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Why Share the Gospel

The Gospel Helps with Life’s Problems

Friend September 2018 “No Matter What!” Christian’s friend at school feels useless because she made some mistakes in the school work. Christian tells her about the love of Jesus and that she is a child of God, so she is not useless.  His friend wants to know where he learned that, and she asks her parents for permission  to go to church with Christian.

Friend June 2020 ” Kelly’s Prayer” Kelly didn’t know much about Jesus Christ, but she felt the spirit when she and her mom are invited to go to church. She liked that special feeling and wanted to learn more and take the missionary lessons. The missionaries taught her and eventually challenged her to pray on her own. She prays for help when she feels nervous about a singing competition. Heavenly Father heard her prayer and helped her. She wanted to keep praying every day.

People are Searching for the Gospel

Friend April 2020 “A Church for Zulma” Zulma liked the church she was going to but she felt like there was more truth out there, so her and her brother started searching for it by attending different churches. Eventually they found the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and were baptized.

Missionaries Answer Life’s Questions

Friend November 2017 Elder Parrella once asked his mother if she would still be his mom when they were in heaven. She didn’t know the answer. Later, Elder Parrella was happy to learn from the missionaries that families can be together after this life.

Missionaries Help Generations

Friend November 2016
Friend November 2016

Friend July 2020 “The Surprise Mission Call” Edwin and his wife were from India. They had joined the church while working in Samoa. They wanted their families to learn about the gospel, so they wrote church headquarters to ask for missionaries to be sent there. To their surprise, they were called to as missionaries. They were able to baptize many of their family members and enough people to start a branch by the end of their mission in 1978. Now there are enough members for a temple in India.

 Preparing to be a Missionary

Friend June 2019  (“Show and Tell”) Missionary: “At our family reunion, we did a mini-mission activity. My companion was my cousin, and we taught our uncles and grandma a discussion. It was fun and got me excited to go on a real mission someday!” Calvin M., age 9, Texas, USA

Friend July 2016 “Mini Missionaries” Sam and Lindsey’s mom prepare a mini MTC for them to learn about being missionaries.


Friend February 2016 “Testimony Treasure” Sabrina learns that a testimony is a treasure you want to share with others.


 Being a Missionary Now

Praying for Help

Friend November 2019 “Conference Notes “Every morning she prays for God to help her find someone who needs to hear about the gospel. Then she brings a Book of Mormon or pass-along card to share with them.”

Friend December 2016 “Blessings for Blessy” Blessy, from India, doesn’t have much luck getting friends to go to church with her, so she prays for help, and an opportunity comes to invite her whole school to church to learn more about Christmas.

Ways To Share the Gospel

Give a Friend Magazine

Friend July 2019 “Bike Rack Buddies” Mindy introduced herself to a girl named Madison at the bike rack, and as they talked, religion came up. Mindy asked Madison if she would like a copy of the Friend. Madison accepted and read it, and then Mindy gave her a copy of the New Era. Madison read that too and said she wants to be baptized. Mindy hopes that will happen for Madison someday.

Friend November 2018 “Sharing Friendship” Elenoa’s parents buy extra copies of the Friend when they go to the temple and Elenoa and her sister share the Friend magazine with their friends. (Photos included in article.)

Friend November 2017 “For Older Kids”

One day my mom came home with a few December Friend magazines. I decided to give one to my friend at ballet. She looked excited when she received it. I felt the Spirit when I gave it to her. I hope she feels the Spirit also when she reads it. No one is too young to be a missionary.

Anna W., age 10, Washington, USA

Share the Book of Mormon

Friend November 2019 “Conference Notes” Elder Alliaud talked about staying with his uncle and aunt, before he was a member of the Church. They weren’t allowed to preach the gospel to him, but his room had many copies of the Book of Mormon. He read it in Spanish and prayed about it. The Holy Ghost told him it was true, and he was baptized!

Read the Book of Mormon or Friend Around Others

Friend July 2019 “Show and Tell” :Sometimes at school when I have no work to do, I read the Book of Mormon. When I read it while at school, many kids ask, “What is that?” so I tell them what it is and a little about the gospel. It makes me feel good to share.” Will M., age 12, California, USA

Give a Pass-Along Card

Friend October 2018 “Passing Along God’s Love” Allie wants to build her branch so she shares the gospel by giving a candy bar and a pass-along card to the store clerk whom she bought the candy from.

Be a Friend

Friend July 2018 “A Friend and a Missionary” Juan invited his best friend to lots of church activities and family dinner and family home evening. His friend sees the family praying and learning the gospel at these activities and starts to ask questions.

How to Answer Questions

Friend March 2017 “Matt and Mandy” Matt’s friend asks him why he goes to church so much.

Friend January 2018 “An Answer For Lucia”  Lucia asks the missionaries why some scriptures (and religions) make it sound like Heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are the same person. The missionaries use scriptures to show that they are one in purpose.

