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Missionaries Share the Gospel

Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020: Jacob 5-7 Missionaries help God’s children like laborers who care for trees in a vineyard. Help the missionaries find their way through the maze. How do missionaries help God’s children?

Friend July 2019 “Funstuff: Modern Pioneers” Put the pictures in order of a family joining the Church in Nigeria.

Preparing for a Mission

Answering Investigator’s Questions

Friend February 2020 “More Important than Basketball” Game: Play this game to practice sharing the gospel! Cut out the squares and crumple them into balls. Set a bowl at the end of a table or desk. Then take turns shooting the balls into the bowl. When a ball lands in the bowl, open the paper and read the question. Practice answering it as if you were talking to someone who wants to learn more about the Church.

Friend July 1986 Game: Children practice teaching and giving talks.


Sharing the Gospel Now

Friend July 2019 “Coloring Page: Jesus Wants Me to Share the Gospel”

Friend Jan 1981

Friend Jan 1981

Going on a Mission

Friend June 2019 “Find It” Maria and Daniel are from the Philippines. Their grandmother tells them about the  missionary who baptized her. Find nine things below that Maria and Daniel might use on a mission someday.

Friend April 2020 “Learning about the Restoration “The missionaries are teaching this family about how the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored. Find the items below that represent parts of the Restoration.


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Missionary: Lesson Ideas

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Missionary Work Brings Happiness

Being a Missionary Now

Friend May 2019 “Conference Activity Page” Elder Uchtdorf taught five things we can do to help people learn about Jesus. Follow the lines to complete each sentence.

Friend July 2019 “Sharing the Gospel” President Oaks shared some ways we can help share the gospel. Match each picture with the number from President Oaks’s message.

Answering Questions About Church

Friend April 2017 “Question Corner” If a neighbor asked you why you got to church, what would you say?

Friend January 2018 “What’s on Your Mind?” Answering the question “Why does it matter if you keep the commandments?” Aswers could include the following: How would it feel flying with a pilot who didn’t follow the rules of aviation? What about riding on a bus with a driver who didn’t stop at red lights? The commandments help keep us safe.

We Share With Friends

Culture & Traditions (including gospel)

imageimageFriend February 1986imageimageimageimageimageimage

 Ways to Share the Gospel

Friend June 2020 “Finish the Pattern” Four ways we can invite others to learn about the gospel.

Friend July 2019 “What’s on Your Mind?  A child writes this question to the Friend: “I want to be a missionary now! How can I share the gospel with my friends?” The Friend responds with some drawings from another child of ways to share the gospel. They also share the following: When you try to follow Jesus and share His love with others, people will notice your good example.

Friend July 2017 “Hi Friends”

I took my CTR ring and the Friend for show and tell at my preschool. I liked being a missionary!

Lindsay, age 4, North Carolina, USA

Prepared to Be a Missionary Now

Come Follow Me Primary 2020: Introductory Pages Ask the children to pretend you have never heard of the Book of Mormon before. Invite them to work with a partner to think of ways they could explain to you what it is and where it came from, using details from the introduction. Then let each pair take turns teaching you.

Friend February 2016

Friend February 2016

Missionary Traits

Preparing for a Mission

Friend August 1986  Missionary topics to practice teaching.

Friend November 1984

Friend November 1984

Friend October 2015

Friend October 2015 Story about growing up and going on a mission like his brother. Could be used  as object lesson about growing spiritually strong so we are prepared to go on a mission. Feed our spirits with scripture stories, pull out weeds of temptation, etc.

Friend October 2015

Friend October 2015

Friend October 2015

Friend October 2015

Friend October 2015

Friend October 2015

Going on a Mission

Friend October 1988 “For Little Friends: What Missionaries Do”

Friend July 2016 “How Are Missionaries Called”

Supporting Missionaries

Friend May 2017 “Family Night” Writing missionaries and sending cookie care package.

Family Members on a Mission

Friend May 2017 “Family Night” Waiting for someone to come home.

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Missionary: Stories

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Why Share the Gospel

The Gospel Helps with Life’s Problems

Friend September 2018 “No Matter What!” Christian’s friend at school feels useless because she made some mistakes in the school work. Christian tells her about the love of Jesus and that she is a child of God, so she is not useless.  His friend wants to know where he learned that, and she asks her parents for permission  to go to church with Christian.

