Conference: Lesson Ideas

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Friend April 2019 “For Parents of Little Ones” Helping children get the most out of conference.

Friend May 2019 “Show and Tell: Conference” Children share what they did during conference like building a block temple or playing a fun game during conference. One family filled 15 bowls with snacks and put a picture of one of the Apostles or members of the First Presidency on each one. When one of the Brethren speaks, they eat what is in that cup! Children also shared what they liked about conference and what they learned.

Friend November 2018 “Show and Tell: Conference” Children share what they liked about conference and what they learned.

Friend May 2018 “Show and Tell: Conference” Children share what they like about conference, what they did during conference, how they listened to conference, etc.

Friend May 2018 “Conference News” At Conference new temples are announced (fill in the blank activity to find out which temples were announced at this conference), solemn assemblies occur where we raise our hand to sustain a new prophet (pictures of a family at home participating), callings and releases of new leaders occur, and we are taught by our leaders.(Also guess how many languages this conference was translated into.

Friend May 2019 “Family Night Fun” Look through the general conference section at the beginning of any Friend magazine that arrives after conference, and make a family goal to do something our leaders invited us to do.

Solemn Assembly

Friend May 2018 “Show and Tell” “Sustaining a prophet in general conference is such an opportunity and privilege. No matter where you are, it is still a privilege.” Christina K., age 10, New South Wales, Australia

Ensign March 2018 “Get Ready for Conference” (Also see Elder Uchdorf’s article “The Word of God to His Children” on how to prepare to receive personal answers and revelation during general conference.





Ensign March 2018 “5 Steps for Making Conference Stay with You”

After conference, choose one quote, lesson, principle, or whole talk that inspired you.

Share it with your family and write it down somewhere you will see it every day.

Make a goal for how you will apply that principle to your life each day.

Support each other. Being accountable to others is great motivation!

When the next general conference approaches, sit down with your family and share what you’ve learned and the blessings you’ve received from applying this principle

Friend October 2016 “For Parents of Little Ones” Ideas on how to help children learn to love conference.

Friend November 2017 “Show and Tell-Conference Edition” Children share why they love Conference.


Latter Day Apostles

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Friend July 2017 “Don’t Stop Seeking” President Uchdorf tells about two missionaries who knocked on every door in an apartment building. Nobody was interested until the last door. The last door was the family of Pres. Uchdorf’s future wife. He says we should perservere and not stop seeking to get close to the Lord.

Ronald A. Rasband

Dallin H. Oaks

Friend January 2017 “Will Heavenly Father Always Answer My Prayers” When Elder Oaks was seven his father became sick and died.

D. Todd Christopherson

Friend August 2016

Friend Aug 2016 Christopherson

Friend June 2017 “Why are Fathers so Important?” Elder Christopherson’s father set an example of honesty and service and Elder Christopherson wanted to be just,like his father.

David A. Bednar

Friend April 2017 “Be Consistent and Keep Trying” Elder Bednar’s father was not a member of the church, but Elder Bednar was able to baptize him.

Jeffery R. Holland

Friend March 2017 “What if I feel Like I Don’t Measure Up” Elder Holland got discouraged during college and wondered if he should just give up, but his wife encouraged him not to to give up.









Henry B. Eyring

Friend August 2019 President Eyring does watercolor paintings.





Friend April 2016 “Your Future Home” President Eyring remembers reading scriptures in school, and he remembers what his favorite scripture was and why.







Friend July 2018 “Taking Care of Each Other” When President Eyring’s great grandfather was crossing the plains, he got sick. Someone was sent to help him. He fell in love with one of the women and married her. Also, link includes “Getting to Know President Henry B. Eyring.”

Quentin L. Cook



Dale G. Renlund






Friend December 2017 “How Can Repenting Make Me Feel Happy?” When Elder Renlund was young, he lit a firecracker in a church building and felt terrible about it. His bishop helped him repent and feel happy again.

Friend April 2016

Friend April 2016 Apostles travel around the world to visit with the people

Friend November 2015

Friend November 2015 -See link for more info about newly called apostles.

Friend April 1986

Friend April 1986 Recognizing the Apostles or prophets.

Latter Day Apostles from the Past

Tom L. Perry

Friend November 2017 “Elder Perry helps a girl find her family when she become separated from them at a pumpkin walk.

Robert D. Hales

Friend November 2017 “Remembering Robert D. Hales”

Conference: Activities & Games

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Friend October 2019 “Prophets and Apostles” Color the pictures during general conference of the people who speak, or after conference as you remember your favorite talks. Color a heart every time you hear someone mention Jesus. He loves you!






Friend September 2019 “Funstuff: Go for Four this Conference” Whenever you hear one of the words in the list, take turns writing your letter (X or O) in one of the circles on the bottom row. See who can build four in a row first.





