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History of Primary Songs

Friend October 1984

Friend October 1984 Add song composers/authors as notes and then play the song. Adjust if needed, then add words.

Friend October 1985

Friend October 1985 Matching composer/author with song.

Friend October 1985

Friend October 1985

Friend October 1986

Friend October 1986  Music box memory game.



General Music Activities

Friend May 2017 “Conference Puzzles” Draw a line to finish the song.





Crossword puzzle song review idea– make a crossword puzzle with sentences from the song being reviewed. The missing word in the sentenc will be on the crossword puzzle.  Going in numerical order, have the classes take turns telling what word is missing. If they don’t know what the word is, have everyone sing the song and have the class listen carefully for the word. Have a child from the class fill in the word on the puzzle.







Song Review Ideas

Attach a ribbon to a stick. Have the children sing louder when the stick is waved high and quieter when the stick is waved low.

Friend May 2016 Freeze Dance. Pick one person to be the music master. That person picks songs to play, and everyone else dances to the music. When the music master pauses the song, everyone else freezes! Anyone who moves is out. The last person dancing becomes the new music master, or you can take turns if there is a tie. (Or make it non-competitive and no one gets out. After the song is done a new music master is chosen according to who froze or sang the best.) Download free, fun music at (Could also be used as an activity sing idea to get wiggles out.)







Music in the Home

Friend November 2017 “For Little Ones” Activity ideas for using music in the home.

Winter Wonderland Music Game

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Winter Wonderland Music Game

This week for music time I covered a box with snowflake wrapping paper. Inside the box I had about eight cups of packing foam nuggets/peanuts. On forty-five of the nuggets I had written page numbers of songs the children knew. I also had put a small table fan, face down, in the box. The base of the fan was sticking out the back of the box so I could turn it on and off. When the fan was on high, it would make the peanuts fly around in the air like a snow storm. I had made a window so the children could see the “snow” flying around. I had covered the window opening with a cut open large plastic ziplock bag.  I cut a hole in the side of the box so the children could stick their hands into the box and try and catch a “snowflake”.

We played Name That Tune with the songs. First I had the children find a song. I started the fan and had each child take a turn catching a snowflake until a song number was found. Then after that, each blank snowflake they caught represented a note. When they found another song, that’s where we stopped. The pianist then played the amount of notes they earned (up to five), and the children guessed what song it was.  If they could tell me some words in the song, I let them have it. The person who guessed what song it was got to decide if they wanted to sing that song or not. If the children couldn’t guess what song it was I got to decide if I wanted them to sing the song. 

I wanted each child to have a turn catching the snowflakes, but after that I had one child catch snowflakes until that child found a song. Then I chose another child to be the helper. It went faster that way, and I could choose children that were being reverent to be the helpers.

Note: The bigger packing nuggets I had to cut in half to get them to fly around, but you need to make sure you have a good safety cover on your fan so they don’t get through the grill.

 I got this wonderful idea from Cindee Alexander on Sugardoodle. Thank you Cindee.