Friend June 2020 ” Kelly’s Prayer” Kelly didn’t know much about Jesus Christ, but she felt the spirit when she and her mom are invited to go to church. She liked that special feeling and wanted to learn more and take the missionary lessons. The missionaries taught her and eventually challenged her to pray on her own. She prays for help when she feels nervous about a singing competition. Heavenly Father heard her prayer and helped her. She wanted to keep praying every day.

People are Searching for the Gospel

Friend April 2020 “A Church for Zulma” Zulma liked the church she was going to but she felt like there was more truth out there, so her and her brother started searching for it by attending different churches. Eventually they found the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and were baptized.

Missionaries Answer Life’s Questions

Friend November 2017 Elder Parrella once asked his mother if she would still be his mom when they were in heaven. She didn’t know the answer. Later, Elder Parrella was happy to learn from the missionaries that families can be together after this life.

Missionaries Help Generations

Friend November 2016
Friend November 2016

Friend July 2020 “The Surprise Mission Call” Edwin and his wife were from India. They had joined the church while working in Samoa. They wanted their families to learn about the gospel, so they wrote church headquarters to ask for missionaries to be sent there. To their surprise, they were called to as missionaries. They were able to baptize many of their family members and enough people to start a branch by the end of their mission in 1978. Now there are enough members for a temple in India.

 Preparing to be a Missionary

Friend June 2019  (“Show and Tell”) Missionary: “At our family reunion, we did a mini-mission activity. My companion was my cousin, and we taught our uncles and grandma a discussion. It was fun and got me excited to go on a real mission someday!” Calvin M., age 9, Texas, USA

Friend July 2016 “Mini Missionaries” Sam and Lindsey’s mom prepare a mini MTC for them to learn about being missionaries.


Friend February 2016 “Testimony Treasure” Sabrina learns that a testimony is a treasure you want to share with others.


 Being a Missionary Now

Praying for Help

Friend November 2019 “Conference Notes “Every morning she prays for God to help her find someone who needs to hear about the gospel. Then she brings a Book of Mormon or pass-along card to share with them.”

Friend December 2016 “Blessings for Blessy” Blessy, from India, doesn’t have much luck getting friends to go to church with her, so she prays for help, and an opportunity comes to invite her whole school to church to learn more about Christmas.

Ways To Share the Gospel

Give a Friend Magazine

Friend July 2019 “Bike Rack Buddies” Mindy introduced herself to a girl named Madison at the bike rack, and as they talked, religion came up. Mindy asked Madison if she would like a copy of the Friend. Madison accepted and read it, and then Mindy gave her a copy of the New Era. Madison read that too and said she wants to be baptized. Mindy hopes that will happen for Madison someday.

Friend November 2018 “Sharing Friendship” Elenoa’s parents buy extra copies of the Friend when they go to the temple and Elenoa and her sister share the Friend magazine with their friends. (Photos included in article.)

Friend November 2017 “For Older Kids”

One day my mom came home with a few December Friend magazines. I decided to give one to my friend at ballet. She looked excited when she received it. I felt the Spirit when I gave it to her. I hope she feels the Spirit also when she reads it. No one is too young to be a missionary.

Anna W., age 10, Washington, USA

Share the Book of Mormon

Friend November 2019 “Conference Notes” Elder Alliaud talked about staying with his uncle and aunt, before he was a member of the Church. They weren’t allowed to preach the gospel to him, but his room had many copies of the Book of Mormon. He read it in Spanish and prayed about it. The Holy Ghost told him it was true, and he was baptized!

Read the Book of Mormon or Friend Around Others

Friend July 2019 “Show and Tell” :Sometimes at school when I have no work to do, I read the Book of Mormon. When I read it while at school, many kids ask, “What is that?” so I tell them what it is and a little about the gospel. It makes me feel good to share.” Will M., age 12, California, USA

Give a Pass-Along Card

Friend October 2018 “Passing Along God’s Love” Allie wants to build her branch so she shares the gospel by giving a candy bar and a pass-along card to the store clerk whom she bought the candy from.

Be a Friend

Friend July 2018 “A Friend and a Missionary” Juan invited his best friend to lots of church activities and family dinner and family home evening. His friend sees the family praying and learning the gospel at these activities and starts to ask questions.

How to Answer Questions

Friend March 2017 “Matt and Mandy” Matt’s friend asks him why he goes to church so much.

Friend January 2018 “An Answer For Lucia”  Lucia asks the missionaries why some scriptures (and religions) make it sound like Heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are the same person. The missionaries use scriptures to show that they are one in purpose.