Friend April 2019 “Conference Building Blocks” Fill in the temple building blocks with numbers from the list. During conference, when you see or hear something from your list, place a marker (like a bean or candy) on that block.






Friend March 2019 “While You’re Watching Conference” Color in each space as you hear the words in the spaces during conference.






Friend October 2018 “Funstuff”  “Conference Hearts: Each time you feel loved or hear the word “love,” color a heart.” “Conference Words: Write down a word to help you remember what a talk was about. For example, if someone speaks about faith, write “faith” in a bubble.”





Friend May 2018 “Our Prophets and Apostles Today” Match the picture with the names and facts about each leader, or tape the top of the picture to the facts about the leader and flip it up and learn more about them during conference.







Friend March 2018 “Pitch Your Tent” Cutout to build a tent like King Benjamin’s people. Children put strips of paper in the tent of things learned during conference.





Friend October 2017 “Conference Quest” Fill in the empty spaces along the path with words from the list, or think of your own. When a speaker says the next word on your path, move a coin or bead forward.





Friend April 2017 Draw lines from the picture of the speaker to what they are speaking about. If a topic isn’t already on the page, write it in!







Friend March 2017 Put a penny or bean on a square each time you hear that word in a talk. Whenever you reach five times on a word, you could switch out the pile with a five-cent coin or different-colored bean.







Friend May 2019 “Cover” Find items in the illustration of a family watching conference.





Friend November 2016 “Show & Tell”  Make cereal necklaces while watching conference (could put one on every time hear a certain word-like prayer). Set up a small tent in living room to watch conference in like King Benjamin’s people did.

Friend April 2015

Friend April 2015

Conference Activity

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Conference Game


  • Print and cut out the visual aids. The visuals come from the March 2012 Friend “Getting to Know Our Church Leaders”.
  • Using a utility knife, cut along the dotted line on each chair. Using 15 different colored markers or 15 different colored pieces of paper, put a different color on the back of the bottom tab on each photo. Put a square of matching color on the back of each matching chair just above the slit.
  • Tape each chair to a piece of 30″x20″ foam board using double-sided removable tape or sticky tac. Sticky tac the pictures of the apostles and prophet to a separate heavy sheet of paper.


Music Time Game Idea 

The object of the game is to match the prophet and apostle’s pictures to their correct chairs.  Have a volunteer pick a picture. Have them slide the tab of the picture into a chair slit. The child can they check the back to see if it is correct by looking to see if the colors on the tab and chair match. If they get a match they can choose a song to sing, or you may have specific songs you want them to sing written on the back of each chair, or a list of songs written on the board they can choose from.

Note: This activity can be used in a variety of ways for music or sharing time. Check out intheleafytreetopsthebirdssing.blogspot  for the clever ways she adapted and used the visuals.  She also has wonderful visuals for the song “Latter Day Prophets”, which includes the new part with President Monson.

Lesson 10: King Benjamin

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Lesson 10
King Benjamin


  • Print one copy of the large crossword puzzle and clues from pdf or word and cut out each clue and title. (Or print one copy of the smaller Crossword Puzzle and Clues per child and one copy of the section titles pdf or word.) The crossword puzzle is from the Friend, September 2000, Funstuff.
  •  Items needed: pencils, a marker, a Book of Mormon for each child, magnets or tape, and the Gospel Art Picture “King Benjamin Addresses His People”.

Scripture Story Introduction

Briefly review the previous week’s lesson. Explain that after Enos died, the records of the people were passed down from generation to generation. The Nephites had many battles with the Lamanites through the generations. The Lord warned a Nephite named Mosiah to flee out of the land with as many as would listen to the voice of the Lord. The people fled until they came to a land called the Land of Zarahemla. They discovered a people there called the people of Zarahemla (or Mulekites). The people of Zarahemla had been brought by the hand of the Lord to the promised land. They had come out of Jerusalem at the time King Zedekiah of Judah was carried away captive into Babylon. The Mulekite’s language and religious beliefs had become altered because they had brought no records with them. Mosiah had them taught his language. The people of Zarahemla and the people of Mosiah united. Mosiah was appointed their king.

After King Mosiah died, his son King Benjamin ruled. King Benjamin was a righteous king. King Benjamin ruled the people for many years. When he became old, he called his people together to speak to them and to confer the kingdom upon his son Mosiah. (Display the picture of King Benjamin addressing his people.)

Scripture Story Activity
Hand out a crossword puzzle, crossword puzzle clues (or use the enlarged version of the clues and puzzle and post them on the board when indicated in the lesson),  pencil, and a Book of Mormon to each child. Explain to the children that as they do the crossword puzzle they will learn more about King Benjamin and about his final address to his people.

