Self-Esteem: Lesson Ideas

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Friend June 2018 “For Parents of Little Ones” Helping little ones understand and talk about their feelings.

Handout Ideas

Friend September 2019 “Bright Idea” You are strong. You are loved. The world is better because of you!

Afraid of Trying New Things and Failing

Friend February 2020 “What’s on Your Mind?” A child writes to the Friend saying that sometimes he is afraid to try new things because he might fail. The Friend magazine reminds him that all people who are really good at something started out as beginners, and it’s okay to make mistakes. They also share some examples of people who weren’t very good when they first started, but they kept trying and eventually became successful.

Making Mistakes

Frustration with Imperfection

Friend June 2019 “What’s on Your Mind?” Somebody writes the Friend about trying to do things right but failing. The Friend responds by saying that Heavenly Father doesn’t expect you to be perfect right away. He sent you here to learn and grow, little by little. (Also, includes a fill-in-the-blank activity about scriptures that discuss growing little by little.)


Learn from them and try again

Friend February 2019 “Bright Idea” Handout that says, “Everyone makes mistakes. Heavenly Father will help me learn and grow and try again.”

Friend September 2019 “For Parents of Little Ones” When children are so afraid of making a mistake that they refuse to try something new, they can miss out on a lot of growth and wonderful experiences! This article contains some ideas on how to help children realize that making mistakes is an important part of learning.

Positive Self Talk

New Era February 2018 “Change Your Thinking”

Friend June 2017 “Family Night Fun” What do you say to yourself when you need to do something tough? Try the ideas in this article. You can do it!

Worrying About the Opinion of Others

Friend February 2017 “Conference Cards” Handout that says, ““The only opinion of us that matters is what our Heavenly Father thinks of us.”

Feeling Good About What Makes You Unique

Friend November 2016. Trees, fruits, flowers, and animals are all different shapes, colors, and sizes. Heavenly Father made people different too! You can feel good about who you are and what makes you special. Use your answers from the questions below to draw a picture that represents you!

Friend November 2016

You are a Hero

Friend September 2020 “Bright Idea” Whether you feel like a hero or not, you are one! You are the hero of your own life’s story.

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Self-Esteem: Stories

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Frustration with Imperfection

Friend June 2019 “Weak Things Stronger” Parker gets frustrated with himself when he doesn’t succeed at something he is trying to do like playing the piano or dirt biking. His moms showed him a scripture about Jesus helping with weaknesses. She also reminds him that it takes time to learn, grow, and get better. He learns to be kind and patient with himself and remember that he is getting a little better each time he does something.

Friend September 2019 “Almost Perfect Meg” Meg wanted her clothes and appearance to be perfect. She didn’t want to play in sandboxes or play tag because she might get dirty. Everything changed when she got a puppy for her birthday. She loved her puppy, but puppies are messy. She decided it was okay to be messy now and then so she could play with him. She started worrying less about the mess and even started trying new things like playing in the sandbox.

Friend September 2020 “Scarf Wars” Chakell and her friend Jack are constantly competing in school, but they usually tie. She wants to be the best at something, and she hoped the scarf making project would do that. But she struggled with it. She thought that asking for help meant that she wasn’t smart. Her mom reminded her that everyone needs help in life.

Look for What You Can Do

Friend September 2018 “My Talents” Action rhyme of things little ones find that they can do.

Heavenly Father Loves You

Friend October 2019 “I Don’t Want to Be Different” Mika loved going to dance class. When the dancers all moved together she felt like she wasn’t the only one with Down Syndrome. But one day, when she asked for help with a new dance step, some girls said she talked funny. Mika wished she wasn’t different than other people. Her mother suggested that she pray and ask Heavenly Father how he feels about her. She got a loud answer that He loves her just the way she is, so she stopped worrying about what the other girls thought and started focusing on helping others who looked sad.

Trying but Failing

Friend January 2020 “Try Pie” Eliza tried out for volleyball team. She had practiced and prepared, but she didn’t make it. She wanted to hide in her bedroom, but her mom made her favorite, Key Lime Pie. Eliza asked why they were having dessert, and her father told her, “Part of learning new things means not always succeeding. That can be scary. But the important thing is you still tried.” Her parents were proud of her for trying something hard, and they thought that was worth celebrating with pie!

Friend September 2018 “Matt and Mandy” Mandy is sad she didn’t get elected to student council, but she realizes she did her best. She decides to share her ideas with the new student council and try again next year to get elected by working hard to meet more students.