Are you a Christian?

Friend July 2019 “I’m Christian” Poem about the ways we are Christians.


Name of the Church

Friend July 2019 “It is His Church” When Taniela B. Wakolo of the Seventy was learning about the church, the missionaries asked him what he would name his grocery store if he had one. He said he would call after his name because it would be his store. They then ask who a church should be name after. He knew that the true Church would be named after Jesus because it’s His Church.  (Activity: In any language, the Church is still named after Jesus Christ. Match each language with the Church’s name in that language.

Inviting a Friend to Church

Friend August 2018 “Show and Tell”

I was nervous starting Cub Scouts, so I invited my friend to come with me. I am a missionary just like my older brothers!

William T., age 10, Alberta, Canada

Invite a Friend to Special Events

Friend July 2019 “Will You Come to My Baptism” Oliver tells everyone about his upcoming baptism and invites them to it. He likes being a missionary.

Friend February 2019 “Show and Tell” Before my baptism, I asked my friends from school who don’t go to our church if they would come, and they said yes! I was happy to see them at my baptism and know they supported me! Alison H., age 8, California, USA

Sometimes the Answer is No

Friend May 2020 “Conference Notes” Elder Christofferson talked about a family who invited their neighbor to home evenings and baptisms. They called him “Uncle Jonathan.” He didn’t want to join the Church. But they kept loving, helping, and spending time with him. Twenty years later, he was baptized! This teaches me:




Share Your Testimony

Friend November 2019 “Jesus is Real” Everyone at Ismay’s table at school were excitedly talking about Christmas and their favorite traditions such as going to a church service. Suddenly Charlotte spoke up and said, “Jesus isn’t even real.” Ismay was sad to hear this and she quietly bore her testimony to Charlotte that Jesus was real, and that she felt it in her heart. She was glad she had spoken up and planted a seed about Jesus.

Sometimes We are Planting Seeds

Friend November 2017 “The Ripple Effect” Ryan gives his friend a Book of Mormon but is afraid Matt won’t  read it. His mother explains that sometimes you can’t always see the impact right away, but little actions make a big difference.

Helping New Members & Being a Good Example

We share the gospel because we love and care about others

Friend November 1988 “The Lantern, the Moon Cake, and the Book” A boy gives his new friend a Book of Mormon as a way to love his neighbor.

Friend September 1988 “Missionary Book Report” A boy gives a book report about the Book of Mormon.

The Spirit Guides

Friend November 2016  “Abish and Abby” Abby, like Abish, knows when it is time to share the gospel with her neighbors.


Speak Up When Opportunities Arise

Friend August 2017 “At school we did state reports. My friend reported on Utah and said that it was first settled by Mormons. I said I was a Mormon and shared my beliefs with my friends at school, which made me happy!” Eliza D., age 10, Pennsylvania, USA

Share the Gospel through Love and Example

Friend July 2017 “Bright Examples” Two stories about ways to be a missionary.

Friend September 2016 “A Gift for Lane” Addie gives a Book of Mormon to her friend, Lane, but Lane’s parents won’t let her read it. Addie is sad. (Finish the end yourself story, or read other’s ideas on how to finish the story here.)


Friend May 2016  “A Tower for King Benjamin”  Brady tells his friend, Jamie, about Book of Mormon heroes as they play.


Friend December 2017 “Be Brave and Share” Elder Pieper’s family shared the gospel wherever they lived.

Friend September 2016 “Show and Tell” Individual stories of children being missionaries such as sharing their Friend magazine at school or going with the missionaries to teach.

Friend May 2016 “Better then Hopscotch” Emma tells her friends about the church. Years later, Emma’s friend remembers and wants to know more about the church.


Friend March 2016 “One Piece of Candy” Jose gives away his coffee flavored candy, and when a friend wants to know why, he shares the gospel.

Friend March 2016
Friend March 2016

Friend October 1987 “Peace, My Brother” A family writes their testimonies in Book of Mormons, and they receive letters back about the results.


Friend July 2016 Primary children from the Kirtland Ward, Kirtland Ohio Stake, USA, marched in the City of Kirtland Strawberry Festival. They showed photos from ward members’ ancestors on their “family tree.” They also handed out almost 900 pass-along cards.

Friend October 1988 “Eye to Eye” Andy learns in Primary that every member should be a missionary, but he doesn’t know how, so he asks his friend Mr. Weber, who is bedridden, and he learns that he has been a missionary by his kind acts of visiting Mr. Weber.

