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Why Should We Follow or Be Good Examples?

Following Good Examples Help Us Avoid Temptation

To avoid temptation we must follow righteous counsel and examples.

Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020 “Alma 39-42”

Explain that Shiblon and Corianton were brothers and that Shiblon was a good example for Corianton. Read together Alma 39:1. How was Corianton’s brother Shiblon a good example?

Bring a flashlight or a picture of the sun, and compare light to the power of a righteous example. Just as the light from a flashlight or the sun can help us see a path we need to follow, a righteous example shows us what to do in order to follow Heavenly Father. Share an experience when someone’s good example helped you. Ask the children to talk about someone who is a good example for them. What can the children do to be a good example to others? Testify that Jesus Christ is our perfect example.

Play a game or sing a song in which the children follow or imitate you, such as “Do as I’m Doing” (Children’s Songbook, 276). Let each child have a turn being the leader or example. Ask the children how they can be a good example to someone.

Children can use the Gospel Library app to listen to the Friend being read to them while they follow along. They will hear many stories of others acts that set a good example for them.

I can be a good example for others.

3 Nephi 12:14–16

Come, Follow Me—For Primary: Book of Mormon 2020 “3 Nephi 12–16: “I Am the Law, and the Light”

Sing together a song that encourages the children to shine like a light, such as “Shine On” or “I Am like a Star” (Children’s Songbook, 144, 163). Tell the children about the light you see in them when they do “good works,” and explain how their light and examples help others and inspire you to do good works too.

Latter Day Kids “Let Your Light So Shine”- Come Follow Me” Video and lesson ideas to go along with it.

Video: The moose gets lost at sea and he doesn’t know which way to go. A lighthouse light guides him back home.

Ways to be an Example

Friend January 2018 Several children are a bright example by the things they do. This is also an activity where you use the clues and fill out the chart to find out how old the children are and where they’re from.

Friend March 2016 Children give ideas on how to be good examples.

Let Your Light Shine

Friend January 2018 “Let Your Light Shine” President Monson discusses being a light to the world by following Jesus’s example. Activities: Trace this star, or draw your own, and write how you are shining brightly by being a good example or helping others. Also, color a star as you read each scripture about Jesus Christ’s example.

Friend November 2015 “Be a Shing Light” Ways we can become examples so our lights will shine.

Friend August 2016 Being modest in how we speak, act, and dress is a great way to shine a light for others to follow. Color in the flashlights by the ones you are already doing. Which ones do you want to work on?

Friend December 2018 “Family Night Fun” Make a cup lantern by making holes all around it and then putting a glow stick or battery candle inside. Use as an example of being a light to the world.

Friend April 2017 “Be a Light” Color in the sun as you figure out someone to be an example to by doing certain things for them such as loving, forgiving, encouraging, etc.

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Example: Stories

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Note: Children can use the Gospel Library app to listen to the Friend being read to them while they follow along. They will hear many stories of children choosing the right that will set a good example for them.

A Light to the World

Friend February 2018 “Matt and Mandy” For FHE the family makes stars and then writes on them the things they have done to be a light to the world—such as acts of kindness.

Friend June 2017 “Praying with Zara” When a friend comes to play and have lunch with them, two sisters set an example of prayer and share how it makes them feel.

 Righteous Examples in the Scriptures

Friend August 2017 “Being Like Nephi” Mason learns about Nephi and tries to follow his example and make righteous choices,

 Example of Kindness

Friend April 2018 “A High-Five Example”Students in a special needs class we’re trying to give Lily’s classmates high fives as they walked by, but nobody did it until Lily gave them all high fives then everyone behind her did it.

Examples of Courage

 Friend July 2017 “Charlie’s Big Weekend” Dasch was excited to get Charlie, the class teddy bear, for the weekend, but was afraid the kids would laugh when he told them about his weekend. His sister was going on mission. He thought about what she would do and he bravely shared. The kids clapped.

Friend February 2015 “Who is Your Hero?” Ellie is afraid to say in her school class that her hero is Jesus Christ, but another boy says it and his example helps her not to be afraid anymore to stand as a witness for Christ.

Friend February 2015

Setting an Example of Service

Friend December 2016 “Cookies, Cans, and Christmas” A mother got out of  her car in the rain to help a homeless man pick up spilled cans in the road. It makes an impression on her kids.


Righteous Influences Change Lives

Friend February 2015 “How Can I be Good Example” Richard G. Scott’s’s parents didn’t go to church, but because of the influence of his grandmother, Richard was active in church. Later, his future wife influenced him to go on a mission.

Example of Living the Gospel

Friend August 2020 “Matt and Mandy” Mandy shares with her friend a time when she prayed about the Book of Mormon and felt it was true. She also shared that she is still praying and reading to help her faith grow stronger. 

Friend March 2018 “Shine Your Light” Aaron lives the gospel by serving others at church, preparing for a mission, and being an example of prayer to family members.  (Article includes photos.)

Friend October 2016 “What I Learned from Alex” Alex sets a good example of keeping the Sabbath Day holy.


Friend September 2016 “Pretty Much Brothers” Xander likes having Sevak from Armenia staying with his family. It’s like having an older brother, but Sevak doesn’t know the things Xander knows about Jesus and Heavenly Father so Xander helps him.

Example of Choosing the Right

Friend July 2018 “Show and Tell” After an indoor recess, everyone stuffed their games on the shelf. I try to be a good example, so I started to clean up the mess on the shelf. Soon everyone began doing the same.Winnie W., age 10, British Columbia, Canada

Friend Sept 2015 “A Courageous Choice” – Girl able to have courage to do what was right after remembering a story in the Friend magazine about a child choosing the right in the same type of situation.

Friend September 1986 “Apples and Things” A sister encourages her brother to be honest and repent of taking some apples.

Friend May 2016 Matt’s friend accidently damages his father’s car. Matt encourages his friend to choose the right and being honest.

Friend May 2016
Friend May 2016

Friend May 2016 “Birthday Surprise” A boy loves the attention on his birthday, but a gift of a framed picture of the temple changes his focus.

Example of a Good Attitude

Friend August 2016 “Brian Leads the Way” Brian has a “can do” attitude when his father needs help in the yard. He sets a good example for his older brothers.

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