Fear & Courage: Scripture Stories

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Courage to do Hard Things

Friend October 2018 “Esther Was Courageous” Story and goal card.





Friend October 2018 “Esther the Queen”









Friend August 2018 “David and Goliath”









Friend August 2018 “David Trusted God” Story and goal card. (David trusted God and did hard things, and I can too.)

Courage During Disaster

Friend September 2018 “Safety from the Storm” Elder Costa’s favorite bible story when he was a child was the story of Noah and how the ark kept his family safe from the storm. Elder Costa related the ark to our homes. Our homes can be spiritual places that keeps us safe from the storms of life. Noah stayed away from the wickedness in the world and was blessed. If we have faith in God he will give us peace no matter what kinds of storms come our way.

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Fear and Courage: Stories

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Fear of Trying New Things

Friend April 2015 “Awkward”  Hilary was afraid to try new things because others might think she looks ridiculous, so she missed out on lots of fun, new experiences, until she decided to change.

Friend September 2017 “Moresby the Brave” Moresby is worried about starting school, so his father gives him a blessing. Moresby’s day goes well, and he is even brave enough to help someone else who is having a hard time on their first day.

Fear of Speaking in Public

Friend November 2019 “The Primary Talk” Dennis was afraid to give a talk in Primary. He prayed, prepared, and practiced but he was still nervous, so he asked his father to give him a blessing. After the blessing he was able to give the talk with only a few stutters, and he knew Heavenly Father helped him.

Friend August 2019 “A Stripling Warrior Family” After Benjamin’s father died in an accident, Benjamin’s family decide to be brave like the Stripling Warriors. Being brave doesn’t mean never being sad or afraid. It means having faith that Heavenly Father will help us get through tough times. When hard things come our way, we can choose to trust in Him. (Also includes an activity. Find the letters in the picture and fill in the blanks for a secret message (I Can Be Brave).

Friend February 2015 “Who is Your Hero?” Ellie is afraid to say in her school class that her hero is Jesus Christ, but another boy says it and his example helps her not to be afraid anymore to stand as an example for Christ.

Friend February 2015

 Friend July 2017 “Charlie’s Big Weekend” Dasch was excited to get Charlie, the class teddy bear, for the weekend, but was afraid the kids would laugh when he tells them about his weekend. His sister was going on mission. He thought about what she would do and he bravely shared. The kids clapped.

Remember God’s Love for Us

Friend February 2020 “Packing for Grandma’s House” A girl, packing to go spend the night at her grandmother’s house, is worried because she has never spent the night away from home before. She decides to take her favorite things, but it all won’t fit in her backpack. Her mom suggests she take something that makes her feel safe and happy. She decided to take a picture of Jesus.

Friend December 2018 “Reverence is Love” Luaipou wrote a poem and had to read it to a large group of people. She became nervous but then remembered reading scriptures with her family and of the love of God, and she was comforted and felt peaceful and reverent.

Prayer & Help

Friend June 2020 ” The Only  Bald Deacon” Carlos was losing his hair due to cancer, so he shaved the patchy hair off. He was anxious about people staring at him when he passed the sacrament. He and his family said a prayer together before going in to church, and he felt peaceful and ready. When he got into the chapel he found all the other deacons with shaved their heads too.

Friend March 2019 “Missing Mom and Dad” Dylan’s mom and dad were going on a trip, and he was going to stay with his grandparents. He loved staying with his grandparents, but for some reason he was scared about being away from his mom and dad for so long. He decided to pray for help, and he received comforting thoughts and feelings.

Friend September 2018 “Backstage Prayers” Emily does Irish dancing but always gets nervous before going on stage. She and her mother always say a prayer together before she performs, but one time her mother wasn’t there. Emily said the prayer herself backstage, and everything went great.