Friend September 2016 “BEE-ing a Missionary” Jesse does a school project on the beehive state, Utah.

Friend July 2016 “Want to Come to Church” Emma invites her cousin’s boyfriend to church. Because of that one simple question he is baptized and the couple are able to marry in the temple.

Friend March 1983 – “The Seaweed Boy” – Boy inspired to share gospel with a boy who is sometimes mean.

Friend Feb 1983– “A Good Neighbor” – Boy does service for new neighbors and invites them to church

Friend December 1983 – “The Offering” – Boy shares bible and passage about life after death with a sad man who lost a son in a war.

Friend May 1984 – “Grandpa’s Trunk” – Boy Shares gospel with his grandfather by inviting him to hear his Primary talk.

Friend February 1987 “Forever Family” A family uses their sealing in the temple as an opportunity to share the gospel with other family members.

Friend February 1985 “Best Friends”- Boy invites neighbor  friend to Primary sacrament program

Friend February 1985 "Best Friends"
Friend February 1985
Friend February 1985 "Best Friends"
Friend February 1985
Friend February 1985 "Best Friends"
Friend February 1985

Friend October 2015 “My Golden Ribbon Dance”- Girl shares her testimony in a dance using church pictures and music.

Friend October 1984 “A Very Good Day” -A wife who lost a husband mourns and searches for a church that teaches about life after death.

Friend October 2015 – “Matt & Mandy” – Matt tries to figure out how to be a missionary to his friend.

Friend August 1986 “Bi Hsia’s Goose” A Taiwanese girl doesn’t think a missionary from the affluent US could  ever accept her people and their customs, but his considerate service changes her mind.

Friend August 1986  “Last Day Kids” Ryan tries to share the gospel with his friend, but the friend teases him and other kids hear. One of those wants to go to church with Ryan.

image imageimageimage






 Prepared to Be a Missionary Now

FriendFebruary2016 A man carries a Book of Mormon daily and prays to meet someone prepared to accept gospel.



Preparing to Go on Mission

Save for a Mission

Friend January 2019 “The Ice-Candy Mission Fund” Jared makes and sells coconut ice candy to earn money for his mission. (Recipe for coconut ice candy)

Going on a Mission

Friend February 2020 “More Important than Basketball” When Elder Taylor was young he loved basketball. His oldest brother loved it too. He had to decide whether to serve a mission or keep playing on his college team. He decided to go when he realized his example would affect his younger siblings. A college roommate also explained that making a winning shot in basketball can’t compare to how it feels to teach and baptize someone on a mission.

Game: Play this game to practice sharing the gospel! Cut out the squares and crumple them into balls. Set a bowl at the end of a table or desk. Then take turns shooting the balls into the bowl. When a ball lands in the bowl, open the paper and read the question. Practice answering it as if you were talking to someone who wants to learn more about the Church.

Friend June 2017 “Being Like Shiblon”

Sacrifices and Blessings

Friend August 2018 “Soccer and Sundays” When Elder Klebingat was young, soccer was his life. After he joined the church he learned that he shouldn’t play soccer on Sundays, and he should go on a mission. He got an offer to play professionally, but he went on a mission instead because he knew the church was true.

Friend April 2018 “A Long Shot: part one” When Elder Condie gave up basketball to go on a mission, he didn’t know if he would ever play again, but then he was invited to form a missionary team to help prepare Australia’s basketball team for the Olympics. He and his fellow missionaries were able to be public ambassadors for the church. May 2018 “One Shot at a Time: Part Two”


Friend April 2015 “The Titanic and the Telegram” Six missionaries that are booked on the Titanic have to take a different ship home when one missionary is delayed.

Friend July 2017 “Don’t Stop Seeking. President Uchdorf tells about two missionaries who knocked on every door in an apartment building. Nobody was interested until the last door. The last door was the family of Pres. Uchdorf’s future wife. He says we should perservere and not stop seeking to get close to the Lord.

People Searching for the Gospel

Friend July 2018 “A Forever Feeling” Mia wants a forever family like her friend Zoey’s. Zoey’s home feels warm and happy. Mia and her family learn about the gospel and are baptized and sealed in the temple.

Friend October 1988 “Conversion in Honduras” A child tells Senora Chali about the Book of Mormon and she wants to read it. Eventually missionaries give her a copy, and she reads it and knows it is true but has to wait for missionaries to come again.