Are you a Christian?

Friend July 2019 “I’m Christian” Poem about the ways we are Christians.


Name of the Church

Friend July 2019 “It is His Church” When Taniela B. Wakolo of the Seventy was learning about the church, the missionaries asked him what he would name his grocery store if he had one. He said he would call after his name because it would be his store. They then ask who a church should be name after. He knew that the true Church would be named after Jesus because it’s His Church.  (Activity: In any language, the Church is still named after Jesus Christ. Match each language with the Church’s name in that language.

Inviting a Friend to Church

Friend August 2018 “Show and Tell”

I was nervous starting Cub Scouts, so I invited my friend to come with me. I am a missionary just like my older brothers!

William T., age 10, Alberta, Canada

Invite a Friend to Special Events

Friend July 2019 “Will You Come to My Baptism” Oliver tells everyone about his upcoming baptism and invites them to it. He likes being a missionary.

Friend February 2019 “Show and Tell” Before my baptism, I asked my friends from school who don’t go to our church if they would come, and they said yes! I was happy to see them at my baptism and know they supported me! Alison H., age 8, California, USA

Sometimes the Answer is No

Friend May 2020 “Conference Notes” Elder Christofferson talked about a family who invited their neighbor to home evenings and baptisms. They called him “Uncle Jonathan.” He didn’t want to join the Church. But they kept loving, helping, and spending time with him. Twenty years later, he was baptized! This teaches me:




Share Your Testimony

Friend November 2019 “Jesus is Real” Everyone at Ismay’s table at school were excitedly talking about Christmas and their favorite traditions such as going to a church service. Suddenly Charlotte spoke up and said, “Jesus isn’t even real.” Ismay was sad to hear this and she quietly bore her testimony to Charlotte that Jesus was real, and that she felt it in her heart. She was glad she had spoken up and planted a seed about Jesus.

Sometimes We are Planting Seeds

Friend November 2017 “The Ripple Effect” Ryan gives his friend a Book of Mormon but is afraid Matt won’t  read it. His mother explains that sometimes you can’t always see the impact right away, but little actions make a big difference.

Helping New Members & Being a Good Example

We share the gospel because we love and care about others

Friend November 1988 “The Lantern, the Moon Cake, and the Book” A boy gives his new friend a Book of Mormon as a way to love his neighbor.

Friend September 1988 “Missionary Book Report” A boy gives a book report about the Book of Mormon.

The Spirit Guides

Friend November 2016  “Abish and Abby” Abby, like Abish, knows when it is time to share the gospel with her neighbors.


Speak Up When Opportunities Arise

Friend August 2017 “At school we did state reports. My friend reported on Utah and said that it was first settled by Mormons. I said I was a Mormon and shared my beliefs with my friends at school, which made me happy!” Eliza D., age 10, Pennsylvania, USA

Share the Gospel through Love and Example

Friend July 2017 “Bright Examples” Two stories about ways to be a missionary.

Friend September 2016 “A Gift for Lane” Addie gives a Book of Mormon to her friend, Lane, but Lane’s parents won’t let her read it. Addie is sad. (Finish the end yourself story, or read other’s ideas on how to finish the story here.)


Friend May 2016  “A Tower for King Benjamin”  Brady tells his friend, Jamie, about Book of Mormon heroes as they play.


Friend December 2017 “Be Brave and Share” Elder Pieper’s family shared the gospel wherever they lived.

Friend September 2016 “Show and Tell” Individual stories of children being missionaries such as sharing their Friend magazine at school or going with the missionaries to teach.

Friend May 2016 “Better then Hopscotch” Emma tells her friends about the church. Years later, Emma’s friend remembers and wants to know more about the church.


Friend March 2016 “One Piece of Candy” Jose gives away his coffee flavored candy, and when a friend wants to know why, he shares the gospel.

Friend March 2016
Friend March 2016

Friend October 1987 “Peace, My Brother” A family writes their testimonies in Book of Mormons, and they receive letters back about the results.


Friend July 2016 Primary children from the Kirtland Ward, Kirtland Ohio Stake, USA, marched in the City of Kirtland Strawberry Festival. They showed photos from ward members’ ancestors on their “family tree.” They also handed out almost 900 pass-along cards.

Friend October 1988 “Eye to Eye” Andy learns in Primary that every member should be a missionary, but he doesn’t know how, so he asks his friend Mr. Weber, who is bedridden, and he learns that he has been a missionary by his kind acts of visiting Mr. Weber.

Friend September 2016 “BEE-ing a Missionary” Jesse does a school project on the beehive state, Utah.

Friend July 2016 “Want to Come to Church” Emma invites her cousin’s boyfriend to church. Because of that one simple question he is baptized and the couple are able to marry in the temple.

Friend March 1983 – “The Seaweed Boy” – Boy inspired to share gospel with a boy who is sometimes mean.

