a goal to crochet 500 squares. The squares would then be joined together to make quilts and given to people who needed them. When Mariana went to turn in her square, she saw all the perfectly made squares. She was embarrassed because hers was crooked and had a few mistakes. She thought about shoving it in her pocket, but the lady taking the squares put it in the pile and then announced that her square was the 1000th square turned in. Everybody clapped. Mariana was glad she was a part of the special activity of helping people stay warm.

Friend Aug 1987 “The Bryan & Barney Circus” Children put on a circus to cheer up a sick friend. It doesn’t go well, but it does the job.


Service Prayer

Friend September 2019 “Praying Like Alma” Joplin got hit by a tornado and Isaac wants to go help,  but he’s too young.  While learning about Alma’s prayer for his son, Isaac got the idea to pray for the people of Joplin. He said prayers for them everyday.

Service Minded

Friend December 2018 “Saved from the Mud” Elder Parillo’s  parents were always doing things to help people, including letting people from their neighborhood sleep in their home whenever the houses flooded with mud.

Friend December 2018 “Brothers who Light the World” Brothers from Ghana like helping others. They use their piano playing talents to help others, they share their snacks at school with children who are hungry and have nothing to eat, and they like to teach the gospel to neighbors. (Link includes photos.)

Friend January 1989 “Oatmeal, Shovels, and Pyramids” Toby is always serving others, from his grandfather and  neighbor to his gymnastic teacher.

Friend September 2018 “Show and Tell” Lisa S., age 10, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, always looks for ways to serve at church. She looks for little children who need comfort or those who may feel alone. She passes out hymnbooks so that everyone can sing.

Setting an Example of Service

Friend February 2019 “Helper Like You” Jaylen watches her brother take bread to a neighbor, shovel another neighbor’s driveway, and then offer to help her build a snowman. She tells him that she wants to be a helper like him. (Link also includes an activity where children tell how they could help in each situation.)

Friend June 2017 “Show and Tell” Brandt secretly plans to clean up his grandma’s yard after a big storm, and his family sees him working and joins in.

Friend December 2016 “Cookies, Cans, and Christmas” A mother got out of  her car in the rain to help a homeless man pick up spilled cans in the road. It makes an impression on her kids.


 Service Helps Us Feel Happy

Friend June 2020 “Eli’s Helping Hand” Eli was sad when he missed a ball and his soccer team lost the game. At church he noticed that his friend Kate was feeling sad too because her body hurt from sitting in a wheelchair. He rocked her wheelchair to help her feel better. Afterwards, he realized that helping others made him feel happy too.

Friend September 2019 “Show and Tell” “We got an extra meal from a restaurant so that we could give it to someone who was hungry. We saw a police car parked nearby and asked the policeman if he had eaten lunch. He had not! He said he was hungry and that we were a blessing to him. We had the best feeling knowing we had helped someone.” Callister, Kerrigan, and Preston S., ages 7, 5, and 3, Texas, USA (picture of children and police officer)

Friend March 2018 A man drops some money and Brianna gives it to him. She has a wonderful feeling afterwards

Friend April 2016 “Off to Chicago” Alex is sad his brother will be gone for 3 days, but he makes a gift to help his brother not be lonely and that makes Alex feel better.

Friend August 1987 “The Popsicle Race” Children find creative ways to serve others using Popsicle sticks.


Serving with Love

Friend July 2020 “The Secret Ingredient” Sister Franco’s primary teacher when she was young always brought chocolate cake for her class. Sister Franco didn’t like chocolate cake but one day she tried it because her primary teacher said it was made with a special ingredient. Later, Sister Franco found out that her teacher used her bus money to make the cakes, and had to walk 2 miles to church. The secret ingredient was love. 

Service Super Hero

Friend March 2018 “Matt and Mandy” Matt makes a super hero costume and secretly helps his mom.

Part one

Service Club

Friend November 2018 “Chalk Service” Nathan gave out invitations to be in a service club. For their first service they did nice sidewalk chalk messages at the homes of people who needed encouragement.

Friend July 2018 “The Service Club” Three siblings started their own service club. They first wrote thank you cards to people they appreciated and delivered them anonymously, and then they started delivering treats to people.

Family Traditions of Service

Friend November 2018 “Thanks and Giving”  Kate’s family have a tradition where every Thanksgiving each family gets some money from grandma to help someone in need. Kate’s family uses their money to make fleece blankets for children in the hospital.