Friend October 1988 “Pulling in the Gospel Net” A mother superior nun joins the church.

Missionaries Teach

Friend April 2017 “Mia’s First Sacrament” Mia learns about the sacrament when she goes to church with the missionaries.

Family Members on Missions

Friend May 2017 “Missionary Shoes” Dallin wants to be just like his uncle and serve a mission and work hard to find people to teach.




Friend June 1988 “A Special Way to Serve” Philippe and Chantal’s grandparents are going on a mission, and they are setting a good example for their grandchildren.

Friend May 2016 “Mission Building Blocks” Caden’s grandma gives him 730 blocks and a building pad. She tells him to put one block on for every day his uncle is on his mission.


Friend December 1985 “Greg’s Christmas” Greg misses his grandparents at Christmas, but he gets a letter from a family they helped convert and it helps him understand the wonderful work they are doing.



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Missionary: Clipart

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Friend April 2015

Friend April 2015

Friend June 2015

Friend June 2015

Friend August 1983

Friend August 1983

Friend August 1983

Friend August 1983

Friend February 1986imageimage

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Lesson 17 – Ammon – A Mighty Missionary

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Lesson 17
Ammon – A Mighty Missionary

• Items needed: several wrapped treats, a plate or platter for the treats, tape, marbles (or some other small, heavy  items), a few small vegetables, a Kleenex, a large rubber band, a large clear vase or jar, 26 inches of cord or twine, a small piece of thick cloth, several four inch square pieces of paper, and some thick thread.
• Print and cut out the activity visual aids. Tape each gospel blessing card to a wrapped treat.
• Tape the pictures of the sheep to the inside of the large clear vase. Separate the two layers of a Kleenex sheet. Cover the top opening of the vase with one layer of the Kleenex. Put a large rubber band around the Kleenex to secure it. The Kleenex should be stretched tight across the opening of the vase.
• Print the scripture story visual aids. Cut the pages in half, and number the back of each page to help keep them in the correct order. (The scripture story visuals come from chapter twenty-three of Book of Mormon Stories.)
• Make an example slingshot. Cut two, thirteen inch pieces of cord or twine. Cut out a piece of thick cloth 1¾ inches by 4 inches. Put one inch of the cord on top of one end of the fabric. Gather the fabric around the cord end and tightly wrap a piece of tape around it. Wrap thick thread around the tape several times and tie it off. Do the same with the other piece of cord and the other end of the fabric. The fabric should form a pocket when you are done. Also make several paper balls by tightly crumpling 4 inch square pieces of paper. Try out the slingshot by using the instructions found in the lesson.

Attention Activity
Show the children the treat you brought. Point out how wonderful and mouth watering it looks. Take a bite and describe the texture and flavor; tell them how delicious it is. Ask the children how they would feel if you ate the treat in front of them and didn’t share.

Show the treats with the gospel blessing labels attached. Explain to the children that the labeled treats represent the many blessings they enjoy because they are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Read the labels to the children. Ask if it would be fair or right if we kept the blessings of the gospel to ourselves and didn’t share with anyone else.

• Tell the children that you brought treats to share with each of them. Ask how that makes them feel. Inform the children that in today’s lesson they will learn of the joy experienced by the Lamanites when a missionary named Ammon shared the gospel with them.

Ammon was one of the sons of Mosiah. The sons of Mosiah desired to share the joy of redemption they had found in the gospel. They had sinned much in their youth. They had felt the sorrow and suffering that occurs when someone realizes the awfulness of their sins. They wanted to go on a mission and teach repentance to the Lamanites because they could not bear the thought of any human soul suffering the consequences of sin.

• If you were given the choice between serving a mission to a people who regarded you as their enemy or becoming a king with great power and honor, which would you choose? Mosiah was king of the Nephites and his sons were the heirs to the throne, but the sons of Mosiah gave up the throne to serve a mission to the Lamanites. Mosiah’s sons were taking on a very difficult task. The Lamanites were a wild and ferocious people, and they hated the Nephites.

Before leaving on their mission, the sons of Mosiah prepared diligently. They searched the scriptures, fasted, and prayed.

• Why did they search the scriptures, fast, and pray to prepare for their mission? (To help the children learn the answer to this question have them do the following role play activity.)

Role Play Activity
Choose a child to pretend to be an investigator, and give that child the list of questions they will ask. Have the other children take turns pretending to be missionary companions responding to the investigator’s questions. When they are done, ask the children if it was hard to answer the questions.

