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Felt/Vinyl Display Board

 Fun Hint: Poster boards can be inserted into vinyl side to change background colors.

  • Items needed: Two 22″ x 28″ two-sided blue project sheets from Hobby Lobby (cardboard sheets covered in colored paper), one yard of light blue felt from Hobby Lobby (Note: For felt figures to stick on the felt board, the background felt must be high wool count. Some craft stores and Walmart do not have good enough quality felt), one yard of deluxe clear vinyl (found in rolls at craft stores or Walmart. It has blue printed paper covering it. Be careful not to crease it as you transport it home), clear nylon thread, and a sewing machine
  •  Instructions: Cut the deluxe vinyl and the felt into 45″x 29″ pieces, making sure all sides are square. (I used a poster board as a guide to make sure the sides were square.). Fold each piece in half. Sew a 1/2 inch border on one side edge and a 1/2 inch border on the bottom edge of each folded piece. You should end up with one side edge that is open on both pouches. Stack the two pouches together and sew the sewn bottom edges together. Insert a blue project sheet into each pouch. The display board will fold at the top sewn edge in order to sit on a table.  Optional: Sew the open edge of the felt pouch together (but the open side makes it easier to replace bent or damaged project boards. Masonite boards can be used instead of the project boards for more durability, but they are heavier).
  • Note: A poster board can be inserted on top of the vinyl’s blue project sheet to change display board background color. In fact, several poster boards can be stored in the vinyl pouch.

Using the Display Boards


Felt board: Story figures can be printed onto printable iron-on fabric and then ironed onto felt. Or strips of 60 grit sandpaper can be hot glued to the back of each paper printed figure. (For increased durability, laminate paper figures before attaching sandpaper strips.)

Vinyl board: Attach permanent double-sided tape or sticky tack to the back of each figure you wish to display. The figures will easily peel off from the vinyl, but they will need to be stuck to the inside of ziplock or page protectors for storage. Dry erase markers can also be used on the vinyl board.

Small  Choosing Board


Items needed: 1/2 yard good quality felt, 1/2 yard deluxe clear vinyl, one small foam board (see Dollar Tree).

Instructions: Using an exact knife, cut the foam board to 22 1/2″ x 17 1/2″. Cut a piece of felt 46″ x 18″.  Cut a piece of vinyl 18″ x 23″.

Fold the felt in half so it is 18″ x 23″. Place the vinyl on top of the folded piece. Sew the two sides 1/4 inch in from each edge. Insert the foam board into the top open side of felt pocket. Sew along the edge of the foam board on the open side. Trim off extra fabric along that edge.

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