Instructions: Attach the section title to the board (go in the order given) and read it to the class; also read any explanation that goes with it. Either post the enlarged version of the clues below it (one at a time and in the order given), or have a volunteer read out loud the crossword puzzle clue from their own list. Have a child try to guess what the missing word might be. Direct all the children to look up the scripture reference to see if the guess is correct. Have someone read the whole scripture out loud. Have the children fill in their crossword puzzle space with the correct answer, or have the class fill out the bigger version together on the board. Afterwards, read any further explanations that are given about the answer in the sections below.

King Benjamin called the people together to speak to them before he died.

King Benjamin was getting old and knew that he would die soon. He needed to confer the kingdom upon one of his sons, and he wished to speak to the people before he died. He had his son Mosiah gather the people together.

7 Down) LAND

3 Across) TEMPLE

The temple was of great spiritual consequence to the people, so it was a significant place for King Benjamin to teach and instruct the people.

12 Down) TOWER

The multitude was so great that King Benjamin had a tower built so they could hear his words.

20 Diagonally Up) WRITTEN

Many of the people still could not hear his words as he spoke from the tower, so he had his words written down and sent among the people.

What kind of man was King Benjamin?

We learn more about the kind of man and leader King Benjamin was as he begins his address to his people.

1 Across) LABORED

King Benjamin did not seek for the people’s gold or silver. He labored to serve them. He was a righteous leader.

21 Diagonally Down) COMMANDMENT


11 Down) PEACE

There was a serious war between the Lamanites and the Nephites, and King Benjamin was instrumental in driving the Lamanites out of the land. He also taught the Nephites to keep the commandments, and he would not suffer that they commit any manner of wickedness. Because of these things, he established peace in the land.

What are some of the things King Benjamin taught the people during his address?

19 Diagonally Down) ANOTHER

2 Across) SERVICE

Heavenly Father loves his children. When we serve others, we are helping the Lord love and care for his children. The Lord has done much for us, and we can show our love and gratitude to Heavenly Father by serving his children.


The word unprofitable means running at a loss. Everything we have–including our life–our Heavenly Father has given us. The only thing we can give to God in return is our obedience. But when we are obedient, he blesses us and we are indebted to him again. We can never repay our Heavenly Father for the blessings he bestows upon us.


8 Down) KEEP


22 Diagonally Up) CONTENTIONS


An angel had appeared to King Benjamin and had told him of the Savior’s coming in great detail, including of His death and resurrection. Jesus Christ suffered and died for us that we might repent of our sins and live with Heavenly Father again.

9 Down) NAME

When each of us is born into a family, we receive a family name. Ask the children to tell what their family name is.

When we are baptized and become members of the church, we take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ.  Because of Christ’s atoning sacrifice, he is the father of our spiritual rebirth and we become his sons and daughters.

Ask the children what characteristics they inherited from their parents. Tell them we can also become like Christ through our covenant to keep His commandments.

Tell the children to read the scripture in this clue again, and then tell why it is important for us to take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ. (There is no other name or way where salvation can be attained.)

How did the people respond to King Benjamin’s words?

10 Down) SINS

The people of King Benjamin recognized the need for power beyond their own to overcome their sinful condition. They prayed for mercy and asked Heavenly Father to apply the atoning blood of Christ so they could be forgiven of their sins.


17 Down) EVIL

The people experienced a mighty change of heart. They had no more disposition to do evil. They had a desire to convert their lives to the things of God.


18 Down) SOUL

• When do we make this kind of covenant? (When we are baptized.)  King Benjamin’s people had been baptized; they were members of the church. When King Benjamin spoke to his people, they gained a greater understanding of the gospel and the atonement. They were touched by the Spirit and had a mighty change of heart.  We must also listen to the prophet, study, learn, and gain understanding so we can experience a mighty change of heart and renew and strengthen our commitment to take upon us the name of Christ.

• How did the people of Zarahemla respond to the call to gather to the temple to hear the words of their prophet and king?

• How do we respond to the call to hear the words of the living prophet? Do we eagerly take advantage of those opportunities to hear and read his words?

• When do we have the opportunity to hear the prophet’s words? During General Conference that is held in October and April.

• Where can we read the prophet’s words? Show the children a copy of the Friend magazine and explain that there is a message from the prophet, or one of his counselors, at the beginning of each magazine. We can also read their words in other church magazines.

We need to listen to and obey the living prophet’s words just as King Benjamin’s people listened to and obeyed his words. As we do this, our hearts can change, and we will have no more disposition to do evil but to do good continually.

Weekly Reading Assignment

Remind the children to do their scripture reading assignment for this week: Mosiah 2:1–41 and Mosiah 5:1-8