Kindness & Respect: Lesson Ideas

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Ensign August 2017 “A Disciples Life” Circle two or three things you could do this week to be kind to others.





Ensign July 2017 “Family Home Evening Ideas” Consider asking family members to come to family home evening prepared to share a time when someone showed kindness to them and how it made them feel. Share one of the stories about kindness. You could then read together the “Looking Inside” and “Looking Outside” lists included with the article, inviting family members to select one or two ideas to work on. Encourage them to share their experiences at a future family home evening. You might want to conclude by singing “A Special Gift Is Kindness” or “Kindness Begins with Me” (Children’s Songbook, 145).





Friend April 2015 “Family Fun Time”  Post on wall all the acts of kindness others have done for you.




Friend August 2017 “Happy to Help” A girl born in a refugee camp but now lives in Utah helps translate for new kids at Primary. Some ideas for helping new kids include: “If you don’t speak their language, find someone who can translate.
Learn how to say hello in their language. In Kirundi, say “Amakuru.” In Swahili, say “Jambo!”
Invite them to come play with you.”

Love, Kindness, and Looking for the Good

Friend September 2016 “Family Night Fun” Musical chairs but when someone gets out have everyone say one nice thing about them. Look for the good.

Friend September 2016

Friend September 2016






Ensign August 2017 “The Burdens of Bullying” Lesson ideas about teaching children how to avoid becoming bullies themselves –including the below object lesson idea.

Cover several cans of food with paper and take turns writing on the cans ways that others hurt us, like ignoring, yelling, hitting, or saying, “I don’t like you.” Then blow up some balloons. Use a marker to write on the balloons ways that others make us happy, like sharing toys or saying, “I like playing with you.” Have two people each hold a basket or box while everyone else gives balloons to one person and cans to the other. Explain how positive behaviors and words make our loads easy to carry, but negative actions and comments can weigh us down. Talk about what you and your family can do to help lighten others’ burdens.

Friend January 2016

Friend January 2016- How to be kind to a bully.

Kindness: Activities & Games

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Friend January 2018 “Colors of Kindness” Crossword puzzle of ways Jesus showed kindness to others.





Friend March 2017 “Love Your Neighbor” Board game about showing kindness to people in various situations.





Friendshipping Others

Friend September 2017 “Find It” Everyone should have someone to play with at recess! Samantha and Jia want to help. Can you help them find these kids who might need a friend?

Friend February 2015 “Bulletin Board” Game idea for lesson where everyone seeks someone and hides with them – represents seeking someone lonely and staying with them.

Friend September 2015- Girl is included in group that wear crazy socks. S.O.C.K.S stands for sisters of caring, kindness and service.

Friend September 2015– Activity idea- Make crazy socks. Story- S.O.C.K.S stands for sisters of caring, kindness and service.


Friend August 1983

Friend August 1983 – Be kind to others

Kindness: Stories

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Setting an Example of Kindness

Friend April 2018 “A High-Five Example”Students in a special needs class we’re trying to give Lily’s classmates high fives as they walked by, but nobody did it until Lily gave them all high fives then everyone behind her did it.


Friend December 2017 “Warm Hands, Warm Heart” Monroe notices some of her friends don’t have gloves to keep their hands warm at recess, so she brings some gloves to share.





Friend December 2017 “The Red Ticket” Matteo’s Friend was always getting into trouble at school. He had to pay with tickets that could be used for prizes. He ran out of tickets one day and Matteo offered to pay with his own ticket so his friend wouldn’t have to miss recess.


Friend February 2017 “Me? A Bully?” Jeff didn’t realize he and his best friend were bullying another boy until his mom got a call from the principal. Jeff wanted to be kind like Jesus, so he decides to fix things.

Kind Words

Friend January 2018 “Lucas and the Bully” Lucas stood up to a bully, but the words he used hurt the bullies feelings. Lucas apologizes and invites the bully to play and they become friends





Friend September 2016 “Super Spencer” Spencer’s friends make fun of his note from his mom, and that makes him feel bad. His mom teaches him that words can hurt, but they can also make people feel happy. Spencer uses kind words and helps people be happy.