Friend November 2018 “Our uncle passed away a couple of years ago. On his birthday right before he died, he asked us to help the homeless instead of giving him a present. So now every year on his birthday, we do things for the homeless. This year we made kits to give them. We can show Jesus love by helping others.” Ben and Paisley C., ages 8 and 3, Utah, USA

Service Helps Others Feel Loved

Friend December 2019 “The Red Paper Bird” Eve got sick and was very sad when she couldn’t go to the school Christmas party. Her teacher sent home a red bird Christmas craft the kids made during the party, and Eve’s brother and sister helped her make it. Whenever she looked at the red bird, she felt very loved. (Make the craft. Have a family member do a secret act of service for someone and leave the bird. Then that person does an act of service and leaves the bird. How many times can you pass the bird?)

Service to Elderly

Friend March 2016 “Baseball Bill” A family adventure day spending time at a nursing home is more fun than expected. Service makes you feel good.


Service for the Sick

Friend November 2018 Kate’s family make fleece blankets for children in the hospital.

Friend August 2017 “Sister Sheldon’s Miracle” Children make a quilt for their much loved Primary president who has cancer.

Community Service

Friend April 2020 “One Grey Square” Mariana’s stake had a goal to crochet 500 squares. The squares would then be joined together to make quilts. and given to hospital patients and people without homes. Mariana was excited to help.

Friend August 2019 “Show and Tell”

I volunteer at Give Kids the World, where kids with critical illnesses stay for a vacation. I help by serving them slushies, ice cream, hot dogs, soda, and other foods. Anna Sophia A., age 11, Florida, USA

Our city does an interfaith food drive every year. We pass out fliers and then pick up the food left on the doorsteps. When we delivered the food to the depot, I felt really excited. My mom said that feeling was the Holy Ghost. Walker N., age 7, Alberta, Canada

Friend May 2018 “Matt and Mandy” (Part 1)  Mandy wants to help the lonely kids at school. A friend mentioned that her old school had a friendliness campaign, and her mom mentions that student council elections are coming up.

Friend June 2018 “Matt and Mandy” (Part 2) Mandy decides to run for student council.

Friend May 2018 “Junior Helping Hands” When Hurricane Irma’s hit Florida, Autumn helped by collecting backpacks full of school supplies.

Friend November 2017 “The Yellow Angels” President Eyring’s visited Florida after the hurricanes. The LDS members who came to help were known as the yellow angels because of the yellow helping hands shirts they wore. “Sometimes you will be the angel the Lord sends to bear others up.”

Friend June 2017 “Making Dolls” Jackson makes dolls for refugees.

Friend June 2017 “Cousin Camp” Cousins do service projects with their grandma.

Friend June 2017

Friend June 2017

Friend June 2017

Friend April 2017 “Erika’s Dream Park” A neighborhood comes together to help make a dying girl’s dream come true of fixing up an old run down park.


Friend October 2017 “ Helping Out, One Pencil at a Time” Caleb helps his school set up a program to help refugees children. He then took the collected school supply kits to the refugee camp.

Friend January 2017 “Salsa Service” Brooks makes and sells salsa to earn money to help refugees.

Food Bank

Friend November 2015 “Macaroni Helper” Ari’s family helps at the food bank.
Friend November 2015

Friend November 2015

Friend November 2015 "Macaroni Helper"

Friend November 2015

Friend June 2016 “Buckets of Mud” Tayson helps get mud out of people’s basements. Activity and Refreshment


Serving the Homeless

Friend November 2019 “Kindness Kits” A family collects some items and makes some muffins to take to some homeless.

Neighbor Service

Friend November 2018 “Gavin and his family shoveled their elderly neighbors snow. It was fun at first, but doing it every time it snowed became tedious and difficult. One day, when they didn’t make it over,  Gavin saw the neighbor trying to do it himself, and Gavin realized how difficult it was for him. After that, shoveling for the neighbors wasn’t a chore, it was a joy.

Friend April 2018 “Furry Fun” Camila and her brother Tomás found a fun and furry way to serve their neighbors! Every Saturday, they walk dogs for people who have a hard time getting around.

Friend October 2017 “Helping Mrs. Brewster”

Friend August 1986 “The Extra Hug” A neighbor lady is always grumpy. Benjamin gives her hugs to help her feel better.
Friend June 1985 “The Picadilly Street Pirates” – A group of boys pretend to be good pirates that do service.

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Disaster Service

Friend February 2020 “Show and Tell” We have family living in Tonga and were sad when a cyclone hit there. We decided to send water purifiers so that they could have clean drinking water. We worked to earn money to send three boxes of purifiers. Our family in Tonga had enough to share with their community. Christopher and Kalea L., both age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada

Friend October 2019 “The Great Family Shoe Hunt” A flood washed away people’s homes. Cameron wanted to help. The Primary was collecting shoes for the flood victims, and Cameron’s family did a shoe hunt for Family Home Evening.

