Fear & Courage: Scripture Stories

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Courage to do Hard Things

Friend October 2018 “Esther Was Courageous” Story and goal card.





Friend October 2018 “Esther the Queen”









Friend August 2018 “David and Goliath”









Friend August 2018 “David Trusted God” Story and goal card. (David trusted God and did hard things, and I can too.)

Courage During Disaster

Friend September 2018 “Safety from the Storm” Elder Costa’s favorite bible story when he was a child was the story of Noah and how the ark kept his family safe from the storm. Elder Costa related the ark to our homes. Our homes can be spiritual places that keeps us safe from the storms of life. Noah stayed away from the wickedness in the world and was blessed. If we have faith in God he will give us peace no matter what kinds of storms come our way.

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Fear and Courage: Stories

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Valiant: Doing the right thing even when it is difficult or we are afraid. Being valiant means to have the courage to face challenges or dangers.

Latter Day Kids “The Valiant Fox- Come Follow Me: August 10th-16th” Video, lesson and activity ideas. Helping children to understand what valiant means.

Friend August 2020 “Maddy’s Courage” Maddy didn’t want to start school because she was afraid. Her mom reminded her of sometimes we have to do brave and hard things, such as Daniel facing the lions, or Nephi crossing the ocean, or Esther talking to the king. And just like Heavenly Father helped all of those people, He would help her too.

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