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Friend April 2020 “Jesus Christ’s Church Is Restored!”

Friend April 2020 “Jesus Christ’s Church” A father explains to his young daughter what restoration means.

Friend December 2015 “The Restoration Puzzle” Story about how to teach restoration using a puzzle.

Lesson Ideas

Friend April 2020 “Helping with the Restoration” In 1820, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith. The Restoration of the gospel began that day 200 years ago. It continues today! Here are four ways you can help with the Restoration and prepare for the time when Jesus will return:

Truths Restored

Through Joseph Smith the following truths were restored: eternal families, Godhead, Book of Mormon as a witness of the truth of the Bible and Jesus Christ, priesthood authority, baptism of children not babies, salvation for the dead, our eternal potential as children of God, and modern revelation. (Chapter one of Teachings of the Presidents: Gordon B. Hinckley)

Activities & Games

Friend April 2020 “Find It” Because of the Restoration, people all over the world can know about Jesus Christ’s gospel! How many copies of the Book of Mormon can you find? Extra challenge: How many country flags can you find? Do you recognize any of the flags? Check answers below.

Answers: 8 copies of the Book of Mormon; 16 country flags

Because of the Restoration, today people all over the world can know about Jesus Christ’s gospel! How many copies of the Book of Mormon can you find? Extra challenge: How many country flags can you find? Do you recognize any of the flags? Check answers below.

Wherever you go in the world, Primary is the same. It’s like having a whole world of friends!

Answers: 8 copies of the Book of Mormon; 16 country flags

Friend April 2020 “Learning about the Restoration “The missionaries are teaching this family about how the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored. Find the items below that represent parts of the Restoration.

Ensign February 2020 “Celebrating the Restoration” Invite people to create artwork about the early events of the Restoration. It could include paintings, illustrations, sculptures, photographs, and so on. Ask them to choose an event or theme from the Restoration for their art. Schedule a time and place to display them all together and invite others to come and see them. Or, organize a simple parade with different individuals or groups representing different events, revealed truths, or blessings of the Restoration. If circumstances allow, invite each individual or group to share the significance of the event, truth, or blessing they represented. Perhaps you could have a parade just for children. (See more ideas at link.)

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Church: Stories

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Going to Church

Friend June 2020 “Koa and the Sacrament” He sings the sacrament hymn.Koa thinks about Jesus. He listens to the sacrament prayers. Koa is reverent. He feels happy inside!


Name of the Church

Friend July 2019 “It is His Church” When Taniela B. Wakolo of the Seventy was learning about the church, the missionaries asked him what he would name his grocery store if he had one. He said he would call after his name because it would be his store. They then ask who a church should be name after. He knew that the true Church would be named after Jesus because it’s His Church.  (Activity: In any language, the Church is still named after Jesus Christ. Match each language with the Church’s name in that language.





What We Do At Church

Friend October 2018 “Maggie Goes to Church”  The things Maggie does when she goes to church such as take the sacrament, sing songs, and learn about Jesus. (Also includes a map of the church building and where Maggie goes while at church.)





Feeling the Spirit at Church

Focus by Taking Notes

Friend October 2017 “The Temple Dedication” At his first temple dedication, CJ took notes and his heart was filled with peace and the Spirit, and he knew that what the Apostles were saying was true.




Importance of Going to Church

Friend August 2016 “Being Where We Should Be” As a child and youth, Elder Funk learned that it was good to be where he should be, such as at church meetings.

Going to Church Alone

Friend February 2017 “The Best Part of the Week” Jenny’s family doesn’t go to church very often, so Jenny decides to go by herself after her friend invites her to sit with her family.



Friend July 2016 “No Matter Who You Are” Andi worries because her parents don’t go to church.





Friend August 2019 “Getting to Church” One Sunday, Juhyuk had to get to church on his own in one of the biggest cities in South Korea, but he didn’t want to miss church. He took two buses to get there. His Primary teacher texted him to make sure everything was going okay. When he arrived he said a prayer because he was grateful he was able to go to church.

Helping Others Feel Welcome at Church

Friend February 2020 “A Kind Primary Class” Jayden was nervous to go to a different ward when he was out of town. But when he got to Primary he felt better because the other kids included him and were kind. They shared their scriptures with him, talked to him, and helped him. They became his friends. Activity: Aria is new at church. Fill in the speech bubbles with what you could say. How could you help a visitor feel welcome?

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Church Around the World

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See also “Apostles” to see images and stories about their visits to church members around the world.

See “One in a Million” to see videos about church member children from specific places around the world.

Friend February 2020 “Bright Idea: “We talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ” (2 Nephi 25:26).” Member children around the world saying Christ in their own language.

Friend March 2019 “Praying to Understand” When Davide goes with his family to visit his grandfather on an island called Tenerife, he becomes concerned about going to church. He worries that it will be different and that he won’t be able to understand the people. He prays for help and is glad when the primary president speaks English. He also recognizes a primary song and it brings him peace.

Friend February 2019 “Elder Holland’s Trip with the Prophet” Elder Holland and the prophet visited church members around the world. Match the flag with its country. (Article also includes information about the church in each of the eight countries they visited.)

Friend January 2019 “Matt and Mandy” Matt receives an email from their friends Margo and Paulo. Their friends are traveling all over the world because of their dad’s job. They are going to share their adventures once a month (in the Friend). The first one is below.