Church Humanitarian Aid Fund

Friend February 2020 “Garage-Sale Service” TeAroha wanted to help some people in a village who had lost their homes. Her mother suggested they send money to the Church Humanitarian Aid Fund because they use money to help places like that. TeAroha sold some of her toys at a family garage sale and she did chores to earn money to donate.

Service Ideas

Friend March 2019 “Show and Telll”  Children serve by playing the piano to bring spirit, picking up trash at school playground, helping with weeding.

Friend November 2018 Kate’s family make fleece blankets for children in the hospital.

Friend October 2018 “The Talents Team” Several great stories about children who did service projects such as collecting pencils for school children in Africa, making quilts for the needy, and collecting supplies for an orphanage in Guatemala. Photos are also included.

Friend September 2018 “Caring and Coconuts” Lui and his family share their garden food with others.

Friend August 2018 When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Hailey and London saw news stories about libraries whose books had been ruined in the flood. They decided to raise money for new books. They made “Texas Strong” stickers. People from all over bought the stickers. Hailey and London donated all the money to their favorite library in Houston.

Friend May 2018 “Cards and Caring” Brady made and sold cards to make money to help foster kids and refugees.

Friend January 2018 “Sharing Snacks and Smiles” Sam and Anastasia make snack kits for the homeless.

Friend December 2017 “Gabriel’s Cello” Gabriel played Christmas songs on his cello at a shopping center for tips to give to the food pantry to feed the homeless. (Includes photos)

Friend  November 2017 “Secret Service Sisters” Twin sisters decide to surprise their friends and family with secret service.

Friend October 2017 “Show and Tell” “I decided to collect and donate pet food for our local pet pantry program. I named it #operationfeedthepets. It made me feel good to help families that need help feeding their pets.” Julio A., age 7, Florida, USA

Friend June 2017 “Show and Tell” Two girls do a neighborhood food drive.

Friend March 2017 “Reading for Wheelchairs” Zach reads to people for 10 cents per minute and donates the money to buy wheelchairs for LDS Humanitarian Services.

Friend June 1988 “The Deseret Clarinet” A girl learns that giving things to Deseret Industries helps people, and she is then more willing to give away some of her old things. (Link also includes a list of the reasons DI was established.)

Friend April 1988 “Scavenger Hunt” While on a Scavenger hunt, some children find a frail, old lady who doesn’t have any food in her cupboards. They decide to do a different kind of Scavenger hunt and they collect food for the lady.

Friend October 1987 “The Pumpkin Phantom” A boy secretly gives away the pumpkins he grew so the children can have pumpkins to carve at Halloween.


Friend October 2015 “Happy to Help” – Children volunteer to help neighbor rake leaves.

“Mom’s Magic Bread “– Friend February 1985 – Boys learn that the magic of giving bread away comes from sharing love.
Emily’s Lawn Service” Friend June 2015- Girl earns money to give to a family whose father has cancer.
“Boots” Friend December 1984 Girl gives snow boots to another girl who doesn’t have any.

 Stories about children’s service projects. Includes photos of the children doing the service. February 2015April 2015,  July 2015, June 2015,  May 2015, August 2015, September 2015, October 2015, December 2015, etc.

Friend March 2015

Friend March 2015 – 1of 5

Friend March 2015

Friend March 2015 – 2 of 5

Friend March 2015

Friend March 2015 – 3 of 5

Friend March 2015

Friend March 2015 – 4 of 5

Friend March 2015

Friend March 2015 – 5 of 5

Friend April 2015

Friend April 2015

Outgrown Treasures -At her family yard sale, a girl willingly sells her treasures (toys) at a low price to a family who are in need. Friend June 1983

Friend June 1983 “Outgrown Treasures” -At a yard sale a girl willingly sells her treasures (toys) at a low price to a family who are in need.

Friend September 2015

Friend September 2015 – A boy helps another boy learn English and is blessed.

Friend December 2015 “The Woodpile” A family gives away their wood to help a family who needs it to heat their home.

Friend December 2015

Friend April 1984 “A Time to Act” “A girl will lose the opportunity to be volleyball captain if late for school again, but she does the right thing and helps a girl who becomes afraid crossing the street.
Friend April 1984 "A Time to Act"

Friend April 1984

Friend April 1984 "A Time to Act"

Friend April 1984

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