Friend Feb 1983– “A Good Neighbor” – Boy does service for new neighbors and invites them to church

Friend December 1983 – “The Offering” – Boy shares bible and passage about life after death with a sad man who lost a son in a war.

Friend May 1984 – “Grandpa’s Trunk” – Boy Shares gospel with his grandfather by inviting him to hear his Primary talk.

Friend February 1987 “Forever Family” A family uses their sealing in the temple as an opportunity to share the gospel with other family members.

Friend February 1985 “Best Friends”- Boy invites neighbor  friend to Primary sacrament program

Friend February 1985 "Best Friends"
Friend February 1985
Friend February 1985 "Best Friends"
Friend February 1985
Friend February 1985 "Best Friends"
Friend February 1985

Friend October 2015 “My Golden Ribbon Dance”- Girl shares her testimony in a dance using church pictures and music.

Friend October 1984 “A Very Good Day” -A wife who lost a husband mourns and searches for a church that teaches about life after death.

Friend October 2015 – “Matt & Mandy” – Matt tries to figure out how to be a missionary to his friend.

Friend August 1986 “Bi Hsia’s Goose” A Taiwanese girl doesn’t think a missionary from the affluent US could  ever accept her people and their customs, but his considerate service changes her mind.

Friend August 1986  “Last Day Kids” Ryan tries to share the gospel with his friend, but the friend teases him and other kids hear. One of those wants to go to church with Ryan.

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 Prepared to Be a Missionary Now

FriendFebruary2016 A man carries a Book of Mormon daily and prays to meet someone prepared to accept gospel.



Preparing to Go on Mission

Save for a Mission

Friend January 2019 “The Ice-Candy Mission Fund” Jared makes and sells coconut ice candy to earn money for his mission. (Recipe for coconut ice candy)

Going on a Mission

Friend February 2020 “More Important than Basketball” When Elder Taylor was young he loved basketball. His oldest brother loved it too. He had to decide whether to serve a mission or keep playing on his college team. He decided to go when he realized his example would affect his younger siblings. A college roommate also explained that making a winning shot in basketball can’t compare to how it feels to teach and baptize someone on a mission.

Game: Play this game to practice sharing the gospel! Cut out the squares and crumple them into balls. Set a bowl at the end of a table or desk. Then take turns shooting the balls into the bowl. When a ball lands in the bowl, open the paper and read the question. Practice answering it as if you were talking to someone who wants to learn more about the Church.

Friend June 2017 “Being Like Shiblon”

Sacrifices and Blessings

Friend August 2018 “Soccer and Sundays” When Elder Klebingat was young, soccer was his life. After he joined the church he learned that he shouldn’t play soccer on Sundays, and he should go on a mission. He got an offer to play professionally, but he went on a mission instead because he knew the church was true.

Friend April 2018 “A Long Shot: part one” When Elder Condie gave up basketball to go on a mission, he didn’t know if he would ever play again, but then he was invited to form a missionary team to help prepare Australia’s basketball team for the Olympics. He and his fellow missionaries were able to be public ambassadors for the church. May 2018 “One Shot at a Time: Part Two”


Friend April 2015 “The Titanic and the Telegram” Six missionaries that are booked on the Titanic have to take a different ship home when one missionary is delayed.

Friend July 2017 “Don’t Stop Seeking. President Uchdorf tells about two missionaries who knocked on every door in an apartment building. Nobody was interested until the last door. The last door was the family of Pres. Uchdorf’s future wife. He says we should perservere and not stop seeking to get close to the Lord.

People Searching for the Gospel

Friend July 2018 “A Forever Feeling” Mia wants a forever family like her friend Zoey’s. Zoey’s home feels warm and happy. Mia and her family learn about the gospel and are baptized and sealed in the temple.

Friend October 1988 “Conversion in Honduras” A child tells Senora Chali about the Book of Mormon and she wants to read it. Eventually missionaries give her a copy, and she reads it and knows it is true but has to wait for missionaries to come again.

Friend October 1988 “Pulling in the Gospel Net” A mother superior nun joins the church.

Missionaries Teach

Friend April 2017 “Mia’s First Sacrament” Mia learns about the sacrament when she goes to church with the missionaries.

Family Members on Missions

Friend May 2017 “Missionary Shoes” Dallin wants to be just like his uncle and serve a mission and work hard to find people to teach.




Friend June 1988 “A Special Way to Serve” Philippe and Chantal’s grandparents are going on a mission, and they are setting a good example for their grandchildren.

Friend May 2016 “Mission Building Blocks” Caden’s grandma gives him 730 blocks and a building pad. She tells him to put one block on for every day his uncle is on his mission.


Friend December 1985 “Greg’s Christmas” Greg misses his grandparents at Christmas, but he gets a letter from a family they helped convert and it helps him understand the wonderful work they are doing.



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