Friend February 2019 “Babysitting Blunders” Emma thought she could handle babysitting Reyna, but then Reyna flushed a whole roll of toilet paper while Emma was getting a drink. Water flowed out of the toilet and made a huge mess. Emma was devastated, but her mom and older sister weren’t mad at her. Emma had done her best to be a good aunt and that’s what mattered. Plus, she and Reyna had learned from the experience.

Healthy Ways to Deal with Failure

New Era February 2020 “Couch Potato” Cartoon shows two ways to deal with failure. One is not healthy and does not allow you to learn and grow.

Making Mistakes

Friend January 2019 “Stung by the Spelling Bee” Allie made a mistake in the spelling bee and mispelled an easy word. She felt awful and didn’t want to do anything but lie in bed and dwell on the mistake. She felt like she had failed herself and her parents. But in Primary on Sunday she heard a familiar song that reminded her that her parents (heavenly and earthly) loved her, and she felt the Spirit telling her that as long as she was trying to do her best, that was good enough. (Refreshment idea to go with story.)


“The Stuttering Struggle”  A boy who stutters is asked to narrate the primary program. He practices, and learns that in doing ones best we still make mistakes and it’s okay. Friend November 2015.

Fear of Trying New Things

Friend April 2015 “Awkward”  Hilary was afraid to try new things because others might think she looks ridiculous, so she missed out on lots of fun, new experiences, until she decided to change.

Shyness & Quietness

Friend August 2020 “Quiet is Okay” Evie was excited for volleyball camp, but she is also a little nervous because she was a little quiet. Her mom told her she didn’t have to change her personality and  it was okay to be herself. At the end of camp she got an award for being the quiet leader, for working hard and being a good example because actions speak louder than words.

Friend August 2017 “Chameleons and New Friends” Isabell feels shy about meeting a family from Russia. She is afraid she won’t be able to talk to them because they speak a different language. But she learns that she doesn’t want to be like her chameleon that hides and misses out on all the fun.

Being Tall or Small

Friend November 2016 “Parker’s Big Problem” Parker is much taller than the other kids. He doesn’t fit in his desk and he is awkward.


 Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

Friend October 2017 “Matt and Mandy” Mandy wishes she was as smart and popular as Abby, but Abby wishes she was more like Mandy. Mandy realizes we should see the good in ourselves.

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Friend March 1988 “Invisible Trophies” Susan would like to earn a trophy like her other family members, but she learns that the good things she does are more important.

Friend November 2018 “An A+ Choice” Brett is upset that his grades aren’t better even though he tried his hardest to do well, but he still compliments his sister who got all A’s.  His parents remind him that school grades aren’t the most important grades in life, it’s the A+ choices he makes, such as how hard he tries and how he treats his sister.

Beauty Comes from Within


Friend August 2016 “Hands, Heart, and a Smile” Lydia learns that a being kind and strong is what makes a person beautiful.


Friend May 2016  “Picture Day” Girl learns that it’s not  clothes that make you beautiful, it’s who you are inside.

Laugh at Yourself

Friend May 2020 “Matt and Mandy” Mandy dropped her lunch tray and everyone laughed. Matt wore his shirt inside out accidentally. They  laughed and joked together about the embarrassing  mistakes they had made that day.

Friend February 1988 “When the Heart Understands” As Miguel makes mistakes while learning English, he learns to laugh with his friends instead of feeling hurt.


Wonderful Differences in Culture and Color

Friend January 2017 “This Little Light of Mine” Dinah feels uncomfortable when a child at school notices their differences in hair and skin color. Dinah’s mother helps Dinah see that there is lots of wonderful variety in skin color, and our traits represent the family we come from, just as how we treat others represent that we are followers of Jesus.

Friend January 1987 “Martin Makes a Friend” Martin wishes he wasn’t Chinese, but when his mother comes to class and shares their culture, he realizes that the Chinese culture is cool.


Look for the Good

Friend October 2020 “I Am Special” Andrew didn’t feel very special after playing super heroes, so he prayed to feel better. At school the next day the teacher assigned them to write about the things they love about themselves. He thought of a whole page of things, and he heard a quiet voice whisper, “And most importantly, you are a child of God.”

Friend January 2016 “Lots to Like” Colton is mad at himself for making a mistake. His mother helps him make a list of good things about himself.

Friend January 2016

Friend October 1983 – Girl learns to look for the good things she does

Friend October 1983
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