• How can someone gain the knowledge to answer those kinds of questions? Missionaries must study the scriptures to gain a knowledge and understanding of the gospel, and they must fast and pray for divine help in teaching and testifying about those gospel precepts.

The sons of Mosiah had searched the scriptures, fasted, and prayed so they could effectively teach the gospel with the Spirit and bring the Lamanites to a knowledge of the truth.

Scripture Story
Tell the following story using the pictures from chapter twenty-three of Book of Mormon Stories as visual aids. (Optional activity: Put the pictures on the board in random order and have the children choose a picture that depicts what happens next after each story part is told.)

When the sons of Mosiah arrived in the land of the Lamanites they separated and went to different parts of the land.

One of the sons, whose name was Ammon, went to the land of Ishmael. As he entered the land of Ishmael the Lamanites took him, bound him, and carried him before their king to decide whether he should be killed, imprisoned, or thrown out of their land. The king’s name was Lamoni.

Ammon told the king he wanted to dwell among the Lamanites. King Lamoni was so pleased with Ammon that he offered Ammon one of his daughters as a wife. Ammon declined the generous offer and said he would be the king’s servant. The king assigned him to help watch the flocks.

As Ammon and the other servants were driving the flocks to water, thieving Lamanites scattered the king’s flocks to plunder them. The servants were afraid. They said the king would kill them because the flocks were scattered and lost. They were so afraid they wept.

• In Alma 17:29 it says that Ammon’s heart swelled with joy when he saw the fears of the servants. Why do you think he felt that way? Ammon was looking for an opportunity to win the hearts of the servants and show them the power of God.

Ammon convinced the servants to search for the flocks and gather them back together. After they had gathered the flocks, the wicked Lamanites sought to scatter them again because they delighted in the destruction of others. Ammon told the servants to watch the flocks and that he would go and contend with the evil, trouble causing Lamanites.

The wicked Lamanites did not fear him. They thought one of their men could easily slay Ammon. Ammon began to cast stones at them with his sling.

• How does a sling work? Show the children the example sling you made. Demonstrate how to use it by holding one string firmly in your fist. Hold the other string in the same hand between your thumb and index finger. Put a paper ball in the pouch of the sling. Whirl the sling around your head and let go of the string between your thumb and index finger. Hold the other string tightly. Let a few of the class members try and throw a paper ball at a target. Ask them if it was difficult. (Teaching the Scripture Readers pg.75)

Ammon was probably very practiced at using a sling, but he also had the power of God with him. Ammon cast the stones with so much power and accuracy that he killed several of the evil Lamanites who were maliciously trying to destroy him and his companions.

The wicked Lamanites were astonished at Ammon’s power, but they were also angry because he had slain some of their companions They tried to throw stones at Ammon. They could not hit him because he was under the Lord’s protection, so they attacked him with their clubs. With his sword, Ammon smote off the arm of every man that lifted his club to smite him. The wicked Lamanites ran away in fear.

The servants told the king what had happened, and they showed him the arms that had been smitten off by Ammon. When the king learned of the faithfulness of Ammon in preserving his flocks, and had heard of his great power in contending against those who sought to slay him, he was astonished. The king thought Alma was more than a man, that he must be the Great Spirit.

Lamoni asked the servants where Ammon was. When Lamoni heard that Ammon was carrying out his orders to prepare the horses and chariots, he was even more astonished because of the faithfulness and diligence of Ammon.

When Ammon finished preparing the horses and chariots, he went to the king to ask what the king desired him to do next. The king did not answer him. Ammon, being filled with the Spirit of God, perceived the thoughts of the king. He asked the king why he was marveling at the deeds he had done. King Lamoni was astonished even more because Ammon could discern his thoughts.

King Lamoni asked Ammon if he was the Great Spirit. Ammon told him he was not, that he was just a man. Lamoni wanted to know by what power Ammon was able to do the things he had done.

Ammon taught Lamoni of God and told him that the Lord had given him the power to contend with the wicked Lamanites. Ammon also taught Lamoni many other things about God and about the words of God found in the scriptures. The king believed his words, and he cried unto the Lord for mercy and forgiveness.

• Would the king have listened to Ammon’s message if Ammon had tried to teach him the first time they had met? Why not? The king didn’t know Ammon then. He might not have trusted or believed the message because he didn’t know what Ammon’s intentions were.

