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Scriptures are Special Books

Friend January 2019 “The Scriptures are Special Books” Camila loves books. Her favorite book is the scriptures. She feels happy when she reads them with her family. Scriptures are special books because they teach us about Jesus and the commandments.

Scriptures Help Us Feel Love of God

Friend January 2020 “The Best Hug” Ellie loved getting hugs from her family members. Hugs make her feel warm, safe, and happy. One Sunday at church she needed a long hug, but her mom had to go to her class and Ellie needed to go to hers. As tears ran down her cheek she saw a picture of Jesus in her scriptures. She and her family often read the scriptures together. Ellie hugged her scriptures and it felt like she was hugging Jesus. She felt warm, safe, and happy.

Read the Scriptures Daily

Friend May 2019 “For Older Kids” “I was having a really hard time at school. I had the impression that I should read my scriptures. I did, and it helped, so I kept doing it. It helped me have a better day and a better attitude. And it helped my mind work better. I know that if we read the scriptures every day, we will be both spiritually and physically protected.” Sarah W., age 11, Idaho, USA  (Link also includes picture of Sarah.)

Friend January 2016 Joseph reads the scriptures daily so he can become a better reader. He becomes familiar with the stories and it helps him prepare a family home evening lesson.

Friend December 1985 As a boy,  Spencer W. Kimball sets a goal to read the scriptures.

Friend March 2016 “Scripture Power” Boy perserves in accomplishing the goal of reading the scriptures for 100 days in a row–and continues afterwards.

Friend March 2016
Friend March 2016

Friend June 2017 “Book of Mormon Club” Sydney starts a Book of Mormon club where she and her friends discuss what they have learned.

Ways to Read & Study the Scriptures

The Scripture Readers 

Friend January 2020 “Batbayar and the Book with Pictures” Reading was hard for Batbayar, so he struggled with reading the Book of Mormon. The missionaries brought him Book of Mormon Stories instead. Every night he prayed after reading. His heart felt good when he read, and when he prayed he felt like the stories were true, so he asked to be baptized.

Friend November 2018 “Thankful for Scriptures” James likes to act out the stories in his Book of Mormon picture book. He can even imagine sitting with Jesus when he blessed the children. It makes him feel happy and grateful for the scriptures. (Link includes activity about finding the family’s scriptures so they can read together.)

Ways to Remember Scriptures

Friend July 2020 “Eva’s Scripture Pictures” Eva loves to draw pictures of scripture stories and she puts them on the fridge to help her and her family to remember them.

Friend November 2019 “For Older Kids” Jordan’s Primary teacher told the class that she posts scripture verses on her door so she can always see them and read them every day. Jordan started doing that too, and soon her door was covered in scriptures.

Family Scripture Study

Friend October 2019 “Tanya’s Scripture Time” Taya reads scriptures with her family. On Sunday, Taya listens to the Primary lesson. “I know this story!” she says. Taya shares what she knows with her Primary class. She feels happy and warm inside.

Scriptures are the Words of Christ

Friend March 2020 “Feasting on the Scriptures” Action Rhyme

Reading Scriptures Helps Us Follow Jesus

Friend July 2020 “Helping a Sleepy Sister” While doing family scripture study, Berrett noticed his sister was tired from studying late and he decided to be like Jesus and help her. He made her breakfast and lunch and wrote her a note saying he loved her.

Friend December 1988 “My Scriptures” Poem about family scripture study and why it’s important even when children are small.

Good Examples to Follow in the Scriptures

Friend August 2017 “Being Like Nephi” Mason learns about Nephi and tries to follow his example and make righteous choices.

Reading Scriptures Helps Us Recognize Truth

Friend December 2015 Reading the bible helped a family recognize the truth of the gospel when the missionaries came.

The Scriptures can Inspire Us

Friend April 2016 “Your Future Home” A favorite scripture of President Eyring’s inspired him to want a home filled with love when he grew up.

Friend April 2016
Friend March 2016

The Scriptures Teach Us

Friend April 1988 “Magic Garden”  Nicky and his grandfather plant a garden, and they also plant seeds in their minds that grow as they read the scriptures and other inspirational books. The scripture verses Nicky learns helps him deal with death when his grandfather dies.

Studying the Scriptures can Help Us in Life

Friend September 2020 “Danna and the Math Test” Danna’s family memorized one scripture verse every week because “once it’s in your heart, it’s there whenever you need it.” The scripture they repeated together at the door that week was about praying always. One day, while struggling with some problems on a math test she had studied for, Dana remembered the scripture and said a prayer in her heart, she then remembered how to do the problems.

Friend April 2020 “Comforted by the Scriptures” When Harrison was eight he struggled with nightmares. He had been learning that the scriptures hold the answers to problems and wanted to find a scripture to help. The Holy Ghost guided him to Joseph Smith’s first vision and being reminded that the darkness Joseph felt went away when he prayed and Heavenly Father and Jesus appeared. The scripture was just what Harrison needed.

Friend March 2019 “For Older Kids” Every night I used to have nightmares. When I went to Primary, my teacher said that the prophet told us to read our scriptures every day. Then I got in the habit of reading them every night, and now I never have nightmares. Katie L., age 10, Idaho, USA

Applying the Scriptures

Liken the Scriptures Unto Us

Friend August 2020 “Maddy’s Courage” Maddy didn’t want to start school because she was afraid. Her mom reminded her of sometimes we have to do brave and hard things, such as Daniel facing the lions, or Nephi crossing the ocean, or Esther talking to the king. And just like Heavenly Father helped all of those people, He would help her too.

Friend January 2020 “A Nephi Attitude” Bennett was tired and thirsty and not enjoying doing the service project. He wanted to go home but there was still a lot left to do. His mom talked to him about how Nephi had hard things to do like getting the plates from Laban, but he didn’t give up. Bennett liked the idea of being like Nephi. Nephi was strong and brave and good. So he kept working. He was proud of what they had accomplished when they were done. He was glad he had gotten rid of the Laman and Lemuel attitude.

Friend August 2018 “The No-Fighting Promise” After a few days of staying at cousin Timmy’s house, Madi and Timmy start to fight. Timmy suggests they be like the Anti-Nephi-Lehies and make some toy swords and bury them and promise they won’t fight each other anymore. After that they found ways to compromise so they didn’t fight.

Scripture Heroes

Friend June 2017 “Being Like Shiblon” Elder Ringwood’s scripture hero is Shiblon

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