Sabbath Day: Lesson Item 7

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“Sunday Morning Problem”

Friend March 1998 pg. 31

Written by Adrianne Pearson Coleman

Illustrated by Julie F. Young


  • Download this PowerPoint presentation of the story. Read the story out loud, or listen to it being read by clicking on the audio icon on each slide.
  • Or print the story pages. Cut the pictures and the words apart at the dotted lines. Glue each page of words onto the back of its coinciding picture.
  • Items needed: Paper and a pen or marker


  • Have you ever felt like Sunday mornings are chaotic and stressful instead of peaceful and holy?

As you listen to this story see if you can think of some ways to help make Sunday the holy day it should be. (Going in numerical order, show the pictures and read the back story captions to the family.)

After Story Discussion:

  •  Why was Kelly’s mom unhappy at the beginning of the story?
  •  Has anyone in the family ever felt the same way Kelly’s mom felt on Sunday mornings?
  • What do you think Heavenly Father and Jesus want our Sunday mornings to be like?
  • What did Kelly do to help Sundays be a happy, peaceful day?
  • How can you help make Sunday a happy, peaceful, holy day? (Make a list of things the family members mention. Post the list in a place where the family members will see it and be reminded to do the things on it.)

Sabbath Day: Lesson Item 6

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Story Match-Up

“Choosing to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy”


  • Items needed: Two different colors of good quality construction paper – three pages of each color, a display board, and a glue stick.
  • Print the story activity pages. Cut each page in half at the dotted lines. Cut the construction papers in half. Glue each of the story pages to one color of construction paper and each of the picture pages to another color.
  • Before the lesson, post the pictures and stories face down on a display board using sticky tack or some other removable adhesive method.


Explain that on the display board are stories of children choosing to keep the Sabbath Day Holy. Have a family member choose a story card and a picture card from the board. Explain that the object of the game is to find a story card and its matching picture. Have the family member read the story card out loud, or if the story has already been read, have them tell the story again in their own words. If the family member makes a match, then the cards are removed. If a match is not made, the cards are place back into their original position. Continue in this manner, with family members taking turns choosing cards and trying to find matches, until all the matches have been made,

(The stories are from the “Trying to Be Like Jesus” pages of the Friend Magazine.)

Sabbath Day: Stories

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Preparing for the Sabbath

Friend April 2017 “Ready for Church” Ian prepares for church by getting everything set out and ready on Saturday.

Helping on the Sabbath

Friend March 2017 “For Older Kids”

This Sunday I made pancakes. When my family came down, they said thank you. We are usually a little late for church, but we weren’t because I made pancakes. That made me feel good inside. Kyler M., age 10, Switzerland

Keeping Sabbath Holy

Friend January 2019 “An Olympic Decision” In 1924 Eric Liddell was chosen to run the 100 meter in the Olympics, but when he discovered that his race was on Sunday, he changed to a longer, more difficult race on a different day. People were mad at him saying he was betraying his country, but he kept firm to his beliefs. When he ran the race, he broke records and won the gold medal.





Friend April 2018 “Tara’s Sabbath Day” (For Little Ones) The things Tara does to keep the Sabbath day happy and holy.


Friend November 2017 “Primary with the Prophet” When Sam and Martha are too sick to go to church their mom has them do their own Primary at home.





Friend April 2017 “Competing on Sunday” McKay wants to compete in gymnastics at regionals but it is in Sunday. He fasts to decide what to do.





Friend December 2016 “Happy Sabbath: Sunday Stories” Stories of how some children kept the Sabbath Day holy.

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Friend October 2016 “What I Learned from Alex” Alex sets a good example of keeping the Sabbath Day holy.



Friend July 1985 “Treasure Hunt” A family keeps the Sabbath Day holy while on vacation.
 Friend March 2015 “Saturday Sleep and Sunday Smiles” Getting enough sleep night before sunday

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Friend October 2015 “A Winning Decision” – Girl decides not to play soccer on Sunday





Friend October 2015 "A Winning Decision"

Friend October 2015







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When Friends Want to Play on Sabbath

Friend June 2019 “Sharing the Sabbath Day” Alex wants to ride bikes, but Thomas is reading scripture stories with his family. Thomas invites Alex to come listen to the stories with him. (Activity: Alex also helps Thomas draw pictures for his grandma. Find the things they need.)