Friend September 2018 “Show and Tell” “I needed some help delivering my school captain speech because I was really nervous. So I said a private prayer. I ended up delivering my speech well and was voted school captain.” Lockyer L., age 11, Queensland, Australia

Friend July 2018 “Allie’s New Class” Allie has to change kindergarten classes and she is worried, but she says a prayer, and she is knows she can be brave because Heavenly Father will help her.

Friend December 2017 “Prayer at the Start Gate” After Noah’s injury he was afraid of racing again, but then he remembered he can pray for help.

Friend January 2017 “Aquanaut Badge” Corwin is encouraged by his dad to get his Aquanaut badge in scouting. Even though Corwin doesn’t know how to swim and is afraid, he prays for help, he practices, and he succeeds.

Friend February 2016 “Student of the Week” Justin, who is afraid of giving a class presentation, prays for help. He gains confidence after all went well.


Friend February 2016 “Swimming Lessons” A girl, afraid of swimming lessons, prays for help and is blessed to get a teacher she knows.
Friend February 2016

Friend February 2016

“Daddy’s Song” A scary dream wakes up Carlan. Her dad sings primary songs to help her feel better. Friend November 2015

Nov 2015 image image image image

Friend September 2017 “Bear Cave” Ben prays for angels help when he becomes afraid in his new room in the basement. He feels like his prayer isn’t being answered, but then his mom shows up. She felt the Spirit telling her to check on Ben.

Fear of Making Mistakes

“The Stuttering Struggle”  A boy who stutters is asked to narrate the primary program. He practices, and learns that in doing ones best we still make mistakes and it’s okay. Friend November 2015.

Friend February 2018 “Keep Trying” Elder Meurs was shy when he was younger and cried when he made mistakes playing the piano in front of others, but he kept trying and gained a talent that blessed many people. He also stuttered as a child and still gets anxious when he has to give talks, but his words help many people. He says to keep trying!

 Courage to Stand for the Right

Friend May 2019 “Last Friend Standing”  Some new friends of a girl want to hide their bowling shoes and not pay for the game. The girl prays for courage and then tells them that she won’t steal.  Even though she loses them as friends, she feels the Holy Ghost telling her that she did the right thing.

Friend March 2019 “Show and Tell” I love playing soccer, but sometimes my friends like to goof off. At practice one day, some friends were kicking other people’s soccer balls. I prayed to have the courage to speak up. I told them we should listen to our coach. I realized that when our team doesn’t listen during practices, we have a hard time in our games.
Aiden K., age 7, Utah, USA

Friend March 1988 “Haunted House Hero” Boys learn it takes more courage to do what is right than to accept a dangerous dare.
Friend June 1986 “Another Kind of Courage” Trent stops his friends from teasing a boy.
Friend November 1985 “The Guy in the Glass”- Boy stands up for another boy even though he might get teased and tormented too.

Fear of Thunderstorms

Friend October 2019 “Friends by Mail” Danielle reads the Friend magazine when storms scare her. She feels the Holy Ghost when she reads the Friend.

Nightmares and Bad Dreams

Friend October 2019 “Just a Prayer Away” After Prodi woke from a nightmare he was afraid to go back to sleep. Then he remembered that his primary teacher had said that Heavenly Father was watching over them and that they could pray anytime, anywhere. After kneeling and saying a prayer he felt peaceful, his body relaxed, and he was able to go back to sleep.

Friend March 2019 “For Older Kids” Every night I used to have nightmares. When I went to Primary, my teacher said that the prophet told us to read our scriptures every day. Then I got in the habit of reading them every night, and now I never have nightmares. Katie L., age 10, Idaho, USA

Catastrophes and Disaster Fears

Friend August 2018 “The Lemonade Stand” After terrorist attacks, a girl and her friends are afraid. The girl also wants to help the victims but doesn’t know how. The neighborhood decides to host a lemonade stand to help raise money for the firefighters and their families. After helping with the lemonade stand, she feels better. Her mom tell she her that when she is being like Jesus, the Holy Ghost can help her feel happy and safe.

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