Friend August 2020 “Hello From Malaysia”

Friend August 2020 “Food and Fun” Make this tasty Malaysian treat! Sweet Potato Balls. Also, Batu Seremban is a traditional Malaysian game. Here’s a version you can play.

Friend August 2020 “The Mooncake Festival” Vincent was excited to explore at the mooncake festival, but while exploring he fell and hit his chin. He had to go to the hospital and he was scared, so he prayed and felt the comfort of the Holy Ghost. He knew that everything would be okay.


Friend January 2019 “Hello from the Philippines” Margo and Paulo share about the the places they are visiting around the world, starting with the Philippines.


Friend July 2019 “Hello From Cambodia!” (Also food and a game from Cambodia.)

Friend July 2019 “Mara the Pioneer” Mara learns that she is a pioneer because the church has only been in Cambodia for 25 years.

South Korea

Friend August 2019 “Hello from South Korea”

Friend August 2019 “Food and Fun”  Korean Rice Bowl and the Korean game Jero.


Friend January 2020 “Hello from Mongolia”


Friend July 2020 “The Surprise Mission Call” Edwin and his wife were from India. They had joined the church while working in Samoa. They wanted their families to learn about the gospel, so they wrote church headquarters to ask for missionaries to be sent there. To their surprise, they were called to as missionaries. They were able to baptize many of their family members and enough people to start a branch.



Friend March 2019 “Hello from Italy”


Friend April 2019 “Hello from Estonia” (Also conversion story of an Estonian boy and his mother. “Feeling New” )



Friend June 2020 “Hello From Germany”



Friend September 2019 “Hello From Russia”

Friend September 2019 “Cover” Clipart of a family going to church in Russia.

Friend September 2019 “Family Night Fun: Russian Apple Cake” Recipe

North America


Friend May 2019 “Hello from Canada”

Friend May 2019 “Food and Fun: Maple Candy Pops” Canada-inspired treat!

Dominican Republic

Friend June 2019 “Hello from the Dominican Republic”

Friend June 2019 “Food and Fun” Try these refreshing drinks from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico!


Friend February 2019 “Hello from Mexico”

 Central America


Friend September 2020 “Hello from Guatemala”

Friend September 2020 “Food and Fun” Make guacamole. In Guatemala, people eat avocados almost every day. For parties and celebrations, they make guacamole! Make a quetzal craft. Quetzals are Guatemala’s national bird. They live in high mountain forests.

 South America


Friend July 2020 “Hello from Argentina”

Friend July 2020 “Food and Fun” Empanadas recipe and a game that is played in Argentina


Friend February 2020 “Hello from Brazil”

Friend February 2020 “Funstuff: Find It” About half of Brazil is covered in rainforest. Can you find and color all 12 animals and insects in this rainforest scene?

Friend February 2020 “Food and Fun” Recipe for Brazilian Limeade


Friend December 2019 “Hello from Columbia”

Friend December 2019 “Family Night Fun” Columbia Gelatin Treat


Friend July 2018 “Matt and Mandy” Matt gets an email from his cousin in Australia. He doesn’t know what a lot of the things are that his cousin talks about in the email, but they do have one thing in common: the gospel. Matt’s cousin tells about his baptism and his family getting sealed in the temple.

Friend October 2018 “Matt and Mandy” Matt sends an email to his cousin in Australia telling about himself. Then he goes and watches conference, which is something his cousin would be doing too.

Friend January 2020 “Matt and Mandy” As they walk in the snow, Matt tells his friend that in Australia it’s summer and that his cousin is probably at the beach. Also, he tells him that his cousin has never felt snow or played in it.



Friend March 2020 “Hello From Samoa”


Friend March 2020 “Food and Fun” Make Samoan coconut rolls and a pretend Samoan Siapo cloth.

New Zealand

Friend November 2019 “Hello From New Zealand”

Friend November 2019 “Fun and Food” A popular flavor of ice cream in New Zealand is hokey-pokey, or honeycomb toffee. Here’s how to make a version at home.

Friend November 2019 “Food and Fun” Here are some fun words from New Zealand. Now find them in the word search!

Friend November 2019 “Jesus is Real” (story about New Zealand kids at school) Everyone at Ismay’s table at school were excitedly talking about Christmas and their favorite traditions such as going to a church service. Suddenly Charlotte spoke up and said, “Jesus isn’t even real.” Ismay was sad to hear this and she quietly bore her testimony to Charlotte that Jesus was real, and that she felt it in her heart. She was glad she had spoken up and planted a seed about Jesus.


Friend September 2020 “Children of Heavenly Parents” Lisa Harkness of the General Primary Presidency visited the people in Africa. She found that the people of Africa come from many different countries and cultures and they speak many different languages, but they are rich in their faith and their knowledge that they are children of God.


Friend October 2019 “Hello from the Democratic Republic of the Congo!”

Friend October 2019 “Food and Fun” Refreshment: Congo Chicken Stew. Activity: Jungle Search. Can you find the six hidden animals? Color in each one.

South Africa

Friend May 2020 “Hello From South Africa”


Friend October 2020 “Hello From Madagascar”

Friend October 2020 “Faneva the Missionary” Missionaries taught Faneva’s family the gospel. Faneva wanted to be a missionary when he grew up to teach people about what he was learning. In Primary they sang songs about being a missionary now and he decided that is what he wanted to do. He tried to be a good example. He invited people to church. He helped his neighbors. When he was older he also went on a mission.

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