Encouraging Others

Friend August 2017 “I was the fastest runner in my class when we were timed for the mile run. I noticed one girl who was having a hard time running, so as soon as I finished, I cheered her on. It made me feel good inside to encourage her.” Josh C., age 8, California, USA

Helping Those Being Bullied or Teased

Friend October 2018 “I was in school when I saw a new boy. A few days later, some of my classmates hit him in the hallway. They gave him a black eye. I felt so much pain for what they had done to him. I found out where he lived and offered him my friendship. The gospel teaches us that we should be helpful, and I love that.Jeshua O., age 11, Illinois, USA”

Friend August 2017 “A bully was picking on a boy I didn’t know. I told the bully that he should be nice. The bully made fun of me. Then the boy I had stood up for helped me. He said that we should all be friends. I felt good that we could help each other.” James W., age 6, Arizona, USA
Friend September 2016 “Show and Tell” A boy tells a bully to stop being mean to another child.

Friend April 2016 “School Bus Hero” Ryan helps Jason because Jason doesn’t have anyone to sit with on the bus and the older kids tease him.


Friend June 1986 “Truth or Dare” Julie’s friends tease an old woman, whom Julie finds out is sad and lonely. Julie helps the lady not feel so alone.















Including Others

Friend July 2018 “Show and Tell” I saw a new girl at school who was alone. I asked my friends to include her in playing with us. They said no, but I went anyway and played with her. We are now friends! Meigan P., age 10, Arizona, USA

Friend July 2018 “Helper for a Day” It’s Elena’s turn to be the special helper in class. She gets to choose someone to help her take the blue folder to the office. She choose Lucas because no one ever chooses him. She wants him to be happy.





Friend June 2018 “The Special Assignment” Oni, a refugee, isn’t included at school, and he is sometimes treated meanly. Elliot prayed about the problem and then talked to his teacher about some of the ideas he and his mom had come up with. The teacher used one of the ideas when she gave some of the students a special assignment to help Oni feel included.





Friend November 2017 “A Picture Perfect Friendship” Avery notices that Jeremy plays alone at recess and sits alone. She prays about how to help him. She draws a picture for him and ask him if he’d like to be friends.





Friend October 2017 “Everybody’s Buddy” Tyler includes someone sitting on the Buddy Bench who needs a friend.

Friend September 2017 “Earings for Jasmine” Abby wants to help those who lost their homes in Hurricane Katrina, so she befriends a girl who moved from there. Abby stand she up for Jasmine even though other kids make fun of her.

Friend September 2015 – Girl is included in group that wear crazy socks. S.O.C.K.S  stands for sisters of caring, kindness and service.
Friend October 2015 ” The Worth of Soles” – Boy teased by his friends about his old shoes. Other boys feel bad about the teasing and are kind.
Friend October 2015 " The Worth of Soles" - Boy teased by his friends about his old shoes. Other boys feel bad about the teasing and are kind.

Friend October 2015

Friend February 2015 “Marisol” Alice is kind and includes a girl who doesn’t speak English. They become good friends.

















Friend February 2015 “The Trouble with Recess” Jason feels bad when the kids says mean things about the grumpy playground helper. He figures out a way to make things better.
Friend February 2016

Friend February 2016

Friend February 2016

Friend February 2016

Friend February 1988 “A Valentine for Valerie” A special homemade valentine makes a new shy girl feel cared about and included at school.

Daily Random Acts of Kindness

Friend April 2018 “Dare to Be Kind” Claudia from Australia stands up for others, comforts those who are sad, is a friend to a neighbor in need, and helps bring the Spirit through singing. (Includes photos of Claudia.)

Friend February 2018  “The Friend helps me do something nice every day. Sometimes I hold the door open at school. Doing something nice gives me a good feeling in my heart.”

Rachel I., age 9, Oregon, USA

Being Kind Regardless of Other’s Actions

Friend September 2018 “Show and Tell” “One day I wanted to sit by a bully at school to be friends with her. She yelled at me to go away. I wanted to get her back with my words. But I held my tongue and said, “It’s OK. I’ll sit by someone else.” When I walked away, I felt good for what I did.” Elijah V., age 12, Arizona, USA