• Why did the king believe Ammon after seeing his actions? Through Ammon’s actions the king got to know that Ammon sincerely cared about his welfare and the welfare of his servants. He came to trust Ammon.

When the king cried to the Lord for mercy, he fell to the earth as if he were dead. Lamoni lay as if he were dead for two days and nights. His wife and children mourned over him.

The servants were about to take his body to be buried, but Lamoni’s wife did not believe that her husband was dead. She sent for Ammon. Ammon told the queen that the king was not dead, and that on the next day he would rise.

The next day Lamoni rose according to the words of Ammon. The king said, “Blessed be the name of God.” Then he told the queen that he had seen the redeemer. He was filled with great joy.

Lamoni taught his people about Jesus Christ and God. Many who heard his words were converted. Those who believed were baptized and they became a righteous people.

The Savior once told his disciples, “Feed my sheep”, which means to teach the people and feed them spiritual food. While Ammon was on his mission to the Lamanites, not only did he feed and take care of the king’s flocks he also fed the people of the land spiritually.

• Remind the children of the treats at the beginning of the lesson, and ask if they remember what the treats represent. (The gospel blessings) Explain to the children that the Lord has asked us to share the gospel with others and help feed his children spiritual food so they can enjoy the blessings of the gospel too.

• Do you have to be an adult before you can be a missionary? Latter day prophets have told us that every person in the church should be a missionary. We should all share the gospel with the people we know and associate with.

Show the container with the sheep inside it. Point out the Kleenex, and explain that it represents the barrier that people put up against things they don’t trust or understand. Put some vegetables onto the Kleenex, and tell the children the vegetables represent the gospel, which is food for our spirits.

Tell the children they are going to do an activity where they will share ways to help feed Heavenly Father’s children. Remind the children of Ammon’s example and how he showed the king that he cared and that he could be trusted. Have the children think of ways they can show neighbors and friends that they care about them and that they are trustworthy. Also have the children think of ways they can be good examples of gospel standards. Have them take turns telling their ideas and then putting a marble or other weighted item on the Kleenex. (Eventually the barrier will break and the food will pour out.) (If the items you chose aren’t very heavy, have the children put several on the Kleenex each time they give an answer. Experiment with this activity before teaching the lesson.)

Explain to the children that each of our actions makes an impression, and when people realize they can trust us and that we care about them, then the barriers will come down and a way will open for us to share with them the spiritual food of the gospel.

Weekly Reading Assignment Remind the children to do their scripture reading assignment for this week: Alma 17:19-39, Alma 18:8-43 and Alma 19:1-36


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Missionary #1

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Why Share the Gospel –  Activity

• Items needed: A gift bag or gift box, paper and pencils, scriptures

Attention Activity
Show the family the gift bag/box. Hand out a paper and pencil to each person. Have the family members write down what they think would be the greatest gift they could give to someone. Collect the papers and put them in the gift bag/box. Pull out one response at a time, and read and discuss the responses. (Make sure to point out the positive of each person’s response, such as fun, needed, useful, long lasting, etc)

Have the family look up and read D&C 14:7 – “If you keep my commandments and endure to the end you shall have eternal life, which gift is the greatest of all the gifts of God.”

God has given us many wonderful things on this earth, but according to this scripture the gift of eternal life is better than anything we could ever receive on earth. Eternal life (or exaltation) is to live in God’s presence and live the kind of life He has.

We can not give someone eternal life, but we can share something with others that will help them get on the path towards gaining eternal life.

• What do you think that is? The gospel (The gospel is all the doctrines, laws, and ordinances needed to gain eternal life.)

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Missionary #2

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Why Share the Gospel – Scripture Story and Object Lesson


  • Print pictures from Doctrine-and-Covenant-Stories. Divide each picture page by cutting on the dotted lines.
  • Gather ingredients to make a chocolate cake. Also collect a mixing bowl, a spoon, and a few extra odd items such as pickles, mustard, etc.


Scripture Story – Apostasy and Restoration

 (Teach the following story using the pictures from Doctrine and Covenants Stories as visual aids.  Read the following corresponding text as you show the pictures to the family.)

#1) The gospel has been on the earth since the time of Adam, whenever there has been a righteous man who has authority to administer in God’s name, and a people who are willing to listen to and accept the gospel.

#2) When people reject and rebel against the commandments of God, they are in a state of apostasy (a turning away from truth). They lose the blessings of divine guidance and authority. This happened several times during the Old Testament time period. Another time period apostasy occurred was after the Savior was resurrected.

#3) After Jesus’ death and resurrection, the apostles continued to teach people about Jesus and his gospel. Many people joined the church, but soon apostasy began to creep into the church. Some of the people began to turn away from the truth and teach false ideas based on their old religious beliefs.

#4) During this time period, there was also persecution going on from outside the church. Many church members were persecuted and killed because of their beliefs. One by one the apostles were all killed by these persecutors.  After the apostles died, the priesthood keys and authority were no longer on the earth.  Because of the wicked state of the people, they were not restored to the earth at that time. Without prophets and apostles to lead and guide, more and more error crept into church doctrine. Knowledge and understanding about many important doctrines were lost, including the knowledge of the purpose of life.

#5) Ordinances were also changed. Baptisms began to be preformed on babies instead of waiting until a child had grown to the age of accountability. Baptisms also began to be done by sprinkling water instead of  by immersion.  Because of the changes to doctrine and ordinances, and the loss of priesthood keys and authority, the true church was no longer on the earth.

Object Lesson

Show the family the chocolate cake ingredients you gathered. Tell them you don’t have the recipe, but  it doesn’t matter because you think you can remember how to do it. Tell them you also want to make a few changes and add some things to the cake that you think will make it taste better.  Mix ingredients in random amounts, and add a few of the extra items.  Ask the family if they think your concoction will make a delicious chocolate cake? Why not? Without the right ingredients and recipe, the end result won’t be as hoped for.

Tell the family that just as the cake needed the correct ingredients, it is also necessary for a church to consist of the correct components, which includes correct doctrines and ordinances, and power and authority from God.

  •  How and when was the gospel of Jesus Christ restored to the earth again?  In 1830, through Joseph Smith


#6) When Joseph Smith was young, he noticed how the different churches interpreted the same things in different ways. He wanted to know which of all the teachings and churches were correct.

#7) As he prayed for an answer, God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him. The restoration process then began. Joseph Smith, who had been chosen for this responsiblity because of his faithfulness in the preexistence, helped restore the gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth once again.  Because of the restoration we now have vital truths, knowledge, and the true priesthood authority that had been lost.

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Missionary #5 – Song

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“Because I Have Been Given Much” – Hymn # 219 (First verse)


  • Print the song pictures. Cut out the boy and girl figures, the word strips, the word bubble, and the gift boxes. Fold the box lids on the lines and glue or tape the lid down.
  • Items needed: a display board, tape to post pictures on the display board, a CD player, and the music CD’s of the hymns. (This song is not on the church website because of copyright issues, but CD’s of the hymns can be found at meeting house libraries or church distribution centers.)


Song Instructions

Post the main picture of the two girls on the display board. After discussing a line of the song, put up the word strip under the picture.  Also add the pictures called for that go with that line.

Because I have been given much

Discussion – Ask the family what are some of the gifts and blessings we enjoy because we are members of the restored church of Jesus Christ?

Picture – As the family gives their answers, put  a couple of the gift pictures next to the child with the scriptures. 


I too must give.

Discussion – Because we have been given the knowledge of the gospel, we  must share that gift with others so they too can enjoy the blessings of the gospel.

Picture -Take one of the gifts off and put it next to the other child.


Because of thy great bounty Lord

Discussion – Bounty means generosity.

Picture – Put two more gifts next to the child with the scriptures to represent bounty.


Each day I live.

Discussion – Because of these gospel gifts, we live in happiness. Point out how happy the girl on the right looks, and that she wants to share that happiness with her friend.

Picture – Point to the girl’s happy face.


I shall divide my gifts from thee

Picture – Put one of the gifts over by the child on the left.


With every brother that I see,

Discussion – Who are our brothers and sisters? (Everyone in the world, because we are all sons and daughters of Heavenly Father. )

Picture – Put the other children next to the child on the left.


Who has the need of help from me.

Discussion – Why would others have need of help from you to learn about the gospel?   (In D&C 123:12 it says that they are kept from truth because they know not where to find it.)

Picture – Put up word bubble next to the children on the left.


Sing the Song.

Use the CD for accompaniment. Take off the pictures before singing the song, and add them as you sing.

After singing, remind the family what the first two lines of the song are, and then take those word strips off. Using the picture aids as reminders, sing the song again. Do this with each two lines of the song until the family can sing the song without word reminders.   



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